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Masters Track & Field
Chair Report - November 2009 - Gary Snyder

"Building the base, growing the future."

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting is fast approaching and nearly all the planning is complete. I'm looking forward to a very productive meeting. Below are MY thoughts and positions on a number of issues we'll be discussing.

Membership Increase Initiative
Two part initiative:
Part 1.

A membership film created by Life Skills Productions, George Araneo Producer under the direction of the Media Chair John Oleski to be completed in early 2009. Filming started in Oshkosh during the USA Outdoor Championships. A draft with filming to date is underway. Additional filming at the USA Indoor Championships is necessary. A 1-2 minute clip will be available for viewing during the annual meeting.

Part 2.

With the assistance of the Region Coordinators and the Association Chairs develop a list of organizations, web sites, clubs, mass email campaign etc where the film can be shown live, posted or linked to. Recruit volunteer individuals who will play the film as part of a presentation to the various groups previously identified. This will be coordinated by Oleski and is a 2010 action.

Records Revisions

I have identified the following areas as candidates for change:
1. Form is awkward and complicated as told to me by both competitors and officials.
2. Records set at certain meets such as Millrose Games; Penn Relays etc should be accepted via a different process.
3. An online status for individual applications should be developed.
4. An MTF appeal process put in place.

WMA Relay Procedures

Athletes at the WMA in Lahti were dissatisfied with the current process. Phil and I are modifying it and it will be discussed by the full MTF committee. I am developing a flow/decision chart to augment the written document. The chart is under review by the team manager Phil Greenwald.

Permanent WMA Delegates

I propose the delegates have a term coterminous with the committee officers i.e. 4 years.

Web Site

As of 11/04/2009 Mike McNeese the USATF COO emailed me that they are working to integrate our site into theirs.

National Masters News Agreement

Essentially a review of the 2009 Agreement and voting on a 2010 version.

Championship Timing Requirements

Requirements were developed by Jim Flanik after a breakdown with the timing company during the 2009 Indoor Championships. They will be incorporated into bid document and resulting contract.

Admission Charges for USA Championships

As a result of being surprised by an $8 per day admission charge in Oshkosh we decided to limit the charge. The spectator admission charge for a USA Championship should be limited to $3 per day or $5 for the entire meet. They will be incorporated into bid document and resulting contract.

MTF/MLDR Athlete of the Year Selection Process (Awarded at Jessie Owens Banquet)

The current process which began under Bill Roe is to alternate the award between T&F and LDR which has the inherent possibility of awarding it the lesser performer. Don Lein and I propose awarding an LDR and T&F recipient in 2010 and a forming a joint award committee to select one recipient for 2011. The make up of the committee is undecided and will be discussed during the joint session at the annual meeting.

Physiotherapy for WMA Teams

USA athletes request a full time therapist for WMA Championships. One proposal is to charge each entrant a fee to cover cost. Another proposal would be to add a check off box to the entry form and limit access to therapy for the ‘subscribers'. Non subscribers including foreign athletes would be charged higher fee.

National Senior Games

In the continuing issue the National Office has received a request for a sanction. I'll the situation with National Office in the near future to plan the next steps.

On a personal note I feel very fortunate to be traveling to Havana Cuba on November 14 for a week of competition against Cuban Veterans softball teams. No T&F meets as yet but I'll see if there's any Masters activity.

See you at the Annual Meeting! Gary

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