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National Masters Track & Field Minutes
Athletes Meeting
July 27, 2001

The meeting convened at 1:00 p.m.

Officers Present: Chairman George Matthews, Vice Chair Suzy Hess, Secretary Bob Cahners

George Mathews called the meeting to order and introduced himself, Suzy Hess and Bob Cahners. Since there were insufficient copies of the agenda for everyone present, George verbally went through the items he intended to cover during the course of the meeting.

George reminded everyone present that the meeting was meant to get their input as to their expectations of the Masters Track and Field organization. He reminded everyone that the major votes and decisions would be made at the National Convention in Mobile, Alabama.

George described the organization of Masters Track and Field and how the 57 associations each with its own Masters Chair had a vote at the convention. The organization is designed to provide a grass roots approach. He went on to introduce out the regional coordinators who were in attendance.

Baton Rouge Meet

Jerry Stoval - President of the Baton Rouge Area Sports Foundation.

He stressed how much Baton Rouge loves track and field and how exciting the past two weeks had been having the NSGA Games and the Masters Track and Field Championships one right after the other. He noted that the two most critical components that the organizing committee emphasized were: 1. Take care of the of the participants and 2. Take care of the spectators. He then introduced Vincent Trinidad as his right arm who works for the Foundation full-time. He also introduced David Burton as the individual with responsibility for running the meet. He then mentioned Bill Bankhead, the President and CEO of the Baton Rouge Local Organizing Committee, which organized the dual events taking place in Baton Rouge.

Over 200 athletes stayed over from the Senior Games to compete in the Masters Championships.

David Burton

He took responsibility for putting on the meet side of the event. Felt the meet had been running smoothly. The input he has heard from athletes has been good.

Vincent Trinidad

Organized the logistical side of the event. He indicated the difficulties with scheduling until it was known how many athletes would be competing. He felt that the track facility at LSU was the best in the country and that they were looking forward to a closer involvement with Masters Track and Field.

Bill Bankhead - President of the Baton Rouge Local Organizing Committee.

Related various anecdotes. Said he hoped the Masters Track and Field program would return to Baton Rouge.

A short discussion followed concerning the transportation problems to and from the track after which George Mathews thanked the Baton Rouge representatives for their hospitality.

Games Committee

Sandy Pashkin - Chairman of the Games Committee.

Sandy introduced members of the Games Committee - Rex Harvey, Dick Hotchkiss and Becky Sisely. She emphasized that the job of her committee was to represent USATF to ensure that the meet is conducted in accordance with our standards and our rules and in the best interests of the athletes. The committee gets involved with the technical aspects of the championships. If there are problems the Games Committee troubleshoots on the spot. She urged athletes not to argue with the officials when there was a problem, but rather come to a member of the Games Committee to see if it could be resolved that way.

George Mathews thanked Sandy and her committee for their efforts and he reminded those present that the surcharge on the meet application went to offset expenses incurred by the Games Committee on preliminary sight visits, and related expenses.

Awards Presentations

George Mathews opened this segment of the meeting by remarking that there was a vacancy at the position of Awards Committee Chairman. He indicated that there was somebody considering the job but at present the position was available. He stressed the importance of volunteerism within the organization both from the standpoint of being a volunteer and also helping to recruit volunteers.

Rex Harvey made the announcement that Phil Byrne, who was competing and therefore unable to attend the meeting, had agreed to take the position of Awards Committee Chairman. George emphasized the importance of the awards system in encouraging excellence and participation in the Masters program. He thanked Suzy Hess for filling in while the position was vacant.

A short discussion followed about notification to athletes of the awards presentation.

The awards presentation followed. The awards list that was prepared for the presentation is hereby made part of these minutes.

International Report

George introduced Rex Harvey and noted that at the WAVA General Assembly meeting in Brisbane, Rex had been elected Vice President of Stadia.

Rex Harvey

Rex went through the name change from World Association of Veterans Athletes (WAVA) to World Masters Athletics (WMA). The vote to change the name came at the General Assembly meeting in Brisbane. The next WMA Championships will be held in Carolina, Puerto Rico. The dates are July 2-12, 2003. There is a possibility that the Championships might start on the 1st. The 2005 championships will be in San Sebastian, Spain. San Sebastian won out over Helsinki, Finland and Sacramento, California. San Sebastian is in northern Spain just across the border from France. The dates will be during the last half of July.

Other developments at the Brisbane General Assembly was that the Women's Assembly that WAVA has always had, was disbanded and replaced by a Women's Committee which will be parallel and equal to all the other WMA committees. Also at the General Assembly, it was officially decided that WMA will require that everyone compete in uniforms that are approved by each of the respective associations.

The next Regional Championship will be in Leon, Mexico on August 20-24, 2002. The site will be checked out in August to see what it is like during that time of the summer.

The World Masters Games, a multi-sport festival, will have their 2002 championships in Melbourne, Australia and the 2005 championships in Seville Spain within 1 week to 10 days of the WMA championships.

National Meets

The next two National Indoor Championships will be in Boston. We are constantly looking for new sites. Ken Weinbel is heading up the Championship Sites Committee. The next outdoor championships will be at the University of Maine in Orono on July 8-11, 2002. The 2003 outdoor championships will be in Eugene, Oregon August 7-10. We will be looking for bidders for the 2004 championships. George urged the athletes to assist Ken Weinbel is searching out new site possibilities.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert M. Cahners

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