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National Masters Track & Field Minutes
Athletes Meeting
March 24, 2001

The meeting convened at 8:00 p.m.

Officers Present: Chairman George Matthews, Vice Chair Suzy Hess, Secretary Bob Cahners

George Matthews called the Athletes' Meeting to order introduced himself and reminded athletes that at the election in Albuquerque he had promised that we would have fun. He said that he saw great opportunities and challenges and looked forward to leading the Masters Track program for the next four years.

He indicated that one of the problems he had seen in recent years was that the Athlete Meetings had lacked structure and direction and indicated that one of his objectives was to exert more control over these meetings. He went over the agenda for the evening's meeting. He indicated that most of the agenda items would be limited to five minutes each and would be timed to insure a concise, one-hour meeting with time for questions and answers at the end. He pointed out that the meeting was intended to be an informational meeting where the athletes could provide feedback to the officers.

He introduced the MT&F officers present - Vice Chair, Suzy Hess and Secretary, Bob Cahners. Treasurer Frank Lulich was unable to be present due to his work-related obligations.

He introduced members of the Executive Committee and the Athletes' rep Sandy Pashkin. He indicated that the Committee would be meeting more often than before by means of conference calls and face-to-face meetings with improved communication being a primary goal. As part of the communication program, he urged athletes to visit the MT&F website which was now up and running.

2001 National Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships

George Matthews introduced Fred Tressler from TRACS and Steve Vaitones the Managing Director of USATF-NE.

Steve Vaitones

Steve reminded the athletes that this was the fifth year that this meet had been held in Boston and that it was scheduled to be held in Boston for two more years. He listed the people who were key members of the group who put on the meet.

Steve also pointed out that 2/3 of all the entries were received in the last two weeks.

Fred Tressler

Fred Pointed out that TRACS and the USATF-NE had a specific division of labor in putting on the meet. Steve dealt with the people at the Reggie Lewis Center, securing the officials, scheduling and input into the Hi Tek computer system. The TRACS office dealt with issues concerning hotel accommodations, bus transportation and registration and number pickup.

A short question and answer session followed.

2001 National Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships

George Matthews introduced Vince Trinidad from the Baton Rouge Sports Foundation - the organizing group for the Outdoor Championships. Vince went through the application including an explanation of costs and the transportation setup.

He went through the housing arrangements and indicated that the Baton Rouge Sports Foundation had a partner in the housing area named American World Travel. At present the host hotel has not yet been picked.

For a one-time fee of $75.00, there is a debit card available that can be used anywhere on campus along with a 10% discount.

Although there were some misprints on the scheduling portion of the application, the dates and times in National Masters News and on the

website are accurate. He said the best way to contact the Baton Rouge Sports Foundation is through email. Also his direct line is 225-578-9131.

Brisbane Report

George Matthews introduced Rex Harvey. Rex indicated that the USA would have from 350 to 400 people on the team in Brisbane. There will be about 400 going from the UK and about 500 from Germany.

This years WAVA Championships are going to be held July 4-14 -- Wednesday through Saturday. This represents a change since in past years, the Championships have been held Thursday through Sunday. This change comes as a result of dorm rooms being vacated. This means that the traditional days that committee meetings have been held will change. Throwing and jumping events that have traditionally been concentrated in specific time periods will be dispersed over the entire period of the championships. This hopefully will make better use of the facilities.

There is a change in the declaration process. There will be no need for declarations for the field events and the combined events. Athletes in these events will just need to report to their appropriate venues on time.

Two-thirds of the officials at the WAVA Championships will be Olympic officials with 150 foreign officials participating - making this the best officiated WAVA Championships ever.

WAVA 2003

In answer to a question about the 2003 WAVA Championships, Rex indicated that the 2003 Championships were pulled from Malaysia because of substantial changes in the composition of their organizing committee. The meet was offered to Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico had certain deficiencies, which they have been given time to correct. Malaysia has indicated that they would like another chance if Puerto Rico can't correct their deficiencies.

WAVA 2005

Sacramento will be making a bid for the 2005 championships. Helsinki and San Sebastien (Spain) are also interested in bidding on the 2005 Championships.

New Business

National Teams

George Matthews indicated that at the last Executive Committee meeting, a task force was picked to look at the subject of national teams and how it fit in with the masters program. It is very clear that national clubs are presently for the Senior level only. The task force will make recommendations based on their findings.

Hall of Fame

We currently have a hall of fame in combination with Masters LDR but it actually has no home and exists only on paper. The USATF is moving their hall of fame to New York. Masters Track & Field also will be establishing its hall of fame in New York.

IAAF Rules Changes

There has been speculation about rules changes as they apply to throws and vertical jumps. There has been discussion about reducing the number of throws to four and reducing the number of jumps to two. This has been presented as a way to increase spectator interest. It is felt that these changes probably will not find their way to the level of Masters Track & Field and should be considered a non-issue at this point.

USATF Foundation

George Matthews reported that we have a trust fund right now that some people are contributing to. It is not very well publicized. It's not really doing much for our organization and our sport. It has not yet reached the critical mass necessary to be effective and will have to be formalized and have some structure added to it. George introduced Jerry Donnelly who has been spearheading the USATF Foundation for years. Jerry indicated that for some time the Masters group has been interested in establishing a vehicle for long range planned giving and current giving. The Masters is a group that loves the sport and would be inclined to be very generous. The national organization of USATF had indicated that they were not interested in this but as of the last national convention in Albuquerque, USATF indicated that it is in the process of putting together a format for a foundation. The current proposal is to set up a formal corporation - a charitable 501(c)3 organization - so that money given to the organization would be tax deductible. From our point of view the key concepts are that once organized, it could only be dissolved with the approval of 2/3 of the vote cast at two successive meetings of the USATF board of directors. The organization would not have any members - typical in organizations of this type. It would be run by a group called trustees or directors. The directors would include the president and past president of USATF, the president of the U.S. Track Coaches Association, the chair of USATF's Officials Committee, the head of the USATF Alumni Association, two athletes' representatives, and four members of the public.

The masters group is the key group of individuals who might be willing to contribute significant amounts of money. If so masters should be represented on the board of directors.

After a short question and answer period, the meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert M. Cahners

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