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Masters Annual Reports - Northwest Region, 2005


1.  Regional Championships


2005 MeetMt. Hood Community College, Gresham, OR

--Hosted by Portland Masters Track Club

--Regional Coordinator Welcome to Athletes in Meet Program

--Meet Program listed Regional Records

--190 Participants

--35 Regional Records set

--Athletes Meeting held at conclusion of Meets 2nd Day.


2006 MeetUniversity of Oregon, Eugene, OR

--Hosted by Oregon Track Club Masters


2007 MeetWashington State University, Pullman, WA

--Hosted by Inland Northwest Association


Regional Medals

--NW Region is using a special order/design medal purchased in 2004 prior to the Crown Medal USATF bulk discount pricing

--Regional Meet LOC is charged for medals but not ribbons


2.  Regional Records

--2005 Championship LOC updated NW Region Records

--Updated records through 2005 are available on-line at NW Masters website


3. Regional

--Sharon Sweezy, Webmaster

--Website contentcontact info. for Regional Advisory Group; Blue Streak (regional newsletter) issues in .PDF file format; USATF Associations in Region with Masters Rep contact info; Regional Championship Meet records; event calendar for meets in Region and National; websites links are provided where applicable.


4.  Regional Meetingat Regional Championships

Following the meets 2nd day of competition an Athletes Meeting was held at the venue.  Athletes participated in socializing and a buffet prior to a business meeting. Topics Included:


  • Report on Masters Executive Committee development of a Strategic Plan
  • Encouraging younger athletes to participate in meets
  • Opening up clubs to post-collegiate's
  • Selection of 2007 Regional Championships


1)     Reported that at 2004 Annual Meeting, Regional Coordinators recommended and general meeting adopted a regional meet surcharge as additional revenue source for regions

2)     Athletes like getting the direct mailing of regional and National meet championship entry forms from USATF Headquarters in Indianapolis; not clear that it had any impact on increased participation

3)     Masters athletes selectively participate in open and all-comer meets, but Washington and Oregon with large number of USATF masters members felt meets often went slower when combined with youth; and the varying implements by age group were not always available

4)     Jim Puckett, a founder of PMTC, noted that originally the club was the Portland Track Club and had bee formed by post-collegians in the area who were still competitive and desired to compete. Eventually, the core membership group aged into the new masters category of age 40+ track & field athletes

5)     The roughly $1600 in Region Funds (not part of USATF budget) has been collecting interest and accessed; it will grow by a charge back to PMTC for Regional Championship medals used.

6)     Inland Northwest Association asked to host the 2007 Championships and allocated $250 in assistance funding for the LOC.



5.  Regional Meeting at 2004 Annual Meeting

A NW Regional Meeting in recent years has also been held at the Annual Meeting as it is one of the few times when Association and Club representatives are able to meet and provide input.  At 2004 Annual Meeting in Portland, OR the Regional Meeting was held at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting.


1)     Reported on and discussed items from Masters Executive Committee and Masters Meeting. 

2)     Decision made not to impose an additional surcharge fee at Regional Meets; Surcharge had already been added for Officials.

3)     Calendar of Events for 2005 was finalized.  West Seattle track is being renovated in 2005 and they might not be able to host previously awarded Regional Championship Meet (also not clear if track would reopen with a steeplechase pit).  Oregon Track Club Masters agreed to host the meet.

4)     The new Regional Medal was displayed and well received; new medals would be issued with 2005 Championship Meet; LOC will be billed actual cost for medals; revenue comes back to Region.

5)     Mark Murdock, Snake River Association, reported on preparations for upcoming 2005 Indoor National Championships being hosted in Boise/Nampa.

6.  Significant Events


2005 Indoor National Championships

Despite not having any prior Masters meet experience, the Snake River Association put together an LOC that hosted a very successful National Indoor Championship Meet in Boise/Nampa Idaho.  Attendance was down from prior years, but athletes like the fast mondo track and the jumping and throwing venues were very good.  It was a nice change of pace from the usual venue on the East Coast.  Many national and world age group records were set at the meet.


