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2005 USATF 27th Annual Meeting
Jacksonville, FL
Masters Track & Field Committee Minutes
December 1-3, 2005

December 1, 2005 - 10:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m.

George Mathews, Masters T&F Chair presided.

The roll call of voting delegates was followed by the election of 17 active athletes. Becky Sisley was voted by the active athletes to be their representative. Delegates-at-large appointed by George Mathews, were Barbara Kousky, Carroll DeWeese, Sandy Pashkin, and Tim Edwards. Phil Byrne, parliamentarian, explained the rules of discussion and for making motions.

Bob Fine, representing Tom Light, the Law & Legislation Chair presented the proposed by-law change item #18 regarding restructuring of USATF. A motion from the executive committee of Masters T&F disapproved of proposed changes in the Board of Directors of USATF. The motion passed unanimously.

Harry Brooks of the media sub committee represented Bob Weiner reporting on the budget request for $3000.00, received $1500.00

December 2, 2005 - 8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Ken Weinbel, Site Selection Committee Chair, explained the site selection procedures. Jim Murphy, of the Inland NW Association, presented the bid for the 2008 Outdoor Championships, which is sponsored by the Spokane Regional Sports Commission. The bid for the meet to be held the first weekend in August 2008 was approved. Jay Riddell and Kim Haines were introduced as directors. Spokane also was awarded the 2007 Weight Pentathlon Championships, a one day event to be held probably two weeks after the National Championships in Orono, Me. Lee Hess and John Oleski led a bid for the 2008 Indoor Championships in Boston that was also approved. The event will be held in the Reggie Lewis Center, which was the site for the Indoor Championships from six years until 2005 (Boise, Idaho), and is the venue for the 2006 Championships. The 2007 Championships will be held in New York City. Gordon Edwards, meet director of the 2006 Outdoor Championships, Charlotte, N.C., discussed the site, housing, food plans, transportation, and amenities, and answered questions. Robert Hill, reported on housing, transportation, and the New York Armory facility for the 2007 Indoor Championships.

Phil Byrne, Masters T&F Awards Chair explained the criteria for eligibility of the awards. There was a motion on the floor by Madeline Bost and seconded by Mark Cleary that all recipients of awards must be members of USATF in the year the award is given. The motion passed. There was also a motion entertained on the floor by Stephen Cohen and seconded by Marilyn Mitchell to reaffirm policy that only marks in USATF and IAAF sanctioned meets be considered for awards. That motion also passed.

Sandy Pashkin, the U.S. and world age-group record chair explained the procedures for record consideration, noting, for instance, that at least three participants must be in an event for national and world record approval. Pending national records are posted on the USATF website as soon as possible and are approved once a year at the USATF annual meeting. Pending world records are posted in the WMA website two weeks after being received.

Mark Cleary, Masters Invitational Program Chair, told the group that masters will have events at the open indoor and outdoor championships, and he will get the events and requirements on the USATF website as soon as he has worked out the prerequisites. In response to questions about those masters events, he explained that the selection of events for masters is confined to those events prescribed by USATF and meet directors, generally from the 100m to the mile.

A panel of hurdlers discussed the proposed study of the need to alter the present hurdles specifications or leave them untouched. The panel consisted of Jeff Brower, Joy Upshaw-Margerum, Phil Byrne, Ken Brinker, and Stan Druckrey, with Rex Harvey, WMA Vice-President Stadia, acting as moderator. Opinions were relatively evenly divided among the panelists, as well as in the body, after much discussion. Harvey noted that WMA has charged its affiliates to come up with information on the possibility of hurdle specification revisions to determine what's best for the athletes. Brower was named to chair the hurdles ad hoc committee.

Joint Masters T&F and LDR Committees - December 2, 2005 2:00-4:00 p.m.

Norm Green, Masters LDR Committee Chair, presided. The minutes from the 2004 USATF Annual Meeting were approved. There were also reports on San Sabastian. Charles DesJardins reported that Torsten Carlius, WMA Secretary had died of a massive heart attack, and, regarding the delegates stated that the WMA Council could select the secretary by appointment. He said that the WMA determines one's citizenship by the last country the athlete competed for.

Phil Greenwald, Masters T&F Manager, reminded the body that entry forms for the WMA World Indoor Championships in Linz, Austria, are due at the USATF office by January10, 2006. It was clarified that the 8k Cross-Country, 10K racewalk, and half-marathon are to be held at Linz and will be championship events.

Rex Harvey stated that the revised age-graded tables are essentially done, except for final formatting, and will be upgraded every 8 years. The next step is the printing by National Masters News.

Sandy Pashkin, reported that the indoor NCCWMA Championships are scheduled for Guatemala City, Guatemala, August 24-27, 2006. She also reported that if we (USATF) do not recognize men competitors at age 35, we are the only group in the WMA to not recognize this age group. The IAAF endorsed this change in minimum age their handbook identifies masters as 35 and above. If we do not allow this in the USATF we are not publishing the fact that this group is allowed to compete in 2006. There was a motion by Sandy Pashkin and seconded by Marilyn Mitchell that read: Masters T&F favored to change race walking and T&F for ages 35 and above. If the proposal does not pass through at this time, it should be pulled to be presented on the floor at closing. The motion passed unanimously.

