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Masters Track & Field Committee


Basically, you need to:

  1. Be a USATF Member
  2. Create your rule change in the proper format
  3. Get your Association chair or a similar officer to support the change
  4. Submit it 90 days before the Annual Convention
    Have any questions? Contact Graeme Shirley: (858) 292-6132 - email:

    From the USATF 2007 Governance Handbook, Article 26:

    D. Submissions: The following provisions shall govern submissions of amending legislation:

    1. Time of submission: Amendments shall be submitted at least ninety (90) days prior to the meeting at which they are to be considered, so as to allow proper review and submittal to the members of USATF. This ninety (90) day requirement may be waived at the discretion of the Law & Legislation Chair and if proper notice of the item may still be submitted to the members of USATF as required by Paragraph A above, or in emergency circumstances, upon a ninety percent (90%) vote at any meeting of USATF;

    2. Submitters: Amendments may be submitted only by a member of USATF;

    3. Persons receiving submissions: Amendments to the Bylaws and Operating Regulations shall be submitted to the chair of the Law & Legislation Committee, and amendments to the Rules of Competition shall be submitted to the chair of the Rules Committee;

    4. Form of submission: The Law & Legislation Chair may request, but not require, that the amendments be submitted in a particular electronic form. The proposed amendments shall be in such form as to show the entire section, subsection, or paragraph, as the case may be, as it will read if adopted, with all proposed additional language underlined or shaded, and all proposed deleted language in double parentheses. Each submission shall be accompanied by a brief statement of the rationale for the submission. If there is a budgetary impact, it shall be estimated with the submission or, lacking such estimation, shall be provided by the National Office in conjunction with the Treasurer and/or the chair of the Budget Subcommittee of the Board. The National Office shall be provided with the legislative proposals in a timely manner and shall provide the appropriate editor with such information to put in the written notice to the delegates in subparagraph A-4 above; and

    5. Approval of submissions: All proposed amendments must first be recommended for approval at the time of submission by someone other than the submitter who shall be either a USATF National Officer, the chair of any sport, development, or operating committee, any member of the Law & Legislation Committee (for bylaws and operating Regulations) or Rules Committee (for Rules of Competition), the president of any Association, or any officer or the executive director of a national member organization authorized by Article 5-B. Such approval must be in writing, dated, and placed on the proposal when submitted. These listed approval parties may submit proposed amendments directly without such an approval.

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