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Minutes - 12/6/08 2:15 PM - Masters Track and Field Executive Committee

Reno, Nevada

Gary Snyder, Sandy Pashkin, Carroll DeWeese, Becky Sisley, Mark Cleary, Jerry Donley, Jeff Brower, Lester Mount, Rex Harvey, Max Hamlyn, John Oleski, Bob Weiner, Janet Smith, Rose Schlewitz

Missing –Jim Flanik, Ray Feick, Steve Cohen

2:35 PM - Gary started the meeting.

Reviewed convention sessions, considered them positive.

Old Business (from Wednesday)
Budget not quite ready. Surcharge fund has $15-$20K, but some expenses are outstanding. Folks need to turn in expenses soon.

Expenses have been incurred at other championship meets. Who should pay for these? Only the Indoor/Outdoor Champs were previously approved by the MTF Committee to have a surcharge. Expenses could be submitted for shipping costs (i.e., to help with the pole vault)

Motion – For Masters Throws Championships (Weight Pent + Ultra Pent) to assess a $10 surcharge, funds to be earmarked for expenses incurred related to the throwing events. Seconded, accepted.

USATF Board Nominees
Jerry Donley asked to be taken off this list. Mark Cleary would like to be added. Names are these: Willie Banks, Phil Raschker, Rex Harvey, Sandy Pashkin and Mark Cleary. The committee voted by ballot to nominate the top 3.

Update to Masters Operating Procedures to select one Nominee.
L&L will come up with an amendable procedure to make this selection, so this issue is tabled.

Masters Diversity Plan
Janet will be getting more information. $1000 has been allocated for leadership training in the diversity area or a similar expense.

We reviewed most of the positions to understand whether or not Gary needs to make these appointments.
Current Openings:
All American Standards
Site Selection

The USATF MTF Committee directory on the website is not current.

Mark Cleary - Rose Monday will assist him with the Masters Invitational Program.

The committee is very supportive of a separate website, but the details are being worked out. Agreement – Jeff will draft an agreement to handle the agreement.

Dave Clingan has developed a prototype site and has asked for $4500 for this development and $4000 annually to maintain it.

Strategic Plan
Needs to be reviewed and updated. Gary will review it and discuss further down the road.

Motion to adjourn at 4:15 PM, seconded, approved.
Minutes by Jeff Brower

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