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Minutes - 7/28/2011
Masters Track and Field Executive Committee

Hotel Conference Room

Chair Gary Snyder
Vice Chair Robert Thomas
Treasurer Carroll DeWeese
Secretary Jeff Brower

Andy Martin, Bob Weiner (and wife Pat), Jerry Bookin-Weiner, Sandy Pashkin, Rex Harvey, Linn Kersak. Came later: Mark Cleary, Jerry & Christel Donley

Meet Referees: Murray Sanford - Track, Dick Moss - Combined Events, Chester Bradley
Baldwin College Representatives: Greg, Eric & TF Coach

Absent - Jim Flanik, John Oleski, Lester Mount, Mary Trotto, Max Hamlyn, Rose Schlewitz, & Stephen Cohen

All Hands Meeting
6:30 PM - Gary started the meeting. Except where noted, Gary inititiated the discussion on each of the following topics.

Issues related to the current Championships:
These notes will help with future planning.

  • Finish Line Water - Tent will be moved to accommodate this.
  • Results Posting - Runner will take 3 copies for: 1) Carroll, 2) posting for athletes; and 3) the Awards area.
  • Shuttle won't handle volume in morning. Recommend people get rides as possible.
  • Water for racewalkers? Will try to find interns to hand out.
  • Gatorade? Will not be available.
  • Bibs - Front and back. No hip numbers (supposed to be supplied by timing company.)
  • Lap Counting - not enough counters.
  • Wind gauges - Timing company supplied a track gauge, but we need two for the horizontal jumps. Rex will try to bring one. Greg will look for one.
  • Severe weather plan - Stadium has weather radar. Greg will make decision and announcement. Each judge at each event can make the call regarding weather concerns.
  • Rex: Registration closed at 4 PM. Many athletes came in later and were adversely affected.
  • Relays - Sunday at 10 AM is the deadline.
  • 10K RW - Concerns raised about how the timing of this would be handled.
  • Saturday - Punt Pass & Kick will be held at the High School, so the shot put parking may be affected.
  • Sunday - Cleveland Browns may open training camp to public which will affect parking.
  • Banquet tickets - can still get them for $30 each.
  • Drug Testing - Seemed to go smooth.
  • Results - Mark Cleary asked about having team scores available more often and online.

The referees and Baldwin representatives left the meeting.

Executive MTF Meeting
Gary handed out a thorough agenda.

Meet Results - Preliminary results are not reporting foreigners properly. Sandy said that Hytek must be run the "old way" to allow foreigners to advance properly. However, the final results will be posted correctly.

Attendance Comments:
Max entered the meet and his knees were hurt, so he is not coming to this meeting. Steve had a dinner conflict and John Oleski is recovering from achilles surgery.

WMA Sacramento Meet Review
Gary thanked Phil for his efforts. Physiotherapy was priced right and the staff was great to work with. Tents worked out OK. The Team Party brought many athletes together. Planning for a party in Finland will proceed (for the WMA Indoor meet in 2012).
Competition Notes - Jerry Donley - PV problems - Several athletes had to wait for 3 hours before vaulting with no warmup. (due to vaulters starting very low and taking a long time.)

Other Agenda Items

WMA General Assembly - WMA Council can pass some rules without the assembly.
Awards - Dinner - Don't know where or when at this time.
NSG Support Post Mortem - no action at this time.
2011 Indoor USATF Meet - 60 Meter Resolution - Done.
Timing Company Proposal - will cover at Annual Meeting.
Indoor Nationals for 2012 - Bloomington Dates - March 16-18, 2012. Robert said they might be bidding for 2014 outdoors. 2014 NCCWMA meet may be held in conjunction with this meet, and would include the Throws Pentathlon, Cross Country and an additional road race.
Annual Meeting Schedule - Region Coordinators Meeting will be moved to the next morning, and general meeting rooms will be larger.
Budgets - Caroll said people must get receipts turned in the next two weeks as he will be out for a month in September.
Forever Fast DVD's - Andy and Gary will discuss the continued roll-out later.

Annual Meeting Issues:
  • Medal Standards
  • Relay Team Selection Process
  • Bid Document changes regarding timing, bib #'s with age on them.
  • Anti-Doping for Indoor. Check on this.

Do relay participants have to be entered in the meet in an event? Yes according to Robert & Sandy

We will have some conference calls before the Annual Meeting.

8:10 CST - Meeting adjourned.
Minutes by Jeff Brower

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