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Michelsohn, Daprano set world records at USA Masters Outdoor Championships


LISLE, Ill. -- Marie-Louise Michelsohn (W70) and Jeanne Daprano (W75) stole headlines Friday with age group world record performances in the 2,000-meter steeplechase and 400m, respectively, as the USA Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships continued with day two on the campus of Benedictine University in Lisle, Ill.

Taking place at the Lisle-Benedictine University Sports Complex, the USA Masters Outdoor Championships features over 1,100 athletes ages 30-95+. More information, complete results and a schedule for the remaining two days of competition can be found here Competition continues Saturday and will conclude Sunday. 

Michelsohn shattered the existing world mark in the women’s steeplechase by nearly 29 seconds en route to her winning time of 10:20.43. Daprano leaned at the finish to cut two-tenths of a second off her own world record in the 400m with her winning time of 1:22.39. The pair of performances brings the total to three world age group records set at the Masters Outdoor Championships. On Thursday Sherwood Sagedahl (M73) established an all-time world best in the pentathlon with a score of 3,806 points.

Additionally, the meet witnessed five different individual American records fall, which included Chris Schmid (M65), who set both the 3,000m (15:08.66) and 5,000m (25:31.23) records en route to winning the 5,000m race walk, David Swarts (M47), who set the 3,000m race walk record (13:53.92), Robert Lida (M75), who set the 400m record in 1:05.08, and James Barrineau Jr. (M57), who now owns the American best in the high jump at 1.80m/5-10.75.

The meet concluded with the running of the 400m hurdles shuttle relay and three groups bettered the listed age group American records, which included Linda Arnold, Karen Maxwell, Liz Palmer, Kathleen Shook, (W50-59), with a time of 59.20; Reggie Garner, Chris McConnell, Keith McQuitter, Lloyd Jeremiah, (M50-59), in a time of 1:04.29 and Ozzie Binion, Sergio Angulo, James Broun, Jim Dolezal, (M60-69) in a time of 1:11.48.

After taking up the steeplechase at the age of 59, this is the third age group world record in the event for Michelsohn to go along her records in the W60 and W65 age groups. Michelsohn also owns world outdoor records in the mile (W65), 5,000m (W65) and the 10,000m (W70).

“There was no question I was going after this record,” Michelsohn said after her race. “This is what I came here to do.”

As was the case during the meet’s opening day, runners faced temperatures well over 90 degrees, which led to slower times in the distance events. Despite the world record, Michelsohn was confident she could have run even faster under different conditions.

“It was very hot,” she said. “I think if the weather wasn’t so bad I could have run well under ten minutes; probably around 9:30 or 9:45. But that’s outdoor track. I did my best and I hope not to stop any time soon. I have learned to train carefully because I don’t want to be hurt. I can feel my body and I know when to step back. As I get older I don’t want to do too much.”

For Daprano, her world best mark comes on the heels of a recent assault on the world record books. During the indoor season Daprano set age group world records in the 400m, 800m and mile.

“My body has been happy and my training has been healthy,” Daprano said. “So the world records have just been icing on the cake. I feel exuberant. I am fueled by my faith and it is the top fuel that I have.”

Daprano now turns her attention to pursuing the world record in the 1,500m, which will be run Sunday morning. 

See below for a summary of the Masters Outdoor Championships record setters and winners from Friday.

World and American records set at Masters Outdoor Championships
WR – Sherwood Sagedahl (M73) – pentathlon – 3,806 points
WR – Marie-Louise Michelsohn (W70) – 2,000m steeplechase – 10:20.43
WR – Jeanne Daprano (W75) – 400m – 1:22.39
AR – Chris Schmid (M65) – 5,000m race walk – 25:31.23
AR – Chris Schmid (M65) – 3,000m race walk – 15:08.66
AR – David Swarts (47) – 3,000m race walk – 13:53.92
AR – Robert Lida (M75) – 400m – 1:05.08
AR – James Barrineau Jr. (M57) – high jump – 1.80m/5-10.75
AR – Linda Arnold, Karen Maxwell, Liz Palmer, Kathleen Shook, (W50-59) – 59.20
AR – Reggie Garner, Chris McConnell, Keith McQuitter, Lloyd Jeremiah, (M50-59), 1:04.29
AR – Ozzie Binion, Sergio Angulo, James Broun, Jim Dolezal, (M60-69), 1:11.48

