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Minutes - 12/5/2009 - Masters Track and Field Executive Committee

2009 USATF Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, Indiana

Chair Gary Snyder
Vice Chair Janet Smith-McCarty
Interim Vice Chair Robert Thomas,Jr.
Treasurer Carroll DeWeese
Secretary Jeff Brower

Executive Committee present: Sandy Pashkin, Jim Flanik, Becky Sisley, John Oleski, Lester Mount, Max Hamlyn, Rose Schlewitz, Jerry Bookin-Weiner, Bob Weiner

Others Marilyn Mitchell, Jeff Schaller, Mary Trotto, James Smith, John Head, Stephen Peckiconis, Eric Braschwitz.

Gary started the meeting at 14:40, discussing the status of the following topics:


Gary said Clingan finally received full payment, but an ethics rule prevents a committee member from getting paid more than $2000 annually. (Clingan was paid about $4500.) Use of service or time is limited (termed an honorarium). Clingan may not continue in this website support role, and we are working on alternatives to help him get paid for his service and our commitment to him.

MTF Promotional Video

Making progress. We need a parallel activity to be ready to implement this when it's ready. Everyone should think of candidates to show the film to, and people to engage. USATF Management is interested in improving the retention of members, and this initiative is a great fit.

National Senior Games

Proposal - MTF will approach NSG and discuss USATF Masters taking over the T&F portion of NSG. This will facilitate the coordination of the schedule, and may help with records and other conflicts that have occured in the past.


Carroll revied the budget. Programs & Committee accounts have not changed. We should get our claim on the $20,000 from Andy. Andy wants some stats regarding Region meets and clinics. Carroll is working on alternatives to retains funds for MTF. We need to be proactive regarding the $50,000 Challenge Grant.

Gary Reviewed the status of several items:

Championship Timing Requirements - Changes will be put into future contracts.

Masters Strategic Plan - The USATF National Board will distribute their own plan first, and we'll review it and make our own to fit within.

Records Process Review - Several have expressed interest in this, so Gary will wrap this up in the near future.

Monthly Chair Report - Gary will continue to send out a monthly email with his report, and this is also posted on the USATF website. The blog will not be used.

WMA Relay Selection - Gary will stay on top of this issue.

Gary reminded all to renew their USATF membership for 2010.

Meet Admission Charges - Gary said this appears to be resolved, and future contracts will include this.

Athlete of the Year issue is somewhat solved. -
Physical Therapy for WMA - a solution is in process.

Region status - James Smith said we need to share best practices regarding what regions accomplish and go though. Positive things that happen at these meets could be recognized by this committee to encourage those that are working hard.

NMN Agreement

Some questions arose: What is the circulation of NMN? Are the MTF issues still fitting with this magazine? Location of the MTF Officers Listing in the magazine is inconsistent.

Future schedule of USATF Masters Throws championships

2010 Lisle, IL
2011 New London, Conn
2012 Potrland,Or
2013 Geneva, Ohio

Adjourned at 3:40 PM
Minutes by Jeff Brower

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