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Minutes - 12/3/09 - 12/5/09 - Masters Track and Field (MTF) General Sessions

2009 USATF Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, Indiana

12/3/09 Masters Track and Field Committee (MTF) - General Session

Annual Reports submitted prior to this convention may be found here.

Gary Snyder, Chair, started the meeting at 11:37 (The USATF Opening Session ran late.)

Vice Chair Resignation Janet has turned in her resignation effective December 31st, 2009.

Roll Call was performed by Jeff Brower, Secretary.

Gary made these At-Large appointments: Sandy Pashkin, Barbara Kousky, Jim Flanik & Rex Harvey.

Election of Active Athletes (AA)

Folks that wanted to be Active Athletes (which allows them to vote) left the room to create a complete list and elect a representative.

The Active Athletes are: Becky Sisley , Bob Weiner , Christel Donley , David Friedman , Harry Brooks , Jeff Gersen , Jerry Bookin-Weiner , John Head , John Oleski , Lisa Rosborough , Maryilyn Mitchell , Mary Trotto , Sandy Maryott , Sharon Good , Steve Viegas , Tim Edwards , Willie Banks

These athletes elected their representative: Mary Trotto.

Mike McNees spoke to the group and vowed his support. Willie Banks spoke to the group and opened the floor to questions. He said the board cares quite a bit about Masters T&F.

Motion to approve the minutes of 2008, 2nd - Accepted.

2010 Budget

Carroll handed out a 2010 Proposed Budget, and noted a discrepancy between last year's budget and a document from USATF Management handed out earlier today. MTF has some income independent from the USATF budget (from meet surcharges). Carroll's proposal is firmly based on 2008's figures with very few differences. Carroll noted that, to assist Region Coordinators, the Region Coordinator's budget line item has been increased to help with the costs associated with obtaining a facility for meets. Bob Weiner said Carroll has done a spectacular job, and all applauded.

Motion – to accept this budget for 2010. 2nd - Accepted.

Secretary Report

Jeff Brower expressed his appreciation of Carroll & Gary and said he was still learning. Jeff reminded everyone that they can go to for a quick way to get to the USA Masters info on the USATF website. Bob Weiner expressed his appreciation for Jeff's work, and all applauded.

Gary encouraged people to attend their respective Region Meetings, and then offered many a chance to verbally report.

Championship Games

Jim Flanik – We had 2 successful championship meets. Landover was good, except for problems with their timing system. Oshkosh was great. Steve Cohen expressed appreciation to the Wisconsin Association for stepping up to take this on. Jim asked all to contact any Games Committee member if they know of facilities, and several were mentioned in the meeting.

Rex Harvey – The championship meet surcharge was approved by this committee. About $35,000 has been built as a result of this income, and only the MTF Games Committee can reallocate these funds to use for the benefit of Masters.

Jerry Bookin-Weiner said we have at least one implement for all divisions. Jeff Watry was thanked for his efforts to ship the proper hurdles to our championship meets.

Gary – Expressed his appreciation of the Games Committee at the National and World Meets.

Region Coordinator's Meeting Report

Mark Cleary – West Region Coordinator – All region coordinators met this past Tuesday, and Mark passed on these notes from that meeting:
- Sandy reviewed the Records process. Far fewer records have been declined in 2009.
- Regional clinics continue to grow, but this must be promoted further.
- It's still difficult to secure meet sites.
- Entry fees were compared.
- The benefits of Online Entry systems were highlighted.
- Growth ideas were shared, including having a regional throws championship.
- Some associations still do not have Masters Chairs

Christel Donley reminded people to attend the separate Region meetings held later at the convention. The One-Day USATF membership idea was brought up & Mike McNees said this was going to be tested on a smaller scale first.

Combined Events

Jeff Watry spoke about the 2009 Combined Event Championships.

2009 USA Masters Indoor Heptathlon Championships
March 7-8, 2009, Carthage College, Kenosha, Wisconsin

2009 USA Masters Combined Events Championships
August 15-16, 2009, Woolsey Stadium, King's High School - Shoreline, WA

The meets were well attended and run well.

