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Minutes - 12/02/2011
Masters Track and Field General Committee

Hyatt Hotel, St. Louis, MO.

Roll Call       -       Active Athletes

Absent - Treasurer Carroll DeWeese, Jerry Bookin-Weiner, Max Hamlyn

8:19 AM CST - Gary started the meeting. He had emailed an agenda prior to the meeting. Except where noted, Gary initiated the discussion on the following topics.

NCCWMA President Keaveny, Phil Byrne, Willie Banks and Marc Jones were welcomed.

Roll Call of Delegates

The Secretary called the names of all delegates and recorded their attendance.
Appointment of At-Large Members: Phil Byrne, Shane Sorey and John Head.
Active Athletes - Gary went over the process. Mary Trotto took the group out to get a list and elect a chair. This process finished at 8:50 am. Mary Trotto was re-elected as AA chair.

Willie Banks - The USATF Board has 4 committees (Management led by Steve Miller, Operations led by Willie Banks, Strategic Positioning led by Deana Kastor, and Audit led by Kim Haines). They are working hard to address multiple issues. A realignment of USATF is in the works. They are working on marketing T&F more. Three independent positions on the board need to be filled. They are looking for various backgrounds. Submit names to Norm Wayne, USATF counsel, or discuss it with Willie. In addition, Willie would love to hear more ideas regarding how the Board can help Masters. Bob Weiner thanked Willie for his support and enthusiasm.

2014 Indoor Meet Bids

Boston - 3/14-16/2014 - Mike Travers - Site Selection Chair - made presentation (PPT)- The Audio/Visual has been improved at the Reggie Lewis facility so events will be shown and replayed. The WMA Indoor Championships will be March 24-30, 2014 of that year.

Gainesville, Florida - Joleen Katchatorie - In 1988 the Gainesville Sports Commission was founded - Jack Hughes and Scott Peterson also helped make this presentation. They were open to two date ranges: 3/14-16, 3/21-23 alternate - They would have to make arrangements to put the Weight Throw indoors. and two areas for the shot put can be provided. It is a 200m track. Spectators will be charged an admission fee, but no parking fee. Family passes would be available.

Discussion ensued regarding the bids. The Bid document may need to be improved so bidders are aware of some of the meet requirements.

Vote via raised hands: 31 for Boston, 17 for Gainesville. The 2014 Indoor National Meet will be held in Boston, Mass.

2010 Annual Meeting Minutes Motion to approve. 2nd. Accepted.

Gary welcomed Mike McNeese. Mike said they were in the process of having a USATF Events Director, shepherding the handling of event bids and presentations.
Drug Testing - There are various circumstances that affect each case and the handling of each case will vary based on these circumstances. Resources for testing are getting tighter.

Records - Sandy - A Records report was handed out. Correction - missing new events, and a few typos have been pointed out. The report has a list of rejections at the end. New events - once introduced, the results over the first 3 years are stored, and at the end of that period, the best performances during that period will be published as new records.


Caroll discussed this via Skype (Gary moved the microphone near the PC.)
The 2011 budget and the proposed 2012 Budget was displayed on the screen.
Carroll's Suggestions:
1) We need more participants
2) Enhance the value of the meet so people are attracted to attend.
3) Utilize all methods for revenue that are available (gifts, etc.)
Motion to accept the budget as amended. 2nd, Accepted.

The 2012 Budget was approved with a $700 increase for the Masters Invitational program (so the new 2012 total for this will be $4700.)
Questions: Is there money for an Announcer. No, the LOC takes care of this currently. Are there online descriptions of these various line items? has many of the positions documented, but not some. This will be improved upon. USATF Organizational documents define some of these positions.

Review of 2011 Indoor meet

Timing problems happened in Albuqerque. The timing company will be paid via our budget, giving us some control, and removing the burden from the LOC for future meets. Illinois is working with Jim Flanik and the Games Committee to handle this right.

Robert spoke about the 2012 Indoor meet. Officials will get hot meals, plans are going well. No concession stand will be there.

12/2/2011 Meeting recessed at 10:50 AM, to resume today at 1 PM.

12/2/2011 Meeting resumed at 1:07 pm.

2011 Media Footage

Bob Weiner - Discussed some of the 2011 media coverage. He showed some videos on the screen from the past year.

Outdoor Championships - Bids for 2014

Mike Travers - Site SelectionChair - 4 bids have been received. The winning bid must have a majority of votes. If a majority is not received, then the top bids that, cumulatively, make up a majority will advance to a runoff. The runoff will contain only these advancing bidders. All credentialed voters may vote, but those involved in presentations must leave the room during the presentations of other bidders.

Norfolk State University 1:39 pm - 1:54 then 5 min of questions.
Handed out a folder with info and a gift (water bottles). Will have video boards.
Proposed Date: 7/10-13/2014 or 7/17-20/2014

Winston Salem/Wake Forest 2:05 pm - 2:19 then 6 min of questions.
Handed out gift (notebook).
Proposed Date: 7/17-20/2014

Marion, Indiana/Indiana Wesleyan University 2:34 pm - 2:40 then a few minutes for questions.
Proposed Date: 7/31-8/3/2014

Tulsa, OK 2:50 pm - 3:01 then 9 min of questions.
Proposed Date: 7/17-20/2014

Though ballots were handed out freely, the secretary called out each eligible voter and their ballot was retrieved immediately. A runoff was required between Tulsa & Winston-Salem. (No site received a majority). The runoff vote took place and was handled the same way. Outcome: The 2014 Outdoor Championships will be held at Winston-Salem.

