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Minutes - 12/2/2009 - Masters Track and Field Executive Committee

2009 USATF Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, Indiana

Chair Gary Snyder
Treasurer Carroll DeWeese
Secretary Jeff Brower

Executive Committee present: Sandy Pashkin, Jim Flanik, Becky Sisley, Mark Cleary, Christel Donley, Jerry Donley, Lester Mount, Max Hamlyn, Rose Schlewitz, Jerry Bookin-Weiner, Steve Cohen, Bob Weiner, Rex Harvey

Others – Marilyn Mitchell, Jeff Schaller. Mike McNees joined for part of the meeting, and Mary Trotto joined us after the break.

1:08 PM - Gary started the meeting and welcomed everyone.

Vice Chair Resignation

Janet Smith is resigning effective December 31st, 2009. Gary will be appointing an interim that will serve until an election at the next convention.

Gary recently went to Cuba with a softball league to play against veteran Cuban players and described his experience. The US Anthem was played by a 30-piece band during the initial line-up. The US team gave the shirts and more to their opponents. A fantastic experience that emphasized much more than victories or records.

Proposed Budget

We don't have a formal budget to approve because we're waiting on some direction from USATF management. Nevertheless, Carroll distributed a handout to review our typical budget items. Region items appear to be $500 more, but in reality a $500 facility line item was merged into the Region line item. Clinics – item has been slightly increased. Website increased. Media – Increased due to more coverage from the WMA Indoor Championship meet.

Fund types were discussed. Program funds are typically used first, and are not carried over to the next year. Committee & supplemental funds are not carried over to the next year. Surcharge – These funds are Independent of what the national office allocates to us, and can be used (last) for areas this committee supports. These funds can be carried over to the next year. Carroll suggested that Regions could use more.

Carroll said the accounting process and relationship with USATF Management has been super, and the vast majority of expenses have been paid promptly. He recommended that this tentative budget be accepted. The final report presented to the general assembly will be simplified.

Jerry – Which regions are paying officials? Several regions pay officials, but not all. Gary said the VP budget may change and the site Inspection budget is shared by about 3 people. Steve – How is the Games Committee budget used? Sandy said this was intended for the Games Committee to utilize to do whatever it takes to put on great championship meets. Gary suggested a few folks get together to clarify the utilization of this line item. Rules for reimbursement exist for all the budget items. Bob expressed his appreciation of Carroll for the job he has done, and all applauded his efforts. Approval of the budget was unanimous.

Masters Website

Gary spoke about Dave Clingan needing to back away from some website responsibilities. We've been waiting on National for the green light for a long time to launch a master-centered website, and Gary is planning on launching it on January 1st, 2010. Mike said a fulltime webmaster is being pursued at the National level. In response to a question from Bob Weiner whether USATF would support our placing our website information and follow-ups on the USATF website as an interim measure, McNeese stated “Yes, absolutely.” Mike supports allowing the MTF Committee to do what they see fit for their website needs. Jeff will put the link for the site on the USATF Masters page in a few days.

501C3 Status

A 3rd external party must file the 501C3, be the fund administrator and be the recipient of funds. Steve – Believes we need permission from USATF Management to set this up, allowing this committee to appoint the directors of this 3rd party. Jerry suggested this 3rd party be totally independent of USATF. Carroll – MTF currently has a trust that people have donated to. Gary asked Carroll to mention this item on the proposed budget to be presented to the general assembly.

Permanent WMA Delegates

It was suggested that these three people (Chair plus 2) have a 4 year term, just like officers. Six alternates may be needed, and their term should only be 1 year. The votes that each alternate receives will determine who is 1st, 2nd, etc. Rex will put together a motion to bring before the general assembly. Jerry requested that these delegates get more direction regarding their responsibilities. Max asked if these people received funds. The answer was no.

Timing Requirements for Championships

Gary reviewed a page provided by Jim Flanik that clarifies what must be provided

Championship Admission Charges

Quite a bit of discussion. Charges must be included in the bid, and we recommend no fee. We need to understand that the LOC is trying to break even (regarding expenses), and we are certainly not getting numerous bids for our championships.

30 minute recess

Rules regarding the age of Masters were discussed.

National Masters News (NMN) Agreement

A few changes to this agreement were discussed. Randy wants the announcer at meets to mention NMN often, and wants space for a booth at some meets. Bob said not everyone is aware of this agreement, and subsequently not taking advantage of it, but fully supports NMN because they have done many things for our organization. We are getting a great value for the money we give NMN if you calculate the advertising rates we would otherwise have to pay for.

Athlete of the Year (AOY)

Starting 2010, both Masters LDR and TF will nominate an AOY. Motion by Steve – Annually, we will recognize and award a USATF Masters T&F AOY. 2Nd, Accepted.

Sandy asked that Rita Hanscom be mentioned at this convention's Award Ceremony, and Gary will take care of this. Mary Trotto – voiced that it's embarrassing when the IAAF recognizes a USA athlete, but USATF does not.

Senior Games Sanction

The National Senior Games (NSG) has applied for a USATF sanction (after the meet, which is apparently done occasionally). MTF does not control sanctions. Sandy said only 9 of the 21 NSG Record applications are still being considered. Senior Games rules are a bit different, so record applications occasionally fail, but USATF certified officials were working the meet.

Most agreed that it's a bad idea to sanction a meet after the fact. Sets a bad precedent.

Physical Therapist (PT) for WMA participants

The entry/registration process could provide a field to pay for a PT in advance, and those that do not pay may pay a different rate at the meet if they decide later to use this service. The Team Manager could choose to fund part of the PT expenses to some extent.

Record Process Review

Gary plans to have a committee of around 3 people work on this process. The form should be reviewed, and some major meets should be considered equal to championships to allow records to flow easier.

Adjourned at 4:00 PM
Minutes by Jeff Brower

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