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Minutes - 11/16/2011
Masters Track and Field Executive Committee

Phone Conference Call

Chair Gary Snyder
Vice Chair Robert Thomas
Treasurer Carroll DeWeese
Secretary Jeff Brower

Bob Weiner, Christel Donley, Jerry Donley, Jim Flanik, Jerry Bookin-Weiner, John Oleski, Lester Mount, Max Hamlyn, Rose Schlewitz, & Stephen Cohen

Absent - Rex Harvey, Mark Cleary, Mary Trotto

8:06 PM CST - Gary started the meeting. He had emailed an agenda prior to the meeting. Except where noted, Gary initiated the discussion on the following topics.

A. Annual Meeting Issues

Schedule - Meetings for Masters have been finalized and everyone should have a copy of this.
Anticipated discussions will cover Medal Standards, the Relay Team Selection Process (led by Robert Thomas), Masters Championship Bids (led by Mike Travers), Anti-Doping issues (led by Steve Cohen), Estate Bequests (led by Bob Weiner), Announcers for Championship meets and more.

We anticipate championships bids from:
Indoors (2014): Boston, MA, and Gainesville, FL

Outdoors (2014): Marion, IN (Indiana Wesleyan), Wake Forest, NC, Norfolk, VA, and Savannah, GA

All were grateful and excited about the numerous and diverse bids.

Anti-Doping at Indoors - Steve inquired about participation levels. Most believe the average level is around 850 athletes. Robert expects more for the 2012 Indoor meet.

Estate Bequests Model - the group believes this can be approved rapidly and put into place soon so that people have the ability to donate to USATF Masters even after they're through competing on earth.

Championship Meet Announcers - We have some great announcers at our meets, but the burden to announce all events for an entire day for many days is great. We typically don't announce the field event competition very well. (It's difficult to do so, of course, when you may be having 6 or more field events at different venues simultaneously.) In addition, a contingency plan should be in place to prepare for those times when crucial announcers may not be available. And of course, we shouldn't just throw an inexperienced announcer into one of these meets at the last minute. Therefore, we should create opportunities for announcers to train and gain experience.

Committee Reports - Jeff Brower said less than half the expected reports have been submitted.

B. 2012 Budget

Budget Requests - Carroll has sent out the most current YTD information. Expenses need to be submitted immediately. 2011 expenses may be denied if not submitted in 2011.

C. WMA Team Support for Finland

Robert Thomas said that Physiotherapy expenses at the World Indoor meet (2 rooms/3 people) may run about $4400 - $5200.
Budget for Team Party (Finland) - Gary is trying to estimate how many would attend. Some suggested 75. American athletes in a foreign country together would definitely enjoy time together with one another. We need to put a flyer on the USA Team bulletin board and take other steps to keep the athletes informed.

D. Forever Fast Jumpstart

John Oleski distributed an email to attendees prior to the meeting. Training for the Trainers is to begin soon. While some fantastic ideas and approaches are in the works, there are undoubtedly even more avenues to consider regarding the marketing of this video and our sport.

E. Timing Company Process (Flanik)

This is in the bid document. Steve mentioned a company that should be contacting Flanik regarding their services.

F. Posting results of Foreign Athletes in our Championship Meet Results (Mary Trotto)

Incorrect Format:
  1 Robbins, Stephen         M68 Cleveland Heights,     12.87     2.1   
  2 *Crombie, Peter          M66 Dee Why                13.17      12.81   2.1   6
  3 Pierce, Roger            M66 Essex, MA              13.55      13.19   2.1   4
  4 Hall, Samuel             M66 Kannapolis, NC         13.64      13.61   2.1   3

Peter Crombie, above, is a foreign athlete, and should be listed below all Americans, and place numbers should indicate the order of American finishers. Results for all foreigners in an event should be reported AFTER all results for USA athletes. A motion was passed in 2010 supporting this, so the ball is getting dropped somewhere.

G. Post Mortem Outdoor Meet (Mary Trotto)

New Business

A. Racewalk Proposal

Add RW Official to the Games Committee (RW representative to assume responsibility for Road RW at USA Outdoor Championships. )This person shall be designated by the RW Masters Committee. Will this person's expenses be covered by a surcharge increase? Gary spoke with Ray Funkhouser, who would like to be considered for this position. Gary will forward some info to Jim Flanik.

B. NCCWMA Bid Process

USATF has to approve championships in this country. Discussion ensued about having this meet in conjunction with the USATF National meet.

C. Drug Testing Alternative Program

George Mathews is suggesting some changes and provided a summary of those changes in a document that attendees received prior to the meeting. Bob said this would put USATF Meets out of compliance. Some very MAJOR rule changes would have to made to accommodate George's ideas, and there did not appear to be much support for the changes. Steve spoke about George's ideas, as well as other drug testing issues. Steve needs to replace one person on the committee, and is looking for an interested party.
Research regarding doping within the Masters community is slim to none. Steve said National Governing Bodies are doing out-of-comp testing for masters.

Our next meeting will be at the Annual Meeting in St. Louis.

9:00 CST - Meeting adjourned.
Minutes by Jeff Brower

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