2010 Combined Event Championships:
Indoors – January 31, 2010, Carthage College, Kenosho, Wisconsin (The facility has not charged for usage. Thank you very much!)
Outdoors - June 19-20, 2010 – Joplin, Missouri

Jeff Watry is always looking for facilities, especially those that have 2 pole vault pits. Carroll thanked Jeff for the job he has done and the way he has helped fund these meets.

Throwing Events

Jerry Bookin-Weiner – Discussed some WMA implement changes - W75 & up now throw the .75 discus, 2K shot, 2K hammer, and 4K weight, effective 5/1/2010. Other proposals were discussed, as well as the availability of implements. Rex mentioned that some officials are concerned about distinguishing one implement from another during competition. The effective date for changes at USA meets was in doubt.

Jerry discussed the 2009 Throws Championships, which had over 70 competitors. The 2010 Throws Championships will be in Illinois, August 7-8, 2010.

Robert Thomas – Regarding the WMA Indoor Championships to be held in Kamloops, Canada, he has organized a shuttle bus leaving Seattle Saturday and returning the NEXT Sunday.

The meeting recessed at 1:45 PM.

12/3/09 Afternoon Session, General Session 15:05

Rule Changes led by Graeme Shirley

This is a non-rule year. WMA rules take affect May 1st, 2010. We can choose to adopt WMA changes at the beginning of the year, on May 1st, or at the end of the year.

Tabled L&L from Last year:
3 - The allowable maximum diameter for the Women's shot to be reduced from 120mm to 110mm - Motion to accept, 2nd – Accepted.
4 – Withdrawn
8-9 – Weight Throw (to go into affect 1/1/2011) - Motion to accept, 2nd - Accepted.
11 – Masters Age change - Motion to reject (as it applies to TF & RW), 2nd - Accepted.
12 – Tech Info Center - No action taken, doesn't apply
80 – FAT to be used for all events up to and including 880 yards - Motion to accept, 2nd - Accepted.
2 – Clerical correction to add 200 IH to Long Hurdles - Motion to accept, 2nd - Accepted.
83 - Hurdle specs - No action
84 - Implements - WMA adopted rules published - No action
49 - Change to Horizontal Jumps & Throws - Need clarification
14 – RW – Considered difficult to enforce for Masters.

Grants offered by USATF

USATF Management earlier distributed information regarding available grant money. Gary wanted to brainstorm for this, and here are some possible uses for these funds:
Medical Support for WMA team
Drug Testing at Nationals
More funds for the Regions
Purchase more Implements and hurdles
Enhanced Media Assistance
Enhanced Marketing
Professional Fund Raiser
Creation of "dog & pony show" to those outside the sport.
Active state-of-the-art Website and ongoing maintenance
Money to ship pole vault poles
Outreach to Masters with disabilities
Enhanced Invitational program (stipend and/or support)

The USATF Board of Governors will be meeting – Bob said Masters are on their agenda. We are roughly 40% of the total membership, and efforts to retain Masters as members must not be overlooked.


Sandy Pashkin distributed her Records Report.
Motion to accept all the accepted records on the report. 2nd – Accepted.
Motion to reject the records listed on the report under the heading “Recommend Rejection”: 2nd – Accepted.
2009 National Senior Games (NSG) – many records were submitted to USATF and rejected because this was not a sanctioned meet. USATF Management decided to allow them to obtain a sanction “after the meet.” A substantial discussion ensued.
Motion to reject the performances at the NSG to be considered as records, 2nd – More discussion followed. Accepted.

Dave Gwynn – Gulf Association – Discussed some RW records.
Motion to accept the RW records as reported, 2nd – Accepted.

There was a request to have more information available publicly regarding record applications & requirements. In summary, all rules must be followed, so everyone (athletes and officials) should make themselves more familiar with the rules.

New Business

Physical Therapy (PT) for WMA Athletes We're going to figure out the best way to do this. Phil Greenwald, the Team Manager, will be working on the best solution. Athletes may be given the option of prepaying for PT at a discounted rate. Selection of the Therapist will be addressed as well.

Fees (Entrance, Spectators, Parking, etc.) at Championships In essence, we need to be aware of all fees when bids are made, and contractually cover these concerns.

