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Masters Track & Field
Chair Report - October 2009 - Gary Snyder

"Building the base, growing the future."

As many of you know I have used email in the past to keep masters updated on ‘what’s happening’ and tried to convert to a blog. The blog failed! First it did not fit well into my style also people told me they missed receiving information sent to them rather then going to get it.

Annual Meeting

The draft schedule for MTF at the convention is out. The agenda is also a draft so if you have items please send them to me.

2010 Budget

Carroll DeWeese our esteemed bean counter is working feverously (I hope) on the 2010 budget if you have not sent him your request please do so.

National Senior Games

Approximately 20 American and/or World record applications have been received by the MTF Records Chair to date. The applications are on hold while Officials from the NSG, I and the USATF National Staff workout issues regarding a sanction.

Masters Track & Field Website

Several of us are working with the USATF National Office to resolve what I would classify as integration issues but I’m confident we will launch soon.

This Month’s National Masters News Article:
Changing the Conversation

In every issue of National Masters News there is a listing of the Masters Track & Field Committee which is also found on the USATF website. Take a few minutes to take a look at the committee make up and the names of the members because these are the people who will attend the upcoming USATF Annual Meeting on December 2-6. I’m sure you will recognize a few names and may be surprised to discover who we are. Why is this important you may ask?

The fact of the matter is that nearly all decisions that affect Masters T&F are made by the committee during the meeting.

The meeting agenda contains the usual items such as minutes, budgets and reports but the most interesting portion is New Business because that’s where change is introduced and discussed. A number of masters competitors are quite outspoken and are quite ready to be post their ideas and criticisms on public blogs, well here is an opportunity to be ‘heard’ where it counts. Perhaps even ‘anonymous’ will contribute. I know some of you think a few of us sit in a room and dream up changes but that’s far from the reality. All issues including competition rules, records, schedules, budgets etc, are brought to the meeting floor and voted upon by the meeting delegates. So instead of being classified as a ‘whiner’ be part of the solution and send me email with your comments and suggestions regarding:

Records Process
World Masters Athletics Relay Selection
Senior Games
Paid Admission at USA Championships
Ribbons for 3-6 Place
Medal Standards
Meet Timing Requirements

The above are just a few of the issues to be discussed and I’m sure you have others. See you at the Annual Meeting! Gary

(To contact the Chair via email, click here.)

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