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Minutes - 11/3/2009 8:05 PM CST - Masters Track and Field Executive Committee

Phone Conference Call

Chair Gary Snyder
Treasurer Carroll DeWeese
Secretary Jeff Brower

Becky Sisley, Rex Harvey, Bob Weiner, Christel Donley, Jerry Donley, Lester Mount, Jim Flanik, Rose Schlewitz, Max Hamlyn, Stephen Cohen, Randy Sturgeon

Absent - Vice Chair Janet Smith, Mark Cleary, Jerry Bookin-Weiner, John Oleski

8:05 PM CST - Gary started the meeting. An agenda had been emailed to the group previously. He also reviewed procedures to keep background noise to a minimum, including muting your phone when you don't need to speak to keep the meeting quiet.

National Masters News Relationship

Randy Sturgeon with National Masters News (NMN) joined us and discussed the relationship with USATF Masters and his publication. He said the original agreement called for a $10,000 payment to NMN for advertisements and coverage, but this was reduced to $5000 many years ago. He discussed the recent Senior Games, and his requirement to cover relevant events like this for his business. He said that with more subscribers, USATF will naturally get more exposure through his publication, so he's doing everything he can to grow his business in various areas for his benefit and ours.

Becky asked why foreign competitors were excluded from the WMA Champs results in NMN. Randy said his publication is limited to 56 pages and it wouldn't possibly fit the full WMA results. Full results are available online.

Bob said Randy helped the USATF Masters Indoor championships immensely. Gary thanked Randy, and Randy left the conference call.

Rex asked about whether we ever paid them $10K. Perhaps NMN received $5K from LDR at one point.

Annual Meeting Planning

Audio Visual Request - Gary is trying to make sure we have what we need at our meetings. Internet/wifi access was mentioned. There won't be coffee.

National Senior Games Records

Records at the National Senior Games have not been approved yet. The have not applied for a sanction at this point. USATF is THE governing body, so there are requirements that must be met if organizations want their meets acknowledged thoroughly and properly by USATF.

Topics to be discussed at the Annual Meeting

Gary will be out of the country 11/14 - 11/22, so don't expect rapid responses during this period.

Membership Increase Initiative - This consists of 2 parts (part 1 is film)

Records Revisions
  • Automatic sanctioning for some meets
  • Revising the forms
  • Streamline the process
  • Status online

WMA Relay Procedures - A flowchart will clarify how decisions are made.

Strategic Plan Review - We're waiting for the National level to clarify their strategy. Carroll discussed how this is affecting the budget process. He also mentioned that the the film is not currently in the budget. Gary said Andy will be paying for the film.

Permanent WMA Delegates - Will discuss term length

Web Site - Clingan is busy. National office is trying to integrate it, but hasn't made much progress. Gary thinks we should launch it. National has not reimbursed Dave or Jeff for website expenses.

National Masters News Agreement

501C3 Status - Steve discussed a few things. Where is the corporation formed? This will allow our organization to take in income directly.

New Business

(These will be discussed further at the Annual Meeting.)

Championship Timing Requirements - Flanik has worked on some things to add to the contract that LOC's must follow.

Review of Sanction Requirements - Is it clear what organizations, meet directors and others must do so that their meets are properly handled by USATF?

Admission Charges for USA Championships - We want more bids for our championship meets, so we must work with the LOC and prospective bidders to help them (at least) break even financially.

MTF/MLDR Athlete of the Year Selection Process - Many do not admire the current process. Don (of LDR) & Gary will both have a candidate in the feature.

Media for WMA Championships - No coverage in 2009. Carroll will increase the budget to provide for more coverage.

Physiotherapy for WMA Teams - Discussed options for the USA to have a physio-therapist onsite at WMA meets.

Other Concerns

Becky mentioned Anselm LeBourne and the USAMA group - She wants to inform athletes in an upcoming Active Athletes memorandum about the convention and pertinent issues.

Steve said the State Chair wants to attend the regional meeting. All said this was fine.

Carroll reminded the group to send him budget requests.

Becky asked about USATF L&L changes. Gary said Harry will report on this.

Max mentioned an interesting development: USATF New York Office to open.

Adjourned at 9:12 PM CST
Minutes by Jeff Brower

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