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National Masters Track & Field Minutes
Executive Committee Meeting
June 11, 2002

The meeting convened at 4:00 p.m. PDT

Members Present: George Mathews, Becky Sisely, Cortland Gray, Rex Harvey, Mark Cleary, Bob Fine, Doug Schneebeck, Suzy Hess, Bob Cahners, Frank Lulich, Ken Weinbel,

Not Present: Roz Katz, Sandy Pashkin, Dave Clingan, Ray Vandersteen


Dave Clingan's proposal to take over the rankings job from Jerry Wojcik was discussed. Jerry indicated that he felt that the indoor and outdoor rankings should be kept separate and that he would continue to do the indoor rankings for another year or so for $500.00 per year. Bob Fine will coordinate with North American Racewalking Association and Tom Higby to input outdoor racewalking performances directly onto our website.

The full rankings list will be published in the July issue of National Masters News as a 4-page insert. It will be more expansive than the rankings list that appears on the Masters website. In 2003 an 8-page insert will be planned for NMN that will include all of Dave Clingan's rankings.

While the bulk of the rankings will come from published meet results, other performances must be verified by the athlete on a form developed by Dave Clingan. Rankings and records must be from sanctioned meets and athletes must be members of USATF. In 2002 we will accept rankings from unsanctioned meets, but in 2003, all ranking performances must be from meets sanctioned by USATF or NCAA.

A motion was made by Suzy Hess that we accept Dave Clingan's proposal with the addition that (a) performances must be from meets that are sanctioned by USATF or NCAA; (b) those ranked must be members of USATF and (c) we will consider certain high-quality, non-sanctioned meets as determined by the rankings chairperson.

The proposal was unanimously passed.

Sacramento Bid for 2007 WMA World Championships

Sacramento has withdrawn their bid because the WMA requirements made holding the championships financially unfeasible.

Bob Fine suggested that the $150,000 rights fee charged by WMA be reconsidered and that the U.S. make a proposal to the WMA General Assembly to go back to the old fee of $40,000 and to limit what the amount of the rights fee can be. Bob Fine will draft this proposal. George will inquire if Sacramento would consider resubmitting their bid if the rights fee was reduced to $40,000.

At present the WMA Council hears bidders for Championship Games and makes a decision which is passed on to the General Assembly for a rubber stamp approval. Tom Jordan will bring our dissatisfaction with the bidding system to the attention of the WMA Council. We prefer that the General Assembly, not the Council, to make the decision on which bidder will be chosen. Bob Fine will work with George Mathews to draft our objection.

2004 WMA Indoor World Championships

The decision will be made in Puerto Rico. The bid will need to be in by the end of the year. Boston and LSU are obvious candidates. Boise State has a new indoor facility coming on line shortly. Doug Schneebeck indicated a new indoor facility was planned for the Convention Center in Albuquerque. The rights fees for the WMA Indoor World Championships is $10,000.

New Standards: "Records" vs. "Bests"

The custom when new standards are introduced has been to label performances as "bests" rather than "records" for the first three years. Many people feel cheated that their performances may never make it to record status. Ken Weinbel made the motion that The Executive Committee recommends that performances are eligible for records in the year in which they are executed. As clarification, this motion comes as a result of new standards being adopted in various events. The motion was seconded by Frank Lulich and unanimously approved.

Record Reporting Policy

Article IV (Records) Rule 180 Part 4 of the USATF Competition Rules indicates that the meet director at a National Championship meet shall determine if performances qualify as records. The word "masters" is not present in this rule. We will try to get "masters" included in that rule.

At USATF sanctioned meets the USATF Competition Rules states that championship forms must be available. This form is available on line at the NMN website. It is the athlete's responsibility to get the form and make sure it is filled out.

Financial Support for National Masters News

It was agreed to give a grant in 2002 to National Masters News in the amount of $5,000 from the LSU rights. Bob fine made a motion in support of this decision. It was seconded by Rex Harvey and unanimously approved. Becky Sisely suggested that future support for NMN could be put into the budget as a line item.

Annual Reports

Annual reports need to be in by October 1st in order that George Mathews' Annual report can get into USATF in a timely fashion. Leeway will be given to those whose annual reports would ordinarily include activities taking place after October 1st.

George Mathews encouraged Executive Committee members to make contributions to the USATF Masters website. These materials could be forwarded to George initially until a better method is developed.

Masters Foundation

George Mathews received a proposal from Jerry Donnely in which Jerry indicates there is a lot of money that people would be contributing to our organization via a Masters Track & Field Foundation if we had such a foundation. There is a USATF Foundation that is in process now. Jerry suggests that we set up our own foundation possibly by the end of the year. George will inform USATF of this possibility and will urge them to move on the existing foundation or we will take the initiative. George will try to get Executive Committee members a copy of Jerry Donnely's proposal.


Mark Cleary will write an article about masters exhibitions for the August issue of National Masters News.

Next Meeting

We will try to have the next meeting at the Outdoor Championships meet in Orono in August.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:00 PM PDT

Respectfully submitted,

Robert M. Cahners

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