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National Masters Track & Field Minutes
Executive Committee Meeting
November 27, 2001

Members Present: George Mathews, Suzy Hess, Bob Cahners, Frank Lulich, Becky Sisely, Mark Cleary, Bob Fine, Ken Weinbel, Roz Katz, Sandy Pashkin

Members Excused: Ruth Welding, Doug Schneebeck, Courtland Gray, Rex Harvey

The meeting was convened at 7:30 p.m. by Chairman Mathews who advised members that specific discussion time limits had been allotted to the various agenda items. This change was instituted to guard against the meeting running on too long and the possible loss of participants.

Floor open to Members

As was noted in the agenda, the floor was opened to members of USATF who were not members of the Executive Committee. This was to afford them the opportunity to bring up subjects that have a bearing on the conduct of the convention or of Masters Track & Field.

Marilyn Mitchell requested that the question of block voting versus voting one's conscience be included in the General Meeting agenda.

Joan Stratton thanked those people who had made meets available to her that allowed her to compete.

Andy Hecker raised the question of late registration at championship meets. Sandy Pashkin reported that her Games Committee had found that three weeks was the minimum lead-time necessary to operate the registration process effectively. With a $50.00 late charge, athletes would have to register at least 5 days in advance.

Roll Call

Secretary Cahners called the roll of Executive Committee members. Chairman Mathews declared that a quorum was present.

Minutes Accepted

The Minutes of the November 29, 2000 Executive Committee Meeting were unanimously accepted.

Officer Reports

Chairman Mathews reported that there was better communication to members of the Masters Track & Field community and among members of the Executive Committee. The increased communication was aided by the masters website. Also, having more meetings facilitated by the use of teleconferencing had enhanced decision-making. He reported that USATF has encouraged the use of conference calls. He stated that at these Annual Convention meetings, there should be more planning for the future to compliment our reports of the past year's performance. He felt that new initiatives like the rights fees received from the Baton Rouge Organizing Committee made it possible to chart new directions which were previously not possible.

He reported that he has spent considerable time with the USATF board and in Indianapolis looking for new opportunities. He has worked with USATF corporate attorney, Jill Pilgrim, in preparing a bid document.

His biggest disappointment has been his inability to generate more volunteer commitment. He hopes that the coming year will show more volunteer activity.

Treasurer Lulich presented the 2002 budget and reported that because USATF was implementing a program to reduce the organization's debt, our budgeted support from USATF would not be increased beyond the $30,000 received in the past; and that this amount would not be increased in the foreseeable future. He demonstrated how the amounts budgeted for various line items had been shifted around to accommodate budget increases for the Vice Chair's responsibilities and the requirements for the Rankings Coordinator's activities. Gerry Wojcik explained his need for increased funding. Ken Weinbel made a motion to accept the 2002 budget. Mark Cleary seconded the motion and the budget was unanimously accepted.

Standing Subcommittee Reports

Most subcommittees' annual reports were presented in printed form. Oral reports were given by:

Law & Legislation - Tom Light

He sees the issue of national clubs being tabled for further study. His feeling was that tabling the question served no useful purpose other than to delay debate until next year. He feels that the USATF board should move ahead and vote yes or no.

Championship Sites - Ken Weinbel

There have been very few bidders for 2004 and quite a few for the 2005 Outdoor Championships. The only bidder for the 2004 Outdoor Championships is Decatur, Illinois. This is the third time that they have been a bidder. Ken suggested that the Executive Committee support their bid.

Those who have expressed an interest in the 2005 Championships are Greater Bakersfield, California Convention Bureau; Greater Cleveland, Ohio Sports Commission; Spokane, Washington Sports Commission; Sacramento, Cal; and Hawaii.

Indianapolis has made the new bid packets available. Copies have been given to potential bidders along with certain questions we have concerning issues like on-site inspections etc.

The Indoor Championships continue to be a problem since no one other than New England has stepped forward. Ken Weinbel, George Mathews and Dick Hotchkiss are trying to get Reno to bid on 2004. There are many good University sites but they are booked with their own activities.

