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Masters Track & Field
Chair Report - August, 2010 - Gary Snyder

"Building the base, growing the future."

Sacramento July 22-25, 2010

Despite all the pre-meet concerns about high temperatures, too many competitors, pay for parking, etc., the expertise of our MTF Games Committee created a schedule and provided meet oversight which resulted in an outstanding USA Outdoor Championship Meet. Thank you Jim Flanik et al.

Iím sure by now you have followed the results and donít need me to add my two cents. But my take away after spending nearly five days in the sun is where is the SHADE?

Below is my NMN article:

Sacramento - A look ahead to 2011 World Masters Athletics Championships

Hi Everybody,

The USA Championships, by most measures, was a tremendous success on every aspect. Location, facilities, schedule, officials, results, and timing: need I continue? Even the weather cooperated; it didnít rain or reach 100 degrees. My thanks to everyone who contributed for the athleteís enjoyment. The meet was also a dress rehearsal for the WMA Championships next summer. I hope the LOC has gained experience, at our expense, to make some changes for next year.

Shade, shade, shade. Perhaps the local folks are accustomed to the weather in Sacramento but the majority of athletes and spectators are not accustomed or conditioned to spend significant periods of time in the relentless sun of Sacramento. I will recommend that the amount of shade offered by tents in the warm up area, competition track and field areas and stands be, at a minimum, doubled from those provided for the USA Championships. In addition mister stations should be installed in all areas.

The 2011 Sacramento meet is a WMA meet, so USATF Masters T&F has little leverage to effect improvements but we will certainly make our concerns known. In addition we plan, at our expense, to provide a very large tent with cooling misters near the warm up area for the USA Team.

USATF Masters T&F Committee is also considering an agreement with a hotel to offer a ĎUSA Team Meet Hotelí which would allow us the have a team party and additional social opportunities.

We will also pursue a team physiotherapist as we did for the WMA Indoor in Kamloops.

If thereís anything else to consider let me know.

United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA)
Education Sessions Sacramento July 22-25, 2010

The USADA education sessions in Sacramento were sparsely attended but those in attendance benefited from an excellent presentation by the USADA representative. Weíll repeat sessions during the USATF Annual meeting and the indoor championships. Testing is still on the rack for the 2011 Outdoor Championships. This is serious stuff so donít get caught saying ĎI didnít know!í

See you on the indoor track!

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