Athlete of the Year (AOY) process In the past, we traded with Masters LDR regarding the Masters AOY. Henceforth, both Masters LDR and MTF will have their very own AOY.

The meeting recessed at 5:00 PM.

12/4/09 8:12 AM

Stan Druckery discussed the Oshkosh meet. They were concerned about how many hours the throws officials worked. Stan thanked Steve Cohen for his help in getting the meet to Oshkosh, and thanked the LOC and the college athletic department for their great support. Sandy mentioned some things that could be done to shorten the hours required. Adding a day to the competition solves some scheduling problems, but increases expenses (the cost of the facility, officials, support staff, etc.)

Media Report
Bob Weiner – discussed the 2009 Indoor Meet held at Landover, highlighting the great facility, the great officials, the flexibility of the LOC and many other things. Steps are being taken to prevent the timing issues from reoccurring in the future. Technical difficulties hampered Bob's report, so the remainder of his report will occur later.

Jeff Gersen – Discussed the status of the 2011 Outdoor Championships to be held in Cleveland, Ohio, July 28-31, 2011. All things are on schedule.

Presentations for Championships Site bids

2011 USATF Masters National Indoor T&F Championships – Site Selection Bids.

Albuquerque, New Mexico - presented by Dan Ballou and the New Mexico Association. The city, transportation, expected expenses and facility were discussed, followed by questions & answers.

Bloomington, Indiana – presented by Robert Thomas , Eric Marvin, Natosha Key, Danella Windisure, Keith Mitchell on the Indiana Association. The city, transportation, expected expenses and facility were discussed, followed by questions & answers.

Presenters left the room and the committee discussed the bids.

Roll call taken, ballots handed out for a secret ballot.

Results – 51 total votes – Albuquerque 26, Bloomington 25. Albuquerque will be the host of the 2011 Indoor National Masters T&F Championships.

Motion to offer the 2012 Indoor Championships to Bloomington. 2Nd – Accepted.

Motion to destroy the ballots, 2nd - Accepted

The presenters returned, and Robert Thomas said Bloomington accepted the offer to hold the 2012 Indoor Championships in Bloomington.

2010 Combined Event Championships
Jeff Watry spoke. Indoors: 1/30-31/2010 in Carthage, region championships also on the 31st.

Outdoor Combined Event Championships Meet
2010 Decathlon (Dual with UK) at Joplin, Missouri, 6/19-20
2011 meet at St. Marks in Dallas, TX, 1st weekend in June.

Rules - Update
Graeme Shirley – We now have the specs for the implement changes, so the new implement tables will be effective 5/1/2010.
Motion to proceed with acceptance of hurdle/implement changes effective 5/1/2010. 2nd – Accepted
Current records will be rescored as a result of these changes.

2012 USATF Masters National Outdoor T&F Championships – Site Selection Bids.

Lisle, Illinois - Benedictine University - Presented by the Illinois Association (Mary Waters, Mark Jones, Steve Cohen and others.) The city, transportation, expected expenses and facility were discussed, followed by questions & answers. Tentative dates are July 26-29, August 2-5 or August 9-12. The presenters left the room.

Motion to select Lisle, Illinois for the 2012 Outdoor Championships, 2nd – Accepted.

Motion to strongly request the dates of August 2-5th for this championship. 2nd - Accepted

The presenters returned, and the LOC said they would focus on the date requested, and consider utilizing the nighttime hours for some events.

The meeting recessed at 11:50 AM

12/5/09 10:00 AM

Gary started the meeting and asked how the Region meetings went. The Midwest said it was a very active meeting.

Media Report

Bob Weiner – Played some Youtube videos that showed the media coverage at the Championships in Oshkosh and Landover. Bob has done a great job.

Vice Chair Report

Janet Smith spoke about her resignation. She will be staying involved with MTF at the local level.

Gary announced that Robert Thomas will become the Vice Chair effective 1/1/2010.