Executive Committee Strategic Planning Session

I facilitated a Strategic Planning Session with the USATF Masters Executive Committee the day before the Indoor National Championship Meet in Boise; then produced a draft document.  Although not present, I also provided that framework for and additional strategic plan development session prior to the Outdoor National Championship Meet in Honolulu.  A final summary document was prepared from both sessions and submitted to the Masters Executive Committee.



7.  Association Championships and Meets

Only three of the seven USATF Association in the Northwest Region hold an annual Association Championship MeetOregon, Pacific Northwest (Western Washington), and Inland Northwest (Eastern Washington and Idaho Panhandle). 


Oregon Association Championships

June 18-19 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Oregon Track Club Masters LOC

276 participants

45 association records set

Meet Program listed Association Records


Pacific Northwest Association Championships

July 15-16 West Seattle Stadium, Seattle, WA

Seattle Masters Track Club LOC

125 participants (down a little from prior years)

c12 association records set


Inland Northwest Association Championships

July 23 Washington State University, Pullman, WA

LOC is Association, especially Masters Rep & Meet Director Jim Schaller

35 participants (normally 50-60)

c10 association records set

The other associations have few Masters members and are in demographically sparsely populated states.  The potential meet participant base is considered too small to overcome the 1) expense of facility rental and 2) logistics of securing adequate officials and volunteers.  Thus, most Masters activity occurs through participation at all-comers meets, a combined USATF Association championship; and participation at State Games and./or Senior Olympics meet track & field event category.  Most of these association Masters Reps feel that there are simply not enough USATF members to justify the time & expense of organizing a Masters meet.  Also, the focus of these associations is largely youth development and Junior Olympics.


Montana Association

In past years, masters meets were organized by the now Montana State Coach; several years ago, the NW Masters Regional Championships were held at this facility in Bozeman.


Masters generally participate in the Montana Senior Olympics, Big Sky State Games, and all-comer meets.


Snake River Association

For the past two years, masters have competed in a combined Association meet; event then, the numbers of Masters participants is few.  Generally at the venues for Masters National Championships there are a large number of local participants who otherwise might not regularly attend this level of competition.  However, there were only about 10 Snake River Association entrants at the Indoor National Championship Meet in Boise.


Masters otherwise compete in Senior Games held in Boise, Lewiston, and Pocatello.


Alaska Association

The largest concentration of this small number of USATF Masters members is in the Anchorage area where they participate in a regular schedule of All-Comers Meets.


This state best exemplifies the issues of small number and geographic dispersion. Masters compete at a combined Association championships meet in Anchorage; records are maintained on the association website.  Participant traveling distance from Anchorage include Fairbanks (350 miles), Juneau (600 miles) and Kodiak (500 miles)


Utah Association

A Masters Association Championship meet is not held; Masters participate in combined USATF meets.



Wyoming Association

No Masters meets are held in this association. The focus of the Wyoming USATF Association is youth.



8. Additional Activities.


Regional Association Championships Liaison

I maintained contact with the Portland site LOC.  This involved minimal guidance and direction as they have hosted many regional championships according to the USATF guidelines.


Oregon Association Meetings

I attended and gave reports at the Spring and Fall meetings of the Masters Committee of the Oregon Association.


Bend, Oregon Meet Development

Rose Schlewitz, Oregon Association Masters Chair, has participated in meetings with an LOC in Bend attempting to organize an annual masters meet in August following the national championship meet.  Bend is destination resort/vacation area that would attract masters.  In addition, there are member of the Oregon Track Club Masters (based in Eugene) who live in the Bend are as well as numerous track & field coaches.


It is anticipated that $250 in seed development funds will be awarded to the LOC from 2005 USATF Masters budget as well as additional funds in 2006 when the first meet is scheduled.




Submitted by Todd Taylor, Northwest Regional Coordinator

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