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Minutes - 12/01/2011
Masters Track and Field Executive Committee

Hyatt Hotel, St. Louis, MO.

Chair Gary Snyder
Vice Chair Robert Thomas
Secretary Jeff Brower

Others (Voters and non-voters):

Cleary, Mark
Cohen, Steve
Donnelly, Jerry
Donnelly, Christel
Edwards, Tim
Evans, Greg
Flanik, Jim
Gosa, Dwayne
Grossman, Carl
Harvey, Rex
Hecker, Andrew
Jones, Marc
Kern, Robert
McBeath, Chris
Keaveney, Brian
Mitcherll, Marilyn
Mount, Lester
Oleski, John
Pashkin, Sandy
Schliewitz, Rose
Schaller, Jeff
Smith, James
Trotto, Mary
Turner, Larry
Weiner, Bob

Absent - Treasurer Carroll DeWeese, Jerry Bookin-Weiner, Max Hamlyn

12:15 PM CST - Gary started the meeting. He had emailed an agenda prior to the meeting. Except where noted, Gary initiated the discussion on the following topics.

NCCWMA President Keaveny was welcomed.

Gary spoke about 2011. It was an interesting Year in Masters:
We worked quite a bit with the Senior Games. Gary thanked Jim Flanik and others that made this happen. Gary appointed Lee Hess as liaison between USATF Masters and the Senior Games. Lee will be working to implement all parts of this agreement. In addition, we may work together to have a larger event between the Olympic years.
The Anti-Doping effort will continue, and he encouraged everyone to attend the anti-doping session meeting later tonight.
Steve Cohen suggested we take steps to develop a video at our Outdoor National Championships.

Championship Bids

Some good bids have been received this year for the 2014 meets. We are looking forward to some good presentations.


Suspensions occurred in Berea. Gary feels strongly about the process and believes "We're doing the right thing." He wants executive board members, should they be talking to the press, to clarify when they speak that they are expressing their “personal” opinion.

Mary Trotto said athletes appear to be in favor of testing. Many said the records should be clean, and that this should have been done long ago. Steve - agreed with Mary. He has heard no complaints. Members of USATF agree to such testing. The New York Times wrote that nine masters athletes (mostly cyclists) have been suspended in 2011.

All doping information should be distributed as much as possible to educate others. Steve personally went online and checked a drug extremely easily to see if it was prohibited. We were charged over $700 for information distribution in March (Albuquerque). Steve will be looking into getting a credit for this. He believes there are people that will not go to meets for fear of testing. There are, of course, other meets where testing does not occur. Steve is also looking into how drugs (and to what degree) enhance performance for masters. Gary believes this research is very necessary. Perhaps grants are available, and Gary welcomed input from the group to make this happen.

Bob Weiner - Said Steve has done a great job. Bob believes we need to oversee USADA as it deals with masters. We need to clean up our sport but protect our athletes. USADA put out a questionable press release regarding some past suspensions. A master can apply for a post-meet TUE. Bob also believes USADA is charging more than they should. Regarding Out-of-Competition Testing – While the resources are sparse, athletes are subject to this, and that should be our posture.

Steve – Regarding USADA discussions with those that were caught: We have no knowledge of these discussions. In addition, there is a thorough appeal process for athletes.

Marilyn - said many don't have computers, and recommended mail outs to members to keep them informed about drug issues. We need an advocate for these people, and Gary asked Steve to work on this.

Steve said the first method of challenge is mediation (Steve provides certified mediators.) Val Barnwell went to arbitration.

Rex suggested that, perhaps, older people may gain more performance advantages from some drugs than younger people. They may get more benefit. In a matter related to drug-testing and enforcement, the IAAF Masters want all master organizations to be a part of their respective national organization in their country. Canada and Mexico have done this recently. Rex also encouraged Steve and the committee to keep things private, which they have done and will continue to do.

Steve is looking to fill a position on his committee. Rob Thomas asked about constructing a letter for medical schools to receive and consider the research needed. Bob Weiner said he would help craft a letter.

