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Minutes - 3/21/2009 6:30 PM EST - Masters Track and Field Athletes Meeting

Chair Gary Snyder
Over 40 athletes, officials and administrators.

6:40 PM - Gary started the meeting.

Athletes of the Year were announced and presented with a gift.

Gary recognized the LOC for the 2009 Indoor Championships and thanked them for their efforts, as well as the officials and the Games Committee. He mentioned that the 2010 Indoor Championships will be back in Boston, with the 2010 Outdoors being held in Sacramento.

Bob Weiner spoke, thanking the athletes, Andy Martin, NMN, Comcast, and the Washington Post. He then passed out forms for athletes to fill out and send to their local news stations and newspapers to help put Masters Athletics in the news.
Jerry Bookin-Weiner expressed his thanks to all the volunteers.

Gary spoke briefly about the 2009 Outdoor Championships to be held on 7/9-7/12 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Marilyn Mitchell mentioned that she has information about the WMA Championships in Finland.

Gary said he is forming a Records Review Committee to take a closer look at some records that were rejected at the USATF Convention in Reno in 2008.

Dexter McCloud asked why Masters records aren’t treated like those in the Open division. Several people spoke, clarifying the difficulty involved with the burden being on the athlete to initiate and keep the record-process flowing. How does one know a meet is able to handle a record properly, i.e., are they “record-ready?”

Lisa Daley asked specifically about a 2007 Relay Record, and Gary asked her to see him after the meeting.

Becky Sisley mentioned the Meet Manual that’s available online to help prepare officials and meet directors for the demands of a Masters meet, including record requirements.

A request was made to increase the recognition of the racewalkers during national meets.

Jerry Donley encouraged official certification for all. It usually takes a little money and only 1 day to become certified.

Joy Upshaw-Margerum said the Sacramento area was excited about the future major meets in their area, and we’re working to learn lessons from Italy.

An athlete encouraged all to work to find more sponsors.

Officials are considering having an age-graded event in future meets.

Adjourned at 9:12 PM CST
Minutes by Jeff Brower

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