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Minutes - 9/14/2011
Masters Track and Field Executive Committee

Phone Conference Call

Chair Gary Snyder
Vice Chair Robert Thomas
Secretary Jeff Brower

Bob Weiner, Christel Donley, Jerry Donley, Jim Flanik, Lester Mount, Mark Cleary, Mary Trotto, Max Hamlyn, Rose Schlewitz, & Stephen Cohen

Absent - Treasurer Carroll DeWeese, Jerry Bookin-Weiner, John Oleski, Rex Harvey

8:07 PM CST - Gary started the meeting. Except where noted, Gary inititiated the discussion on each of the following topics.

A. Annual Meeting Issues
Should have larger rooms, and Region Coordinators won't have to come a day earlier. May need to review operational bylaws a bit to align with our schedule. Region Coordinators meet Thurs AM, followed by the Executive meeting and then the Awards meeting later. Roll Call will be done earlier.

Medal Standards - Will be discussed at the Annual Meeting.

Relay Team Selection Process - Robert Thomas will make some suggestions.

Championship Bids - Mike Travers and Gary were considering talking to prior bidders.

Anti-Doping for 2012 Indoor Championships - Will happen. Expect 750 athletes minimum here, 3 days of competition, $15 surcharge. Some athletes tested were twice in Berea, Ohio. The committee agreed that such duplication should be avoided if possible. Gary has received no feedback regarding testing.

Estate Bequests Model - Bob & Carroll have worked with Bruce McBarnett to provide a method for bequests to JUST USATF Masters. When available, how shall we advertise it? Suggestions: NMN and during meet registration. There are approximately 8000 Masters members in USATF. This would be a non-taxable donation.

Announcer - Should MTF hire the announcer for our meets? There are many good announcers around, and field event performances need to be announced more often. It saves money to get someone who lives closer to the venue. Will be discussed at the Annual Meeting.

Annual Meeting Reimbursement - $4000 Annual Meeting Budget will cover travel for officers/copying/rental fees/etc.

Committee Reports - Will be handled like last year. Send to Jeff who will post them.

B. 2012 Budget
Carroll is making progress on this. Budget Requests must be sent to Carroll ASAP.

C. WMA Team Support
Physiotherapy - worked well in Sacramento.

Team Party (Finland) - Party in Sacramento was nice. Gary will plan one for about 50 people in Finland, 2012.

D. Forever Fast Jumpstart
Film has been distributed but more work is planned to push this. Gary is working with Mr. Wiggins to get more marketing support from USATF.

E. Timing Company Proposal
Pretty much a done deal. Gary is working with the Games Committee to hammer this out.

New Business
A. Racewalk proposal: Add RW Official to Games Committee (RW representative to assume responsibility for Road RW at USA Outdoor Championships. Person designated by RW Masters Committee. Is a surcharge needed to help with the associated costs?)

B. The award selection for WMA Athlete of the Year - Mary received conflicting information about this award. Apparently, it's presented annually and our country submits one candidate. The process needs to be solidified.

C. Athlete feedback from Nationals Outdoor - Mary voiced concerns from athletes about the storms in Berea (and whether the athletes were informed properly regarding safety concerns), and the state of the venue for throwers. Mary asked what we can do if organizers do not meet commitments, and Robert mentioned the $5000 deposit that bidders must provide. All or part of the deposit can be withheld.

We may have another conference call before December.

9:10 CST - Meeting adjourned.
Minutes by Jeff Brower

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