Estate Bequests

Bob said our funding could be revolutionized with these bequests. A template is online. He wants to get approval from the general body. It will be advertised in NMN.

Gary welcomed Willie Banks when he dropped by.

Championship Meet Announcer

There is a bid document, but no provision for an announcer. Should there be? Should we have a right-to-refuse? Sandy said requirements for this job are in the USATF rulebook. Rex said Masters knowledge is important. Steve - Why should a LOC be told who is going to be their announcer? Bob asked if we should authorize $1000 for an announcer. Rob reminded all that we need additional announcers for field events. Multiple announcers are harder to coordinate. Marc suggested webcasting, and also wanted to receive recommendations for coordinating multiple announcers. James said that while this does require coordination, it certainly can be done and is being done. Bob said we should put it in bid document (that we want an announcer for both T & F.) Rob - surcharge is now $25 - Deposit for bidders is $5000 (Performance bond)


Carroll was unable to attend. Gary passed out some copies of the 2011 YTD and the 2012 budget. The Games Committee is over budget (A full set of implements was purchased, for example.) Fortunately, they have a surplus from prior years. Mark Cleary discussed a process to help athletes attend invitational events. He tries to help athletes equitably. A few line items were incorrect and will be corrected (West Region, for example). We need to avoid favoritism in all decisions. Funds should be available to all. Like all budgets, some line items are over and some are short, so we have a little wriggle room. Expense reports need to be submitted by 12/16/2011.

Racewalk Proposal

Ray Funkhouser has agreed to be involved on the Games Committee under Jim's supervision to help with the RW events. Sandy believes the Games Committee already has people that can correct problems related to this event. Jim said a course had to be approved at the last minute in Berea, Ohio, because the initial person responsible for handling this backed out. Gary said Ray will help this year and then we'll re-evaluate to see if this position is needed in future years.

Ten minute break . . .

Physiotherapy for the World Championships

Rob – A massage therapist and chiropractor may attend the 2012 WMA meet in Finland at an approximate cost of $4400-$5200. This cost could be covered somewhat by athletes. Those that pay in advance could get a better rate AND get priority service. We believe Finland will have good MT's there. Brian reminded the group that space in the facility must be reserved. Marilyn suggested asking the general body to donate frequent flyer mileage if so inclined.

Relay Team Selection

Robert mentioned some problems with selecting athletes for relays. Sandy said the Team Manager has some discretion. Rex suggested a time-trial. Selecting these teams requires an individual that is VERY familiar with ALL the track events. (For example, someone that finished the 400 Intermediate Hurdles in 65 seconds performed better than someone that ran the open 400 in 64 seconds.) All agreed that these decisions can be difficult when comparing the results of different events. The online box (displayed during registration) requesting interest in relays will be removed.


A bid by the US to hold one of these meets must be presented and approved by the MTF general body during the Annual meeting.

Forever Fast Promotional Video

John Oleski - The video was released earlier this year (2/27/11) – The press release is done, and now it has over 7000 views on Youtube. More DVD's have been burned. Rex showed it at the IAAF Masters meeting. The implementation continues, with the "Training of Trainers" to be held in March of 2012. Bob suggested it be shown during the Athlete's meeting. USATF paid for the creation of this, and a USATF Foundation grant will help with the distribution and implementation. James asked to have it available at Youth events. John is aware of this and welcomes more suggestions. Tim suggested the Senior Games.

Championships Result Posting

The format for result posting (listing foreign athletes at the bottom of each event) that was approved last year is not happening. The software has trouble handling this. There are several easy fixes to make this happen.

USA Outdoor Championship Meet in Review

Mary Trotto distributed a list of Athlete Concerns to improve future events.

New Business

Andrew Hecker - Records – Brought up historical Records that have been set in major Open events. He reviewed one example (M35 100M). He also would like to see a method of communication to inform everyone regarding the status of record applications. Sandy said rules are in place regarding the application of a record. Some meets are acceptable (for records to be automatically processed).

Our next meeting will be the Masters TF General Meeting tomorrow morning.

3:11 PM CST - Meeting adjourned.
Minutes by Jeff Brower

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