The 2002 Weight Pentathlon Championships will be in Louisiana and Ft. Collins, Colorado has bid for the 2003 meet.

Seattle will bid for the 2004 Weight & Superweight Championships.

Chairman Mathews added that one of the things we have added to the bid documents is a $5000 refundable deposit. The contract also includes the opportunity for a bidder to sweeten their bid by providing a rights fee in addition to any surcharges. The new contract document is available for viewing on the USATF website.

Games Committee - Sandy Pashkin

After a brief description of the Games Committee function, Sandy indicated that one of the changes that the Games Committee would be instituting would be to arrive at a championship site early in order to be more a part of the meet planning and take a proactive rather than a reactive stance.

Chairman Mathews complimented Sandy on the job that her Games Committee had done.

Meet Manual - Ken Weinbel

Said the preparation of a meet manual has been an ongoing project for many years. Ken said he had taken all the information gathered by previous people and sorted it out, tried to eliminate duplication and added his own evaluation. The final manual would consist of 10 sections so that any section could stand alone and be carried separately. Also the Games Committee would be the keeper of the manual and update it where necessary. The games committee could also send all or part of the manual out to Champion Site bidders. He solicited comments and criticism from the Executive Committee on the conceptual outline he handed out.

Team Manager Election - Bob Cahners

There were two candidates for Team Manager, Beverly Lewis and Sandy Pashkin. Individual members of the Executive Committee spoke for each candidate and ballots were handed out. Sandy Pashkin was elected Team Manager.

Rule 262 (Regional Championship Awards Interpretation)

Becky Sisely moved that the Masters Track & Field Committee suspend the words "awards or" from Rule 262 1(b) for the 2002 season and that the Masters Track & Field Committee submits an official rule change revision to be acted on at the 2002 Convention which is a rules year. The motion was seconded by Bob Fine and unanimously approved.

Substance Abuse

Chairman Mathews cautioned that there could be masters drug testing in the United States to bring us in line with USATF anti-drug stance. In the past, the reason for no drug testing in the masters group has been financial. He indicated that it would not be up to the Masters Committee to determine whether to institute drug testing, the USATF Board would decide.

New Age Group

Chairman Mathews reported that the USATF board is putting pressure on the Masters Committee to create a new submasters groups for athletes in the 19 to 29 year old age groups. After spirited debate, Becky Sisely moved that we add an additional submasters 25 to 29 year old age group. Frank Lulich seconded the motion. The motion was defeated.

Bob Fine moved that Masters Regional Championships be allowed to add 19-24 and 25-29 age groups on an optional basis. After the motion was seconded, it was defeated.


Chairman Mathews reported that because the awards process had become to casual and the ceremony inappropriate, Phil Byrne would be reworking the whole concept.


The Legends program, which for budgetary reasons will now focus on the two USATF National Championship meets, will henceforth be called the Masters Invitational Program and Mark Cleary will head up the Masters Invitational Program Committee. There will be no payments, no prizes and will be by invitation only. John Cosgrove will no longer be directing the program but will remain active in an advisory capacity. Chairman Mathews made a point to congratulate John Cosgrove on his fine job in getting the program up and running.

Becky Sisely suggested that the Masters Invitational Program be authenticated by making its existence part of the bylaws.

Approval of General Meeting Agenda

The decision was made to defer the discussion on block voting until next year.

Bob Fine suggested that a discussion of medal design be included in the agenda. Since this would necessitate a policy change, George Mathews will discuss it with the USATF Board.

Becky Sisely suggested adding a Masters Records report to the agenda. She made the motion that when events at an outdoor track and field meet are contested indoors and under indoor conditions, performances shall be eligible for indoor records and not outdoor records; and likewise for indoor meet events conducted outdoors.

The motion was seconded by Suzy Hess and unanimously approved.

A motion to accept the revised agenda was seconded and unanimously approved.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert M. Cahners

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