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National Masters Track & Field Minutes
Executive Committee Meeting
November 4, 2001

The meeting convened at 4:00 p.m. PST

Members Present: George Mathews, Becky Sisely, Cortland Gray, Rex Harvey, Mark Cleary, Bob Fine, Doug Schneebeck, Suzy Hess, Ruth Welding, Bob Cahners

Others Present: Dick Hotchkiss, Rod Larson

The Minutes of the October Executive Committee Meeting Were approved with corrections.

George Mathews asked for all present to look over the convention agenda for the Masters Track & Field Committee. Clarification of times and meeting purposes were discussed.

Drug Testing

Drug testing for masters in the United States is a distinct possibility. Rex will be meeting with Thorsten Carlius and Stan Perkins in Puerto Rico and will report back on substance abuse programs in WMA. We will try to explore what other countries are doing and be prepared if USATF mandates drug testing.

Rule 262

The rule change to be presented to the Committee will be as follows: Eliminate the words "...awards or..." and add the following wording: "Guest competitors cannot displace regional competitors for awards and cannot establish regional records. Equivalent awards shall be given. Guest competitors shall be defined as foreign athletes and athletes who are not registered with an association within the region hosting the championships." The motion, made by Becky Sisely was seconded by Bob Fine and unanimously approved.


Bob Fine moved that the Executive Committee adopts the following position: "The Executive Committee of Masters Track & Field wishes to have an input in the site selection of the Combined Open/Masters Racewalking National Championships. Rex Harvey seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved. Rod Larson will present this position to Dan Pierce and report back to the Executive Committee.

Bob Fine proposed that the 20K race in the stadia race walking Championships be replaced by a 10K race. This proposal will be put on the agenda.

Applications for Championships Bidders

All-purpose applications are now available. George Mathews will make these available.

Advance Registration at Championship Meets

The Executive Committee takes the position that a late registration should be allowed but discouraged. Possibly a large late fee should be charged. Also shortening the lead-time is a possibility. The subject will be brought up at the Executive Committee meeting in Mobile and subsequently brought up as a proposal to the Masters Track & Field Committee. The committee working on the subject of late registration will be made up of Rex Harvey, Dick Hotchkiss, and Sandy Pashkin with input from Courtland Gray.

Use of Games Committee Funds

Expanding indoor championships are high on list of things to do. Ken Weinbel is working on reviving the Reno indoor meet. Dick Hotchkiss is trying to make contact with Coach Kraft. No response as yet. USATF is very interested in establishing Reno as a Championship site.

25 to 29 Age Group

USATF Open Track & Field Committee is in favor of establishing 25 to 29 year age group in masters championship meets. If this proposal passes it would mean adding a new submasters age group.

Executive Committee Composition

Becky Sisely moved that Section IX; Article A of the Bylaws be changed to the following. "The Executive Committee shall be composed of the Officers, the Regional Coordinators, the chair of the championships site selection committee, the chair of the games committee, and one additional member to be appointed by the Chair." The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

Sandy Pashkin and Ken Weinbel will prepare brief descriptions of the tasks of the Games Committee and the Championship Site Selection Committee respectively. These descriptions will be entered into Section 11;Article E of the Bylaws.

The Executive Committee drafted the following proposal for selection of the five at-large members of the MT&F Committee: "The Executive Committee nominates all Regional Coordinators for the five at-large seats on the MT&F Committee."

Motion to pass the above proposal was seconded and approved unanimously.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m. PST.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert M. Cahners

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