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Minutes - 9/16/2009 8:05 PM CST - Masters Track and Field Executive Committee

Phone Conference Call

Chair Gary Snyder
Treasurer Carroll DeWeese
Secretary Jeff Brower

Becky Sisley, Bob Weiner, Christel Donley, Jerry Donley, Lester Mount, Jim Flanik, Rose Schlewitz, John Oleski & Stephen Cohen (joined late).

Absent - Max Hamlyn, Rex Harvey, Vice Chair Janet Smith, Mark Cleary, & Ray Feick

8:10 PM CST - Gary started the meeting. An agenda had been emailed to the group previously.

Going Green

Jeff asked the committee to consider reducing or eliminating the paper documents at the convention to save paper and money (we pay for copies.) Some suggestions included:

Put documents on the website and make attendees aware of their availability before the convention.
Provide one set of the documents in the convention copying area to allow people to pay for copies they want.
Gary said the agenda should be printed, as people make notes on it in addition to following the agenda.

Action Item: Jeff will work with Lester Mount to create a list of all the reports and what needs to be printed, and send it out to this committee for review.

Confidential - National Senior Games Records

Sandy has received many records performed at the recent 2009 National Senior Games, but this meet was not sanctioned. We are considering the acceptance of a late sanction. Gary has not heard from the leaders of the National Senior Games, who should be driving this issue. Andy Martin is looking further into this, and we will wait for his feedback.

Self Appointed Masters Spokespeople

An athletes-only meeting was held at the 2009 WMA Championships in Lahti, Finland, and apparently this group is working for masters causes. Gary has not been contacted. Becky, the Active Athlete representative, spoke about the meeting and some related issues. Gary will forward related issues to Becky where appropriate.

Chair Blog

Gary discussed his use of this blog, and he has decided to terminate it. He is going to revert to his previous method of creating a monthly email/report. We can expect the first one around the middle of October.

Annual Meeting Planning

The schedule is online, but may change. Gary Will get more info out to this committee.

Action Item: All reports (officer, regional & sub-committee) should be emailed to Jeff (in any format) by 10/15/09.

Action Item: Jeff will remind the group.

Action Item: Gary will remind this group about budget requests and deadlines, and will manage those same requests.

Old Business
Treasurerís Report

Carroll said we have spent over fifty thousand so far this year. People should contact Carroll if something is still outstanding. Requests for funds should always be submitted promptly.

Action Item: Carroll will send out a document detailing expenses and budget information.


Gary, Dave cling & Mike McNees are working on this issue. Katie, the national webmaster, was looking into the effort required to copy content into the National website, but we haven't heard from her yet. Jim Flanik said the officials website is being folded into the national website. (They've had their website for around 8 years.)

501C3 Filing

This issue was not discussed.

Permanent WMA Delegates

Gary doesn't support this, but perhaps we should have overlapping terms for different people (with a minimum of 2 years). The intention is to develop deeper relationships with our global community over time to enable the interests of the United States to be implemented. If we change our delegates often, these relationships can't form. Carroll recommended voting for delegates, but making the term a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 4 years.

Action Item: This issue will be discussed further in the future.

Membership Recruiting Film Update

George Araneo, the filmmaker, has footage from Oshkosh, and it is being reviewed. They still want more locations and more diversity in the film. They are planning on having a draft at the National Convention to preview.

Timing Requirement at USA Championships

Jim Flanik documented a change to parking issues & timing requirements for our major meets. Our contracts will be changed to make sure these issues are handled as desired by this committee. (This is in response to timing problems in Landover and parking issues in Oshkosh.)

WMA Reports

Phil has submitted a report to Gary, and Gary will send it out after further review.

Action Item: Gary will distribute the final Team Manager Report to this committee.

New Business
Strategic Plan Review

Gary is revewing changes at the National level regarding the organization's strategy. He has the most recent L&L report and does not see any major changes that would affect Masters.

Records Process Review

Action Item: Gary will work with Sandy to improve this process.

WMA Relay Selection Procedures

Gary is reviewing this to simplify them in order to communicate how this works to all athletes.

Team Manager discussion

We discussed the payment for team managers, what had been committed, what had been paid.


Becky brought up a report submitted by Rob Nesbit regarding Oshkosh.

Becky stated that the medals for National Championships should be in some way unique, and this was not the case this year. All agreed.

Action Item: Steps to be taken to insure the medals are unique.

Jim Flanik said the audio on this conference call was bad, and most agreed. Gary will make sure everyone gets directions regarding things they can do to minimize audio problems during a telephone conference call.

We will have another conf call in about three weeks.

Adjourned at 9:12 PM CST
Minutes by Jeff Brower

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