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National Masters Track & Field Minutes
Executive Committee Meeting
November 29, 2006
Indianapolis, IN

The meeting convened at 8:00 a.m.

Roll Call of Officers
Vice Chair- Suzy Hess
Treasurer – Joy MacDonald
Secretary – Lester Mount
Active Athlete Representative – Becky Sisley
Rex Harvey- Chair Appointee

Regional Coordinators
Bob Fine
Stan Cohen
Lester Mount

Comments from Non-Member

After the roll call

MTF Budget

Motion #1: Becky Sisley and seconded by Rex Harvey
Expenditures we take people from USATF budget first before using surcharge funds. Passed.

Motion #2: Stan Cohen and seconded by Bob Fine
Funds for mailing of regional entry forms should be under the control of each region. The funds allocated to each region should be proportional to the Masters membership in that region. Passed.

Motion #3: Joy MacDonald seconded by Stan Cohen
Will work together to develop a “better understanding” that will be used when the committee needs to pay someone for a task that is not part of the normal operating budget, i.e., not reimbursement for expenses. There was quite a discussion
Pass/Fail ???

Motion #4: Mark Cleary seconded by Stan Cohen
The executive committee recommends entering into a contract with National Masters News to publish a ¼ page ad (entry form) for each Masters Region Championship and a 1-page entry form for each National Championship in exchange for the grant that is provided by the Master’s Committee. Passed.

Motion #5: Stan Cohen seconded by Jerry Donley
Funds may be distributed in advance. For expenses regional coordinators may receive an advance of their budget, they must verify the expenditures. Passed.

MTF Budget:
We discussed the cost for the USATF Office handling the on-line entries for our championships this year. The cost, which amounted to 3%, was taken from our surcharge fund generated by the total entries for the meet. This is one of the “contracted services” MTF is being charged for.

Motion 6: To accept the 2007 budget of $51,200.
Tabled: Until after Saturday: Strategic Plan and Games Committee Report

Motion #7: To accept budget but was tabled until Saturday Ex Committee meeting.

Report from Regional Coordinators Meeting
Motion #8: Team managers to Italy Phil Greenwald, Marilyn Mitchell, Frank Lulich. Passed.

Motion #9: Rex Harvey seconded by Becky Sisley
Sandy Pashkin to serve as interpreter to the Rules Committee Chair. Passed.

The meeting was interrupted by Alan Roth, Chair of the Associations Committee. He stated that the 2007 budget should be increased. The National Office stated they would increase the Sports Committee budgets after raising membership dues; however, they have just informed us the 2007 Masters Budget will be the same as 2006 budget.

– recommends USATF have one-day membership. In that way potential new competitors may enter meets without buying one-year memberships.

Motion #10: Bob Fine seconded by Stan Cohen
Recommends single day fee for Masters T & F with an insurance charge that can be imposed by the meet director. This fee will be discussed with LDR and brought to the National Office for approval.

Motion #11: to table by Becky Sisley second by Rex Harvey.

Motion #12: Bob Fine seconded by Stan Cohen.
Approve agenda for General Meeting Passed.

International Bids
WMA – World Championships – Sacramento and Brazil will bid for the 2011. NCCWMA for 2008, no valid bids to date; Florida may submit a bid.

USATF Restructuring
Rex mentioned that this issue is still hotly debated by the USATF Board of Directors. He said the bottom line is that restructuring must be approved by the General Assembly.

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