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National Masters Track & Field Minutes
Executive Committee Meeting
October 14, 2001

The meeting convened at 5:00 p.m. PDT

Members Present: George Mathews, Ken Weinbel, Becky Sisely, Cortland Gray, Rex Harvey, Mark Cleary, Sandy Pashkin, Bob Fine, Doug Schneebeck, Suzy Hess, Ruth Welding, Bob Cahners, Frank Lulich

George Mathews opened the meeting by stressing that we needed to disseminate Masters Track & Field information to delegates before the National Convention to make the meetings more productive.

Also the theory that we can conduct business only once a year is an obstacle to productivity. The Executive Committee should be conducting its business all year long. While voting can take place only at the convention, decisions not requiring a vote of the Masters Committee can be made during the year. The Executive Committee should go into the Convention showing that they have worked on everything on the agenda before the Convention.

Our convention activities are being buried on the USATF website and we should have our separate schedule published.

Use of Games Committee Fund

We received our $10,000 from Baton Rouge. This gives us some opportunities that can be programmed into our strategic planning. With other fees, surcharges and income received from other events, we have about $20,000 available for use in various areas. This is in addition to our expected $30,000 Masters Committee budget. The original purpose of the funds was to support the Games Committee activities. Use of the funds could be for grass roots regional development, Hall of Fame, legends, enabling all regions to have championship meets, increasing the number of indoor meets. It was agreed that the Regional Coordinators should be meeting via conference calls and among other things decide how this money could be spent and set up priority lists.

Financial Statements Due From Championships

Local organizers agree to prepare financial for the championships. Often the local organizers have trouble producing adequate financial statements. This is one indication that we do not have good contracts that we can enter into. The contracts are handled through Indianapolis. It was agreed that we would like to require performance bonds from the people running the Championship meets. There should be a booklet describing what we expect of contractors running our meets. We are not getting the type of cooperation in the form of good contracts for major championships and backup from Indianapolis that we need.

Adding the 20+ age group to Championship Meets

George will ascertain the board of Directors attitude toward adding age groups below the existing Masters level to Championship meets. Discussion on this subject will resume when he gets this information.


W need somebody with time and talent to take over the communications and website functions


We need a Games Committee and a Championship Sites Committee and we need to change the bylaws to reflect this. The roles of these two committees have to be clearly defined. Doug Schneebeck will assist on Bylaw changes and work with Becky and Tom Light.

Getting the Games Committee head on the Executive Committee and the regional coordinators on the Sport Committee. George will take up with Tom Light.

Officers Retreat Items

Budget items were reviewed and these items evolved into a discussion of the following:


Good examples of masters representation at open meets are the indoor and outdoor championships. With good planning, the program can work but without someone to be on top of it, the Legends program lacks effectiveness. We need someone to work with USATF and meet directors to showcase the elite masters to best advantage within the parameters of our budget. We don't have the money within our budget to operate Legends program on a large scale. We can probably operate effectively with the two national championship meets. A Legends Committee to be set up to operate program for a year to work on the two national meets. We need candidates for the head of the committee.

Team Manager

Primarily needed for world championships. Multiple managers needed since in Puerto Rico there will be four venues. A Head Manager and Assistant Managers needed to handle the different venues and times. We will have to add to the budget to compensate the Assistant Managers. Bob Fine made a motion to elect a Head team manager and give him the authority to choose Assistant Managers with the approval of the Executive Committee. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.


Recommendation that we have made to the Awards Committee will be implemented by Phil Byrne.

Weight Coordinator

A Weight Coordinator going to the site and seeing to it that everything is right could prevent the situation that occurred in Pampa. The Weight Coordinator is better equipped to oversee the Weight Pentathlon and Super Weight Championships than the Multi Events Coordinator.

National Teams

A proposal went to the head of the L&L Committee in Washington but was not seen by the Masters L&L Committee. We will need to have a clear statement of justification to accompany the rules change proposal not just a rules change proposal.

Courtland will present the pros and cons to the Executive Committee.

Next conference call to be Sunday November 4th at 4:00 PST/7:00 EST.

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