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Minutes - 7/10/2009 4:30 PM CST - Masters Track and Field Athletes Meeting

Indoor conference room just steps away from the track in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Chair Gary Snyder
Over 40 athletes, officials and administrators.

4:31 PM - Gary started the meeting.

He reminded everyone about the banquet on 7/11/09. At this time it is sold out.

Sore Points and comments regarding the Oshkosh meet so far:
Ribbons for 4-6. Gary can get you the First Place Champion’s patch if desired. Contact him.
Admission ($8) for non-athletes is be being charged to watch the meet. The Executive committee will discuss further and come up with a solution, including disclosing items such as this in advance of the meet.
They are charging $3 for parking. Free parking will be available, but they will continue to charge for parking right next to the stadium.
No schedule was in the packets handed out to athletes.
Shuttle bus service is not typically needed for hotels/dorms that are within half a mile of the competition area.

Jason Fast, the Meet Director, spoke. All were very thankful for the job he did, as well as that of Al Ackerman, the Athletic Director. It has been a great meet. Steve Cohen provided the contact to get the ball rolling regarding Masters having the meet in Oshkosh. Many expressed their thanks to all the coaches for their great support during the meet.

Mike McNees spoke, and wanted all masters to know they have a voice and liason at the national level in him.

The Games Committee of Len Krsak, Sandy Pashkin, Rex Harvey, Carroll DeWeese and Jim Flanik were thanked for their efforts. Many expressed their thanks for the great job done by the officials. The Executive Committee was introduced.

Bob Weiner handed out a report and emphasized the use of the media to get the word out about Masters. A Masters article was on the front page of USA Today! He thanked Ken Stone, and encouraged all to call their local papers to provide updates about this meet and its results. You can call Bob at 202-306-1200 to find out what number to call.

Gary spoke more about multiple items:
Relay forms must be submitted by 4 PM, and no declaration is required.
Harry Brooks is the new L&L Chair for Masters.
The “Forever Fast” video is being developed to recruit more Masters.
An independent website is in the works.
The John Hinton record was reviewed and is now pending.
The MTF Executive Committee is reviewing the entire process
The 2010 USATF Masters Indoor Championships will be in Boston.
The 2010 WMA Masters Indoor Championships will be in Kamloops, Canada.
The 2010 USATF Masters Outdoor Championships will be in Sacramento, tentatively scheduled for 7/23-25/2010.

Becky Sisley spoke about USATF structure changes that may affect the voice of Masters. Mike McNees reviewed this structure and indicated that the voice of Masters will remain strong.

WMA Outdoor Championships in Lahti, Finland
Rex Harvey spoke about this upcoming meet. He has more info if anyone needs it.
Bob Weiner asked how one could support Rex in his bid to become WMA President. Sandy Pashkin will be running the position of WMA Vice-President Stadia. There are approximately 120 voting delegates. Marilyn Mitchell is running for the WMA Women’s Representative. The ballot will be secret. Ken Stone and spoke about reporting the stances of those running for WMA positions on his website, He also said the Lahti Agenda and WMA rule changes were online.
A transportation voucher is available online to save a bit of money. Rex said buses numbered 12, 13 & 14 go to Lahti. The competition schedule is not finalized at this time.

An athlete spoke about about being promised a medal he won in Boston, 2008. John Oleski said he would take care of this need.

Adjourned at 5:35 PM CST
Minutes by Jeff Brower

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