John Oleski – discussed a MTF Promotional video to attract sponsors and more people to our great sport. USATF management has supported this effort, and a draft of the video was shown. (Excellent video). John expects the final product to last around 12-15 minutes. Filming will continue through 2010. John said he would welcome video from other events. The video is currently titled “Forever Fast”. To implement this nationwide will take many enthusiastic people. Potential audiences:

All sporting events & clinics (youth, open, senior, etc., not just USATF events), showing the video at a table for people to hear & see,
At fitness centers, YMCA, etc.
Potential clubs (not just athletic clubs)
Internet (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.)
Email to all USATF members, a mention in all USATF publications.

The video and real-world implementation needs to clearly tell people what they can do next (i.e., become a member, mention websites, etc.) USATF Development is covering the majority of the costs associated with this video.

Law & Legislation

Harry Brooks – Bylaws have been rewritten. Harry covered some changes. An ethics committee was created. An arbitration board exists for several reasons, but one is to handle association membership transfers that the associations have not been able to resolve themselves.

Rules - Update
Graeme Shirley – Rules – the rules package passed.

A 20 minute recess was taken.


Dexter McCloud – The focus: How we get the best out of everyone in the organization. The committee has been renamed the Committee on Diversity & Leadership Development. A policy on diversity has now been submitted for acceptance by USATF. Many positive milestones have been attained, including the creation of a periodic journal titled “Diversity in Athletics”.

Becky Sisley expressed her appreciation for Dexter informing us of this movement, and encouraged MTF to utilize the MTF budget line item for this need.

Masters Invitational Program

Mark Cleary – Upcoming events in 2010: Indoors at Albuquerque (1000 meters for women, 1500 for men), Outdoors in Des Moines (100)

Mary Trotto - Milrose Games – 4x400 relay will be offered for masters men & women (1/16/2010 is the entry deadline)

Records Update
Sandy said Becky Sisley broke the 80MH at the Outdoor Nationals.
Motion moved to approve this record, 2nd - Accepted

Gary Snyder reported on many various issues:

Senior Games - Christel Donley will be taking over this position.

Anti-Doping - Gary is looking for someone to fill this liaison role. Steve Cohen volunteered, so that's a done deal. Bob Weiner said he'd help as desired. Steve said he’d take any help.

Awards - Robert Thomas – Award winners for 2008 were announced at the Award Breakfast this morning. The process will change to announce the current year's award winners. November/December events are typically considered as part of the next calendar year.

Athlete of the Year (AOY) – We are looking into obtaining funds to honor both the Masters AOY for LDR and T&F at the National convention each year.

Records – A committee will be formed to review the process and make enhancements where possible. Gary will be looking for 3 people to work on this. Robert Thomas emphasized education so athletes know what they're supposed to do.

WMA Relay Selection Process – Phil Greenwald – For Kamloops, the first round of the 200 is the same day as the combined events, so some consideration for this was discussed.

Motion – Athletes who compete in the pentathlon AND have a conflict with the first round of the 200 may (in lieu of entering the opening round of the 200) submit a FAT time from the current season and it will be considered to allow them to qualify for the 4x200 relay pool. Such marks will be made available before the first round of the 200 is run. 2nd - Accepted

Relay Selection Process – Substantial discussion. The process is public. Changes to the process will be discussed further over the next year.

Website – new masters site to be launched very soon (within a week or two.)

National Masters News (NMN) Agreement – this costs us $5000, but we receive advertisements and coverage that far outweigh this. We are grateful for what NMN does us.

WMA Delegates – Recommend they have a term equal to and running the same as the committee officers, with alternates elected every year for just a 1 year term.
Motion to have the current delegates complete the current term. 2nd – Accepted.

WMA Indoor Championships have a 4x200, but our National meet does not. Sandy said the Games Committee suggests replacement of the the 4x800 with the 4x200. Boston 2010 will only have the 4x400 & 4x800 for sure, and may consider adding the 4x200.

Motion to add the 4x200 relay to the 2010 National Indoor Championships if Boston is able to accommodate it as a non-club event. 2nd – Accepted

Physical Therapy (PT) for use by USA athletes at WMA Meets – Robert is looking for a male to share a room in Kamloops.

1:40 PM Motion to adjourn. 2nd - Accepted
Minutes by Jeff Brower

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