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Minutes - 3/11/2009 8:00 PM CST - Masters Track and Field Executive Committee


Phone Conference Call

Chair Gary Snyder
Treasurer Carroll DeWeese
Secretary Jeff Brower

Becky Sisley, Bob Weiner, Christel Donley, Jerry Donley, Jim Flanik, John Oleski, Lester Mount, Max Hamlyn, Rex Harvey & Stephen Cohen

Missing - Vice Chair Janet Smith, Mark Cleary, Rose Schlewitz & Ray Feick

8:10 PM CST - Gary started the meeting.

Chair Report

Andy Martin will use $11-12K of Grassroots funds to use for some 2008 expenses (Region meet expenses, etc.) Gary is working with Sandy on a reimbursement issue, as well as some expenses that Bob Fine had.

BLOG – Gary continues to update it.

USATF Masters National Indoor Meet Update
Bob reported that we've reached an All-time record of 965 entries for USATF Masters Indoor Championships. There are about 10 Olympians entered so far. Concerns: Bob said the Games Committee (GC) did not include representation from the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) in creating the schedule, and also overlooked some concerns related to the throwing cage. The GC should include LOC individuals in order to accommodate concerns the LOC may be aware of.
Bob said the LOC received no help with sponsors from USATF.
Officials need to keep the meet moving to keep it on schedule, because it is a tight schedule.
An information sheet will be in front of the package that athletes receive, and arena signs will provide direction too. The Athlete’s meeting may be postponed if the meet is running late.
During the packet pick-up, officials should verbally remind the athletes to declare.

Old Business

2008 Annual Minutes – will be approved at a later date. Jeff will send out an email providing the website location of the minutes. (They've been posted since early January.)

Treasurer's Report
Carroll mentioned some expenses. Steve said some officials haven’t received new ID’s, but this process takes time, and progress is being made.
Historical Committee – No funds were budgeted. Gary suggested $1500 be allocated for this.

Motion - to allocate $1500 in the 2009 MTF Budget for the Historical Committee. Seconded, accepted.

National Masters News Agreement - Gary said one was in place, and discussed it a bit.

Masters Website Agreement - This agreement with Dave Clingan is done. The new website is about 40% finished. It will be separate from USATF.

Region Clinics
Stephen – will have clinics before the Midwest Region Meet, scheduled for 7/19/09. Two coaches and others will be putting this on.
Janet will work more on this issue. Gary is working to get National involved in covering some or all of these expenses.

501-C3 status
Gary has this paperwork and will continue to work on it.

Permanent WMA Delegates
Discussed making the term length longer and other concerns. There may be a benefit to having the same person represent us.

New Business

AAS – Jeff Brower
Site Selection – Michael Travers

Outstanding Appointments – L&L and Seniors
Jerry Bookin-Weiner will take Ray Feick’s place

Steve – Illinois is interested in holding masters XC – Who should they contact?
Jeff Watry is checking for a facility that might hold the 2011 Indoor Championships.

WMA Report
Rex Harvey – Need to finish a nomination form with Gary.
Rex is running for WMA President, and said that an Italy representative will be running, as well as Stan Perkins from Australia.
2010 WMA Indoor Championships - Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada - they are continuing to prepare for this meet to be held on March 1st-6th, 2010.
2009 WMA Outdoor Championships - Lahti now has a fulltime technical director working for them.

Adjourned at 9:12 PM CST
Minutes by Jeff Brower

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