5,000m race walk
–Ali Bahr (W39), 29:22.46; Lou Kaelin (W51), 39:18.90; Debbie Topham (W59), 29:59.11; Marianne Martino (W62), 30:30.40; Panseluta Geer (W65), 32:13.25

2,000m steeplechase - Debra Cane (W36), 8:57.73; Lisa Ryan (W42), 7:36.02; Paul Hulcy (W49), 12:27.36; Cheryl Bellaire (W53), 8:36.14; Lydia Woods (W59), 15:17.48; Ashley Childs (W62), 10:26.75; Mary Trotto (W65), 13:29.83; Marie-Louise Michelsohn (W70), 10:20.43

400m – Latricia Dendy (W39), 58.19; Monica Brant (W41), 59.98; Renee Henderson (W48), 1:00.33; Debra Hoffman (W52), 1:06.55; Leandra Funk (W56), 1:13.96; Coreen Steinbach (W61), 1:14.28; Susan Aderhold (W65), 1:23.73); Kemisole Solwazi (W72), 1:30.00; Jeanne Daprano (W75), 1:22.39 (WR); Lois Gilmore (W81), 1:58.24

80m hurdles – Jill Cypress (W40), 13.42; Menka Scott (W45), 12.73; Liz Palmer (W52), 13.45; Linda Lowery (W60), 17.16; Ann Carter (W70), 20.28; George Roudebush (M87), 40.59

100m hurdles – Dragana Ciganovic (W34), 15.71; Anne Sluder (W39), 15.75

Shuttle hurdle relay – Ellen Andel, Christine Roemer, Menka Scott, Susan Weimer, (W40-49) 58.85; Linda Arnold, Karen Maxwell, Liz Palmer, Kathleen Shook, (W50-59) 59.20 (AR)

5,000m race walk
– Matthew De Witt (M32), 24:59.48; Omar Nash (M38), 24:08.28; David Swarts (M47), 23:53.11; Jim Scott (M54), 28:12.31; Mark Green (M56), 26:18.14; Andrew Smith (M62), 26:45.28; Chris Schmid (M65), 25:31.23 (AR); Gary Steck (M74), 33:44.15; Jack Bray (M79), 33:21.14; Max Green (M80), 35:39.03

2,000m steeplechase – Nino Monaco (M61), 9:04.02; Ross Bolding (M66), 8:11.64; Ev Murdock (M71), 10:20.59; Ken Ogden (M76), 12:36.15; Robert Culling (M80), 12:07.19; Charles Ross (M89), 18:15.67

3,000m steeplechase – Matthew De Witt (M32), 12:15.76; Clint Santoro (M37), 12:02.07; Liam Collins (M41), 10:05.61; James Wollridge (M49), 11:21.25; Steve Kollars (M53), 11:41.88; Dan Smithhisler (M56), 12:51.74

400m – Antwon Dussett (M36), 47.32; Ricardo Bell (M31), 50.05; Eric Prince (M43), 52.89; Khalid Mulazim (M46), 50.79; Rudolph Briscoe (M54), 54.71; Bennie James (M55), 55.78; Charles Allie (M64), 55.24; Jeffrey Horick (M66), 1:07.96; J Thomas Johnson (M71), 1:07.08; Harry Brown (M82), 1:20.38; Charles Ross (M89), 2:39.47; Robert Lida (M75), 1:05.08 (AR)

80m hurdles – Robert Paulen (M75), 14.23; Bob Osterhoudt (M70), 14.83

100m hurdles – Thaddeus Wilson Sr. (M61), 15.03; Joe Johnston (M68), 18.75

110m hurdles – Belgie Mcclelland II (M35), 14.07; Don Drummond (M43), 14.66; Laurent Birade (M45), 16.32; Kenneth Eaton (M53), 14.11; John Hadrick (M55), 15.58