Marilyn Mitchell, WMA Women's delegate, gave the numbers of the U.S. medal winners at the WMA Championships in Spain by region (62% gold, 68% silver, 75% bronze) and world (10% gold, 6% silver, 11% gold). She noted that the NCCWMA women's organization needs to make more contacts in the Latin countries.

Becky Sisley reporting from the Womens Committee meeting in Spain, mentioned that the events in the womens outdoor pentathlon were under review. Currently the womens events for both the indoor and the outdoor pentathlon are exactly the same. Australia wants to replace the hurdles with the dash. It was suggested that a long throw replace the shot put.

Norm Green advised the group that all three LDR divisions (men, women, and masters) oppose adding men 35-39 to the WMA official age groups. Bob Fine's motion "The joint USATF Masters T&F and LDR Committees express support and appreciation of the National Masters News as the official organ of communication among masters. Green also reported about the Hall of Fame for display at Track & Field Hall of Fame in New York.

Jerry Wojcik and Suzy Hess gave their annual report for the National Masters News. Wojcik reviewed the names of important meets and races covered in 2005 and thanked all of the contributors who provided information, articles, and photographs to the NMN during the past year, and asked them to continue with concern for accuracy. He also recruited volunteers to distribute free copies of the NMN for the forthcoming year. Hess stated that the NMN would continue to be a hard copy publication and will not become a website subscription. She thanked both committees and the athletes for their support. There was a motion on the floor by Bob Fine and seconded by Carroll DeWeese which stated that: USATF Masters join LDR track & field meet to express support of NMN as the official organ of communication. The motion passed.

Marilyn Mitchells motion seconded by Mark Cleary stated: USATF masters athletes be prohibited from soliciting funds for any reason, at overseas meets without the express written approval of USATF Indianapolis in the form of email, letter or fax. The motion was withdrawn in favor of adding to code of conduct.

Masters T&F Committee - December 3, 2005 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

George Mathews presiding, the meeting opened with much discussion concerning the acceptance by LDR and racewalking of the newly adopted WMA M35-39 age group. Bob Fine's motion that masters racewalking accept the M35-39 was successful (21 Yes/16 No/2 Abstain).

Sandy Pashkin made motion, which was approved, that LDR and RW reduce their men's age groups to 35-39, and if not we will separate amendment items 89, which deals with T&F and RW from items 90 and 91, and if not the masters T&F committee is to take the matter to the floor at the closing session on Sunday for approval. (At the closing session representatives of the three divisions of LDR met outside the closing session concerning 90 and 91, and returned with the decision that LDR would accept M35-39 group January 2011. citing contractual obligations through 2010, with an attempt to persuade WMA/IAAF to drop the M35-39 adoption).
She explained club scoring, noting that non-citizen residents of the U.S. can score points for a national club; foreign clubs cannot score points. An ad hoc committee was established to study club scoring and advise the Masters T&F Committee before the Aug. 1, 2006, which is the deadline for rule changes. The matter of association transfers will be presented in 2006, a rules year.

Dexter McCloud, Masters Committee on Diversity Chair, discussed the Committee's mission statement. He asked for volunteers to serve on the committee. Marilyn Mitchell also discussed various aspects of diversity.

Dr. Evie Dennis, who was inducted into last years 26th Hall of Fame, spoke about diversity and her experiences and successes in the world of track and field.

Bob Fine reported on Law and Legislation item #49 dealing with residency exceptions had been tabled.

An issue of great interest was the General Competition Committee report regarding an increase in USATF membership fees. Much discussion ensued, with some members voicing disagreement with the Chair's position of favoring a fee increase. Todd Taylor's motion seconded by Mark Cleary was that the Masters T&F Committee support an increase of $10.00 for adults with a 20% increment to go to masters was approved by a vote of 25 Yes and 11 No.

George Mathews announced the establishment of an ad hoc committee to study contingency plans to possible changes in restructuring of the USATF Board in 2008.

Becky Sisley reported that the first draft of the meet manual is nearly completed. The manual will focus on how to conduct a successful meet from the local level up through a regional championship event. Plans are to have the final copy reviewed by members of the MTF Executive Committee. Once the project is complete it will be available on the web and on a disk hopefully by March.

Becky Sisley moved that an ad hoc committee of Becky Sisley, Mary Trotto, Phil Raschker, Joanne Petkus, and Christel Donley be formed to review the events in the womens outdoor pentathlon and report back at the 2006 convention with possible recommendations for change. The motion was seconded and passed. Another group will examine the discrepancy in numbers between the LDR team managers, who have to organize three events and T&F team managers, who are responsible for 25.

The delegates to Linz, Austria are George Mathews, as chair, and the elected delegates are Bob Fine with 20 votes, Robert Thomas 19 votes and Marilyn Mitchell as alternate with 13 votes.

Respectfully submitted

Lester Mount

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