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Minutes - 12/6/08 11 AM - Masters Track and Field Committee – General Session

Reno, Nevada

The Masters Track and Field (MTF) Committee reconvened at 11:06 AM

Gary Snyder introduced Dave Johnson of the Penn Relays.
Dave – Louise Tricard Memorial Fund – helps with research, mainly in Women’s areas. Asked for donations (Tricard Fund).

WMA Delegates to the Women’s Committee Election - Marilyn Mitchell
Open for Nominations:
Christel Donley, Becky Sisley & Mary Trotto nominated. Motion to accept these 3 by acclamation, seconded, approved.

Media Subcommittee Report – Bob Weiner
Expressed thanks to the Media Committee, Games Committee and the Spokane LOC for media coverage in the past year. It motivates many to join USATF Masters. Played some Masters Track videos from Youtube.

USATF Financial Issue – Gary
We share $20,000 of Andy Martin’s budget. This sub-account under Andy’s budget may be used towards the Grassroots activity within the Masters program.

Awards - Dave Clingan
Presentations will be made at the Indoor and Outdoor meets.

Region Coordinators – Mark Cleary
Productive meeting last Tuesday, printed minutes available. The committee is working to put on more clinics annually. Thanked Becky for a great clinic (and supporting “how-to” manual) in Eugene (which had 7 sessions). Funding may come from both Association and National levels.
Becky – typically paid $150 for instructors ($125 for one). Participants were charged $5 ($10 if registered late.) A budget increase to do more clinics has been requested.
Mark - Looking into a one-day USATF membership – small fee to compete in just one meet. Other organizations do this. Reviewed issues relating to records, especially what officials must do to handle records properly. Becky mentioned that the online Masters Meet Manual covers what is needed.

Rules Changes – Graeme Shirley
Reviewed rule changes that were discussed on 12/4/08.
Item 73 – Drug testing was not intended for Masters.
Graeme clarified a few of the other rule changes.

Gary – Drug testing onsite at an event costs about $10,000 a day.

Rex Harvey – Games Committee Report
Said the overall process is working well. Discussed the specific schedule desired for major meets, and the variables that make this difficult.
A recommendation will be considered to post field event flights the night before.
All athletes are strongly encouraged to enter seed marks when entering a major meet.

Dexter McCloud – Diversity and Leadership
Dexter is also part of the national level committee. They’re trying to assist people who are interested in USATF leadership. Diversity – The main goal is to increase representation for all. He is working to finish a diversity plan for Masters.

He is studying other sport NGB’s (National Governing Body) to see how they handle diversity.

Athletes went to the Association Workshop in the summer of 2008, and attended here at the convention. Contact Dexter, the AAC chair or the Men’s/Women’s T&F Chair to find athletes in your area. Ask for the list of Emerging Elite Athletes in your area.

Criteria is being created to analyze and support diversity in USATF, including the review of nominations for high positions.

Mark Cleary – Invitational Program – More info on the USATF Masters Website
This program works to get Masters Events in major Open meets. Mary Rosado is helping with this in the Millrose Games.
2009 Proposals – Indoor: Men-1500, Women-400
Outdoor: Men–400, Women-1500

Regarding field events, it has been difficult to find a group of people in a particular age-group at a high level in some event to hold the event.

Mary Rosado – Masters Relay 4x400 for 40+ men and women will be at Millrose.

Ken Stone reminded the group of Stephanie Hightower’s statement that she would support more Masters Events in major Open meets.

Joy Upshaw-Margerum – Housing was covered at one invitational event recently, and was appreciated.

Mark – will include foreign athletes in non-championship invitational events only.

Gary – Reviewed the guidelines regarding registration timetables and the schedule for championship meets.
Six months prior to the 1st day of competition for championships, the schedule for the meet will be available (by day only, not by time). In addition, the ability to enter the meet will be open at this time.
26 days prior, entries close. 19 days prior, late entries close ($50 penalty). 14 days – Detail schedule available.

New Business

Board Nominees
We can forward three nominees to be considered for one of six at-large seats on the board. The current term is for 2 years, and the post involves three in-person meetings and multiple teleconference meetings.

Willie Banks, Phil Raschker, Rex Harvey, Jerry Donley, Sandy Pashkin.

Motion: Authorize the Executive Committee to consider these suggestions and forward three nominees. Seconded, accepted.

The USATF Nominating & Governance Committee will take these nominees from multiple groups and fill the seats. The Executive Committee would like suggestions from the body, and then the Executive Committee will come up with the final list. We don’t have a direct Nominee (we must share the seat).

The MTF Operating Procedures must be revised to include provisions for making these nominations.

The nominees should be well-rounded regarding their interests in USATF. This person is restricted from being in some other positions in USATF (See the rules).

Huntsman Senior Games Race Walk Championships
Gary has been involved in discussions with them to help them hold a RW Championship. But they don’t handle competition for folks under 50. The National Senior Games office is discouraging the alteration of rules to include sub-50 athletes. Discussions are ongoing.

Term change for WMA Delegates
There may be a benefit to have a longer term for our WMA delegates.
Motion: Have the Executive Committee make a proposal to the assembly body at the 2009 Convention regarding the term length and selection process. Seconded, Accepted.

Gary – encouraged all to continue to work harder in 2009 at the grassroots level to increase awareness and increase our numbers. Real, helpful member benefits are essential to motivate folks to join. The insurance benefits were highlighted.

Jeff Davison – Shuttle Hurdle Exhibition
There were 5 teams in the Outdoor 2007 Orono championships representing 10 states.
Jeff wants the 2009 Outdoor Championship Meet to include this exhibition event.
Include event on the registration/entry form
Allow 1 to 6 teams per 10 year age bracket.
Allow a pool of alternates to step in as needed
Make a race for the women.
Recommended it be on the last day of the championships during the typical relay session, and allow teams to compete even if there is only 1 team in the age bracket.
Motion: Include this exhibition event on the last day of the Outdoor Champs. Seconded, accepted.

Motion to adjourn at 1:46 PM, seconded, approved.
Minutes by Jeff Brower, Secretary

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