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Success On and Off the Track

August 2003
George Mathews

Puerto Rico

I think we were all pleasantly surprised at the great job Puerto Rico did with the WMA World Championships. Many wonderful memories for all. Great performances!

How about those police escorts. That will be the last time Ill be able to go through red lights in the vertical position in my lifetime.

The USA continued to uphold our parents claim as "The World's #1 Track & Field Team". We went from one of the worst looking (thanks to athletes wearing the '96 Olympic uniforms) to the BEST looking, both on and off the track.

NCCWMA Regional Meeting

Thanks to those athletes, delegates and alternate delegates who participated in the planning meetings held to develop consensus. It allowed us to effectively influence our position at both the Regional and General Assembly. Although Florida had tendered a premature bid for 2006, we were able to influence the tabling of the decision until the 2004 Regional Championships in Dorado, Puerto Rico.

Florida was able to make a fine presentation, but that in no way binds the U.S. to keep Florida as our bidder for the 2006 Championships. We will now go into our process of calling for interested venues to express their interest to the USATF Masters Committee (for the moment to me), by Sept. 30. The Masters Executive Committee will evaluate the potential bidders and present them to The Masters Committee at our Annual Meeting in December, Greensboro, N.C., for a choice to be made. We will then present our choice to the USATF Board of Directors whose approval is required.

In the future, after Dorado, awards of these Regional Championships will be made at the World Outdoor Championships. The 2008 site will be selected in San Sebastian, Spain, in 2005.

The General Assembly - The Good, Bad and The Ugly!

I will not try to deal with everything that happened in this article.

THE GOOD. We were able to influence the Assembly to follow its constitution and only seat those delegates who had declared 30 days prior to the Assembly. Together with allies, we were able to insist on the following of Robert's Rules of Order and Parliamentary Procedure. Not a bad idea, some say, for our own Annual Meeting in December in Greensboro.   Anybody know a great parliamentarian who will attend the Annual Meeting?

Because of the mix of delegates seated, others will tell you the rest of the story. We probably had the most influence on this group that any of us will see again in our lifetime. How about our adding the weight throw to both indoor and outdoor championships starting in 2005, exhibition in 2004 indoors? Thank you, Australia and others who supported this motion.

THE BAD. The Assembly didn't follow the constitution at the start of the meeting and awarded the first world indoor championships in 2004 to Sindelfingen, Germany, despite the USAs No votes.

That being said, it's time for us to support Sindelfingen. It will be a great meet, but not as great as if held in New York or any number of our fine six-lane indoor tracks.

THE UGLY. "Honestly". Torsten Carlius said the real reason New York wasn't awarded the 2004 championships was that WMA Championships will not go to any country that isn't open to ALL athletes. Our terrorist countries list, greater difficulty getting visas, and customs detaining Mr. Carlius on his site visit to New York for 20 minutes and making him take off his shoes didn't help.  2009 is a long way off. The world changes rapidly.

Bylaws and Regulation Amendments

This is a bylaw and regulation year at the Annual Meeting. Deadline for submissions is Sept. 8. See details on, or contact me.

You think you have seen it all?

USATF has partnered with DartFish to bring our athletes the very best in performance technology.

During our 2003 USA Masters T&F Championships in Eugene, Ore., USATF and DartFish will be offering our masters athletes an opportunity to take advantage of a High Performance Center similar to the one utilized by our Olympic Team athletes at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney and the 2003 USA Outdoor T&F Championships at Stanford. 

DartFish software is an innovative package that provides track & field athletes and coaches a valuable and affordable tool for performance analysis.

We will be shooting video of most events, and offering athletes an opportunity to review and analyze their performances on a computer using DartFish - the newest in visualization software created for sports training.

Additionally, all athletes will be able to order CD/DVD's of each event.  Outside of being a commemorative item, these videos will allow each athlete an opportunity to further evaluate and analyze his/her performance. 

We will also be offering free DartTrack clinics for those interested in learning how to easily and efficiently review video, compare performances, measure key aspects of motion and share information.

The USATF Masters High Performance Center demonstration area will be located near Registration, Aug. 6-10, at Hayward Field. Look for further information within your registration packet.  

If you would like to pre-order a DartTrack software package, and have the DartTrack staff install and educate you on its application while in Eugene, or order a CD/DVD of your events, go to

Bring your video cameras and computers for personal assistance from Kristin Dilworth, former member of the U.S. Olympic Committee, Coaching & Sport Sciences, and Performance Technology Dept., on maximizing its application within performance analysis.


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