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Masters Annual Reports - Nominating Committee, 2005

The Masters Track & Field Nominating Committee was active during the year ended September 30, 2005 in preparation for the elections held in December 2004 in Portland, OR.


The process actually began in the early months of 2004 with formulation of the committee, considerable word-of-mouth efforts to inform and recruit potential candidates, publication of a story about the up-coming elections in National Masters News (NMN) in August 2004, and a presentation at the Athletes Meeting in Decatur in August 2004.


Further efforts in November included a Q & A session for the three announced candidates for Chair in the December issue of NMN, and discussions with candidates for all offices to ascertain their qualification for the positions they sought. 


At the Annual Meeting, the committee reported that all the candidates were well qualified for the positions they were seeking.  There were no additional nominations from the floor.  The 2 candidates for Vice-Chair were given 3 minutes each to address the voters, and that vote was held.  The 3 candidates for Chair were then given 5 minutes each to address the voters.   That was followed by a panel-type Q and A session in which all candidates answered questions from the floor.  Following that, the vote for Chair was held. 


There was only one candidate for Secretary and one for Treasurer, and these candidates were elected by acclamation.


The voting delegates present (and the candidates) all expressed satisfaction that this process had worked very well.


Respectfully submitted,


Philip M. Byrne, Chair

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