Shuttle hurdle relay – Christopher Ricketts, Edwin Hagans, Brian Ricketts, Belgie Mcclelland II, (M35), 1:02.79; James Smith, Eugene Anton, Michael Johnson, Lee Bridges, (M40-49), 1:23.65; Reggie Garner, Chris McConnell, Keith McQuitter, Lloyd Jeremiah, (M50-59), 1:04.29 (AR); Ozzie Binion, Sergio Angulo, James Broun, Jim Dolezal, (M60-69), 1:11.48 (AR); Fred Nidermeyer, Bob Osterhoudt, Terry Pliner, Terry Rowan, (M70-79), 1:07.07

Long jump
– Joslyn Coats (W34), 3.99m/13-1.25; Anne Sluder (W39), 5.35m/17-6.75; Jill Cypress (W40), 5.06m/16-7.25; Menka Scott (W45), 5.06m/16-7.25; Veronica Amarasekara (W51), 4.63m/15-2.25; Linda Cohn (W59), 3.89m/12-9.25; Linda Lowery (W60), 3.64m/11-11.5; Sharada Sarnaik (W66), 3.16m/10-4.5; Ann Carter (W70), 2.57m/8-5.25; Christa Bortignon (W75), 3.32m/10-10.75; Olga Kotelko (W93), 1.42m/4-8

Javelin – Jaime Flynn (W34), 15.17m/49-9; Lisa Ryan (W42), 17.11m/56-1; Shaaron Sellars (W49), 21.54m/70-8; Caryl Senn-Griffiths (W50), 33.59m/110-2; Linda Cohn (W59), 37.87m/124-3; Linda Rowe (W60), 28.92m/94-10; Sharon Raham (W66), 25.38m/83-3; Kathy Bergen (W72), 19.52m/64-0; Christel Donley (W77), 14.70m/48-2; Barbara Brandt (W82), 18.16m/59-7; Johnnye Valien (W87), 11.52m/37-9; Olga Kostelko (W90), 11.87m/38-11

Pole vault – Helen Croskell (W39), 1.00m/3-3.25; Karen Rieger (W48), 2.45m/8-0.5; Brenda Babits (W52), 2.45m/8-0.5; Kay Glynn (W59), 2.90m/9-6.25; Dorothy Vander Cruyssen (W66), 1.85m/6-0.75; Florence Meiler (W78), 1.95m6-4.75

– Tim Muller (M62), 51.23m/168-1; Paul Economides (M67), 50.14m/164-6; Roger Busch (M71), 39.70m/130-3; William Gramley (M76), 36.76m/120-7; Leonard Olson (M81), 20.99m/68-10; Phillip Brusca (M85), 25.46m/83-6; Ralph Maxwell (M92), 15.95m/52-4

Weight throw – Nicholas Welihozkiy (M31), 20.55m/67-5; Andrew Hogue (M39), 6.25m/20-6; Eric Cole (M42), 15.20m/49-10; David Bickel (M46), 14.94m/49-0; Robert Arello Jr. (M53), 17.87m/58-7; Bob Cedrone (M57), 16.73m/54-10

Hammer throw – Hilary Goerge (M64), 41.71m/136-10; George Mathews (M69), 46.32m/151-11; Edward Burke (M72), 54.38m/178-5; Williams Gramley (M76), 34.43m/112-11; Pay Carstensen (M80), 35.74m/117-3; Karlis Ezerins (M85), 28.17m/92-5

High jump – Bruce McBarnette (M54), 1.84m/6-0.5; James Barrineau Jr. (M57), 1.80m/5-10.75 (AR);  James Sauers (M64), 1.60m/5-3; David Montieth (M66), 1.60m/5-3

Long jump – Kuba Wasowski (M31), 6.41m/21-0.5; Carlos Mathews (M39), 5.84m/19-2; Jerome Robinson (M43), 6.37m/20-10.75; Antonio Palacios (M46), 6.44m/21-1.5; Avital Schurr (M70), 4.13m/13-6.75; Robert Paulen (M75), 3.96m/13-0; Carlos Vera (M83), 3.19m/10-5.75; Richard Soller (M85), 2.84m/9-4; Ralph Maxwell (M92), 2.73m/8-11.5

Pole vault – Don Isett (M73), 3.05m/10-0.25; Roger Vergin (M75), 2.20m/7-2.75; Tom Hinkes (M82), 2.30m/7-6.5; Charles Ross (M89), 1.00m/3-3.5

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