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Masters Track and Field Annual Awards Committee Report, 2008
for the Reno Convention – Submitted 9/15/08

Awards Web Site:

Below is the MTF Awards Committee report for 2008. The committee implemented improvements during the past year that were discussed at the 2007 USATF annual meeting and during follow up emails by the committee.

1) Change of Awards Cycle:

The awards cycle has been changed so that it now corresponds to the calendar year. The committee selected awards winners for 2007 based on performances throughout the 2007 calendar year.

2) 2007 Award Winners:

Masters T&F Male Athlete of the Year
Nolan Shaheed – Pasadena, CA

Masters T&F Male Athlete of the Year
Phil Raschker – Marietta, GA

Men 30 - 59 Athletes of the Year
Bill Collins - Houston, TX; Tom Fahey – Chico, CA; Greg Foster - Lumberton, NJ; John Hinton – Chapel Hill, NC; Gary Hunter - Fort Wayne, IN; Jim Sorensen – San Leandro, CA

Men 60+ Athletes of the Year
John Altentdorf – Corvalis, OR; Mel Larsen – Ames, IA; Robert Lida – Wichita, KS; Bob Matteson – Bennington, VT; Emil Pawlik – Jackson, MS; James Stookey – Dickerson, MD

Women 30-59 Athletes of the Year
Carol Finsrud - Lockhart, TX; Rita Hanscom - San Diego, CA; Alisa Harvey - Manassas, VA; Oneithea Lewis – Bayside, NY; Kathryn Martin - Northport, NY; Joy Upshaw-Margerum – Los Altos, CA

Women 60+ Athletes of the Year
Jeanne Daprano – Fayetteville, GA; Christel Donley – Colorado Springs, CO; Betty Jarvis – Aberdeen, NC; Barbara Jordan – S. Burlington,VT; Marie-Louise Michelsohn – New York, NY; Nadine O'Connor – Del Mar, CA

David Pain Distinguished Service Award
Pete Taylor - Fairfax, VA; Honorable Mentions: Mark Cleary, Ken Stone, John Seto

3) Awards Committee Compostion:
Dave Clingan, Gary Snyder, Becky Sisley, Larry Patz, Jerry Bookin-Weiner, Ray Feick, Bob Fine, Steve Cohen, Christel Donley, Mark Cleary, Rose Schlewitz, Jim Flanik, Rex Harvey, James Broun, Phil Byrne, Ken Stone, Pete Taylor, Mary Trotto, Robert Thomas, Bill Benson, Ron Pate, Bob Cahners, Byron Turner 4) Removal of Honorable Mentions:
Per vote of the Awards Committee, honorable mentions have been discontinued (with the exception of honorable mentions in the Distinguished Service Award category).

5) Simplified Nomination Process:
The nomination form has been greatly simplified, making it easy for anyone to place any athlete’s name into consideration provided they met the minimum criteria stated on the nomination form.

6) Enhanced Athlete Profiles:
Using the rankings data base and new features implemented by John Seto, awards committee members can easily access informative seasonal summary profiles for any award nominees.

7) Points System Improved:
A new point system was implemented based on discussion and vote of the awards committee. Features implemented by John Seto allow committee members to see a list of the highest point achievers overall as well as within age groups.

8) Reception at Indoor Masters Championships:
An informal reception was held at the 2008 indoor masters championships in which 2007 award winners were acknowledged and presented with Athlete of the Year pins.

9) Number One Rankings Certificates:
Mary Trotto offered certificates upon request to any athlete who achieved an number one ranking status during the 2007 season.

10) Athletes Dinner in Spokane:
Award winners were invited to attend the Athletes Dinner during the Outdoor National Championships in Spokane at our committee’s expense. Attendance was good and award plaques were handed out. The PA system was improved and more seasonal performance information about each athlete was announced as awards were given. An honorary Distinguished Service award was also presented to David Pain

11) Schedule for 2009:
2008 Season Nominations: Jan 1 – Feb 7
Voting: Feb 8 – March 8
Announcement of Winners: March 9
Publication of Winners: April National Masters News
Presentation of Awards : July 11 @ Masters Outdoor Championships

To Be Done:

1) Collect, analyze and produce a comparative summary report of 2007 awards evaluation surveys completed by committee members.

2) Incorporate Age Grading (AG) scores and Performance Quotients (PQ) into the seasonal athlete profiles.

3) Select a candidate for the 2008 overall USATF Masters Athlete of the Year Award.

Dave Clingan, MTF Awards Chair

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