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Minutes - 7/9/2009 - Masters Track and Field Executive Committee

City Center Hotel
Room 700/702
1 N Main St.
Oshkosh, WI

Chair Gary Snyder
Treasurer Carroll DeWeese
Secretary Jeff Brower

Sandy Pashkin, Rex Harvey, Jim Flanik, Becky Sisley, Bob Weiner, Dave Clingan, John Oleski, Christel Donley, Jerry Donley, Craig Chasse, Ken Stone & Mike McNees

6:15 PM CST - Gary started the meeting.

The agenda was available, and Gary did not have a Chair Report.


Ken Stone spoke about records. He wants to improve the process. He mentioned several examples, including Nolan Shaheed who never got a M55 record. He mentioned an online petition that indicated many want the current process to change. He requested the following:
  • A committee to handle the process, not a single individual
  • A documented appeal process
  • Improved communication regarding the status of a record
  • An increased budget to improve this process
  • A web page documenting pending records
Ken continued, saying athletes must do too much of the work. Gary said the Executive Committee would work on improving this process.

Regional Meets

Mid America - Minneapolis hosted the regional meet.

Rocky Mountain games in Ft. Collins was scheduled. A clinic was scheduled.

Northwest - Becky - 165 athletes attended, including some open athletes. No clinic was planned.

Gary spoke regarding a New England meet. No clinic was scheduled. He reviewed a report by Steve Cohen.

2009 Indoor Championships, Landover, Maryland

Craig said that the budget for this was around $80,000, and they lost about $1900. The facility cost about $7000 a day. He said he would work on a "lessons learned" document in order to help others learn from their meet (what was done right, what could have been better, etc.)

Action Item: Follow-up to obtain this document.

2012 Indoor Championships

It is possible that Albuquerque may bid for this, and include a clinic.

Mike Mcnees

Mike, the Chief Operating Officer under Doug Logan, spoke to the group. He is the masters liason with the national office. He said he wants to move forward with Masters issues, and to be informed about the history of the group, but not crippled by it. He can be emailed at mike.mcnees AT

Masters Website

Dave Clingan handed out a report discussing the development of a Masters website, including a detailed site map and estimated costs. Gary said that other websites stood on their own for Masters History, Masters Rankings, Racewalk Rankings and Media. Mike mentioned a few concerns. Mike & Dave will get together and discuss this issue further. Dave asked for content from all sub-committees & regional chairs to add to the developing site.

DVD Promoting Masters

John Oleski handed out a report covering a marketing film to promote masters. George Araneo is in charge of shooting this film. There is no target date yet. The final output on DVD is intended for potential athletes, who, in addition to the DVD, will receive information about upcoming Masters clinics in their area.

Treasurer's Report

Carroll distributed a report. Currently, website expense is still outstanding. He encouraged all to submit expenses promptly. Not all funds must be spent during the calendar year.

North American, Central & Caribbean World Masters Athletics (NCCWMA)

Sandy said there are no bids currently for 2010, and that the 2008 NCCWMA meet held in Clermont, Florida meet was a disaster. This makes the United States look bad.

Motion by Sandy: The USA is interested in hosting the NCCWMA T&F REgional Championships in 2010. Motion was 2nd and passed.

Adjourned at 8:00 PM CST
Minutes by Jeff Brower

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