12/2/2011 Meeting recessed at at 3:52 pm, to resume tomorrow at 10:30 am.

12/3/2011 Meeting resumed at 10:41 am.

Senior Games

Gary discussed the Senior Games agreement. This relationship is looking great. Lee Hess is the newly appointed liaison, and he will be sharing ideas between USATF Masters and the Senior Games. Steve asked that these issues be covered: Date conflicts, facility minimum requirements, age requirements and drug testing. Gary will also be looking into combining our National meet with theirs.

Drug Testing Review

This is going well, and we will be moving forward with the current process. There was a well attended seminar covering the process earlier yesterday. All were encouraged to get the TUE in advance if possible. Further, Gary solicited assistance from the scientific community to research how drugs affect older athletes. George Mathews suggested making counseling available for athletes. He also reminded the group that suspended athletes are subject to Out-of-Competition testing during their suspension. Steve Cohen also said they're looking into testing all future National/World Record setters.

Availability of Olympic training facilities

George mentioned a clinic in the northwest that will have some Olympians offering coaching and training tips. Joy Upshaw mentioned that many clinics for Masters are available around the nation, and almost all clinics want Masters to attend.

US Corporate Relays

Mark Cleary - The US Corporate Athletics Association (USCAA) has been putting on meets for many years, and Mark has been appointed to their Board as the liaison between them and USATF Masters so that, among other things, scheduling conflicts can be minimized. USCAA is adding a Team Club division to their National Championship Corporate Track & Field Championships. All clubs will need to be registered with USATF. Mark will be working with them to put on a meet in July of 2012. He encouraged all USATF Masters to promote this meet.

Report on Future Championship Meets

Kenneth Ferguson - Missouri Valley - 2013 Outdoor Championships in Kansas. 7/18-21/2013, Oletha, Kansas. They're preparing the track and field event venues to meet all needs. They're going to get a new ring installed for the throws. Sandy reminded Kevin that separate throwing areas are needed.

Estate Giving

Bob Weiner - - This will provide a fantastic method for people to assist the sport. A template is online for people to add the proper wording to their wills. This will launch rapidly.
Motion - To support the launch of this process and the online wording of the recommended template - 2nd, Accepted unanimously.
Steve recommended a separate group manage these funds.

Combined Event Report

Bill Murray gave this on behalf of Jeff Watry. 150 men/56 women did the multis in WMA/Sacramento. The Indoor Hep will happen in Kenosha again for 2012.


Mary Trotto - Awards Chair - recognized the other members of the committee. 28 new World Records / 68 American Records. 2011 Women Winners: Flo Meiler & Johnnye Valien. Men's Winner - Nolan Shaheed. Mary mentioned all the age-group award winners. Bob Weiner mentioned the following: David Pain Service Award - Mary Trotto.

Records Report

Sandy - Distributed the report and went over errors in the report (typos). The USATF Records Committee has approved this report. An online status is being developed for the USATF website to keep people informed of record applications and their respective status. Masters Records are updated more often than any other entity in USATF. US Masters keeps Relay Records in 10 year age groups, while World Records are kept in 5 year age groups, thus presenting the possibility that someone may have a world record but not a US record. Records broken throughout the year are considered pending until ratification at the Annual Meeting each year, at which time they will become ratified records (unless they have been rejected). Eugene Anton recommended that the pending records for new events be posted. Sandy will do this.
Line Item #156 - Performance is missing. Sandy said it was 9:02.
Motion to accept the Records Report as amended. 2nd. Unanimous approval.

Hall of Fame Report

Norm Green has resigned. The current HOF committee will work with the T&F and LDR committees, allowing them to select their own HOF members.

New Business

Eugene Anton asked the committee to consider these issues/recommendations:
1) Budget - each line item should have clearly defined descriptions, goals and objectives, along with the names of the people responsible for using that money.
2) Regarding the Bid Process for National Meets - We must not show any favoritism or bias regarding the fair handling of bids. Therefore, all individuals involved in the proper handling of bids must not have a vested interest in the outcome of the process. When an individual involved with the bidding process is ALSO involved with an actual bid, the individual must recuse themselves from the bidding process.
3) The voting process should be reviewed to prevent abuse. It appears that, currently, a bidder could bring multiple USATF athletes to the MTF meeting and become Active Athletes, eligible to vote. Such "stacking" could alter the outcome of the bid selection process.
4) All pending records should be posted. Growth in our sport is affected by recognition, so we should take advantage of every opportunity to increase recognition. This was discussed further, and Sandy agreed that pending records for new events would be posted soon.
5) Recommended that all records be removed for athletes suspended due to a doping violation.

Robert Thomas - solicited feedback regarding products to offer for sell at the 2012 Indoor Meet. (types of shirts, etc.)

Graeme - Rules package complete - Scorecard will come out. No changes to meets this year.

Ivan Black - recommended more diverse medals for championships.

Our next meeting will be a telephone conference call with the Masters TF Executive Committee within a few months.

12/3/2011 12:11 PM CST - Meeting adjourned.
Minutes by Jeff Brower

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