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Minutes - 12/5/08 8 AM - Masters Track and Field Committee - General Session

Reno, Nevada

The Masters Track and Field (MTF) committee reconvened at 8 AM

Gary Snyder welcomed all, and introduced Dee Jensen (candidate for USATF President), who spoke about her qualifications and took questions.

Gary continued . . .

  • Review of the agenda and the candidates for USATF President.
  • A long term plan is being developed in all areas of USATF to clarify the needs of each division.
  • Gary expressed thanks to Lester Mount & Joy MacDonald for their past service.
  • Operating Procedures will be reviewed to make sure they fit with the approved restructuring.
  • Reminded all to attend their respective Region Meetings tomorrow.

Sandy – Asked if there were any changes to the Records report?
She reviewed the American Records report. Though she doesn’t have a committee to help her, she asks other committees to assist her when needed.
Motion: Accept the Records report - seconded, accepted.

Sandy mentioned a need to have a “Record Status” page on the website to keep people informed.

Janet – Skills Survey – Not many have filled it out. We are considering turning this over to the National Office to gather this info. Marilyn Mitchell suggested a prize or some motivation to get folks to fill out the survey.

Lester Mount performed the Roll Call of Delegates.

2009 Outdoor Championship Meet Presentation
Al Ackerman discussed the 2009 MTF Outdoor Championships in Oshkosh, WI. July 9-12, 2009. They have a 9 lane competition 48” Mondo track as well as another track very close by to warm up on, as well as an indoor stretching area and about 250 locker rooms. For officials – Hospitality area, and a facility for the Games Committee. Appleton is the primary airport. Green Bay is about 45 miles away. There will be a shuttle from the Appleton airport. It's about 2.5 hours to the Chicago O’Hare Airport. Question about shade: Under the stands on one side. Al distributed some dorm room & hotel information. Dining is close to the residences. Hurdles and steeplechase will be available on the practice track. Need multiple implements for the various throws (including the weight throws) and the necessary hurdles, as well as hurdles for the warm-up area. No schedule is available yet. The crucial need for accurate lap counting was mentioned. A temporary board will be onsite to display times and results quickly.

2009 Indoor Championship Meet Presentation Update
Craig Chasse and others discussed the 2009 MTF Indoor Championships in Landover, Maryland, March 20-22, 2009. A very good presentation was made, but the majority of this information is already online on the USATF website ( or Some presentation highlights: 6 Lane Mondo 200 Meter track with 8 lane straightaway.

2011 Outdoor Championships
Chair of Games Committee - Jim Flanik – Introduced the only bid:
Cleveland, Ohio – Power Point presentation by Rob Marron, followed by questions.

Motion: Accept this single bid - seconded, accepted. Recommended dates were in late July, early August.

2008 Outdoor Championships - Spokane, Washington
Review of past meet led by Chris Frye. Thanked the Masters for coming. They will be upgrading their facility, and may bid for the Outdoor Championships in 2012 or later. Marla Emde expressed appreciation for the Media coverage during the meet. Gary expressed his appreciation of the Spokane LOC.

Gary - Boston Indoors had 745 athletes. We’re having trouble getting bids for the 2011 Indoor Championships, so Gary will have someone look further into possibilities, and asked everyone to send him suggestions for potential facilities that would hold this.

2009 Combined Events Outdoor Championships – August 15-16, 2009.
Kings High School, Seattle, WA.
Becky Gillespy made a presentation for this site.

2009 Combined Events Indoor Championships – March 7-8, 2009
Carthage College, Kenosha, WI
Jeff Watry made a presentation for this site.

2009 Outdoor Throws Pentathlon/Ultra Weight Pentathlon/Superweight Championships
August 22-23, 2009
Concordia University, Portland, Oregon
George Mathews made a presentation for this site. Mac Wilkins is heavily involved at Concordia U.

2010 Outdoor Throws Pentathlon/Ultra Weight Pentathlon Championships – No bids, but some parties are interested.

2011 Outdoor Throws Pentathlon/Ultra Weight Pentathlon Championships – No bids.

WMA Delegates
Three delegates are to represent the US at WMA events. The primary delegate is the chair of our committee (Gary). Nominations & elections for the other two were administered by Rex Harvey.

Name Order Of Alternates
Jerry Donley 2
Carroll DeWeese 3
Mark Cleary 4
Marilyn Mitchell 5
Ivan Black 6
Mary Trotto 7
Jeff Brower 8
John Head 9
Ron Pate 10

Budget – Joy MacDonald – See Handout
Memorial Fund for Masters is available for donations. Make checks out to “USATF Masters” and send to the Treasurer.

We only received $3600 for the Masters portion of the increased Membership Fee.

Motion: That the MTF Committee directs our chair to pursue repayment of the net amount of $16,954 taken in March, 2008 by USATF from our surcharge fund without authorization - seconded, accepted.

Marketing – John Oleski
Recruitment Plan
Goals – Increase participation in MTF – Try to Double Membership
Method – “Forever Fast” – Develop DVD USATF Marketing, follow-up on USATF funding focus from sponsors to include masters (per Bob Weiner)
Target Audience for Recruitment – Prospects
Fit People, Health Clubs, Road Races, Focus on Women, Former Collegiate Athletes, Meet Directors of Youth Meets to include Masters Events,
Focus on Younger Masters
Assist re-entry of ex-elite athletes into Masters.
Obstacles to increasing participation
Perception of General Public, Aversion to Competition, Athletic Intimidation
USATF Regions/Associations, Clubs, Sports Associations,
Senior Games.
Utilize the Internet more.
Recommendations: Use Youtube, create small files that can fit on Flash drives for easy transfer. Promote Masters within USATF and outside USATF

Andy Martin – Introduced Tricia Floyd to help with Grass Roots efforts.
Said additional $20,000 was allocated for USATF MTF for 2007 & 2008.

Throwing Events Subcommittee – Jerry Bookin-Weiner
Motion: Approve report and supplemental rules - seconded, accepted.
Sandy asked for permission to forward affected records to Records Comm.
Motion: Forward affected records to Records Committee - seconded, accepted.
Approve Racewalk Records.
Motion: - Approve Racewalk Records - seconded, accepted.
Discussed M40-49 discus weight.
Motion: Recommend Gary take this issue to WMA for a study and discussion. Seconded. Discussion followed. The motion was rejected.

The MTF Comittee recessed at 12:10 PM
Minutes by Jeff Brower, Secretary

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