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USATF Masters speed to 5 km Championships in Atlanta


ATLANTA – Fair skies, gentle breezes, temperatures in the mid-70’s and relative humidity low 70’s greeted the athletes at the USATF Masters 5 km Championships. Prepared for sweltering conditions, the runners were grateful for their good luck, and they took advantage of it.


Overall race winners

David Angell led a 5-runner pack, including Mark Andrews, Jason Holroyd, Gregory Mitchell, and Martin Wennblom through the first mile. Angell left the pack behind at that point. They closed substantially on the final hill, but were spent in the effort, as Angell pulled away to a repeat victory in 15:41, 4 seconds faster than last year. In the final 150 meter stretch; Wennblom, who laid off the pace up the hill, had the best kick, capturing Silver in 15:55, followed 2 seconds later by Andrews in 3rd, with Mitchell and Holroyd a second off the pace. The Women’s race unfolded like last year, with Laurie Knowles setting the pace. Sonja Friend-Uhl able to keep Knowles in sight this year. Once up the final hill, the track Champion launched her kick and closed to within a second. Knowles said, “It was a great ‘rust-buster’ for the Olympic Trials here in Atlanta in February. Super fun race…I didn’t realize Friend-Uhl was that close and had backed off a good bit the last mile.  ‘Rookie’ mistake, I’m lucky the race wasn’t any longer!” A Half minute later Kelly Couch clinched the Bronze medal, 11 seconds ahead of Fiona Bayly.


Age-Grading indicates the top performance, relative to age, across all age divisions, on a score from 0 to 100; 90 and above is considered ‘world class. Marisa Sutera Strange, 56, clocked 18:38 for a 94.86%, followed by Friend-Uhl, 48, whose 17:34 earned a 92.06. Fiona Bayly, 52, who took the Age-Grading title last year ran 18:23 for 92.04%. The final two prize-winners were Patrice Combs, 62, and Katherine Wolski, 53, at 89.06 and 89.04. Nat Larson, 57, returned from a brief respite from the circuit with a 16:54 time to earn the Gold Medal with a 0.02 margin over Roger Sayre, 62, at 17:28. Mark Andrews, 48, who finished 3rd Overall, matched that with a 3rd place in age-grading; his 15:57 scored a 91.10, 0.04 ahead of Tim Meigs, 52. The ageless wonder, Doug, the ‘Silver Bullet’ Goodhue, 77, finished 5th with 90.82%.


Age Division 5 km Champions 

Women 40-44 Knowles 17:33 45-49 Friend-Uhl 17:34 50-54 Fiona Bayly 18:23 55-59 Strange 18:38 60-64 Combs 21:22 65-69 Victoria Crisp 23:18 70-74 Susan Aderhold 30:16 75-79 Norma Thomas 30:55 80-84 Mary Ann Maher 47:48 90-94 Betty Lindberg 51:33. Men 40-44 Angell 15:41 45-49 Andrews 15:57 50-54 Meigs 16:28 55-59 Larson 16:54 60-64 Sayre 17:29  65-69 Joseph Reda, III 19:14 70-74 Terry McCluskey 20:48 75-79 Goodhue 21:24 80-84 John Elliott 28:57 90 and up Nathaniel Finestone 39:06.


Team Championships 

(scored as the cumulative time of first 3 finishers on each team)

Men The Charlotte Running Club [Brad Balaban, Ben Hovis, Aaron Linz], averaging 16:34 in 40+ over the Atlanta Track Club which averaged 16:40; the Greater Springfield Harriers Mark Hixson, Larson, Kent Lemme] in 50+, averaging 17:15 over the Garden State Track Club New Balance with a 17:31 average; the Atlanta Track Club Ken Youngers, Jeffery Dundas, Michael Anderson] in 60+, averaging 18:37, over the Boulder Road Runners with an 19:10 average; the Ann Arbor Track Club [Terry McCluskey, Goodhue, Lloyd Hansen], averaging 21:46, in 70+ over the Atlanta Track Club with a 22:51 average; and the Atlanta Track Club Fred Motz, Sid Davis, Dennis Maher], averaging 40:30, winning the 80+ unopposed.

Women The Atlanta Track Club [Laurie Knnowles, Sonja Friend-Uhl, Jill Braley] in 40+, averaging 18:11 per runner over the Impala Racing Club at 18:58; 50+ going to the Atlanta Track Club ‘A’ [Mary Shah, Kris Huff, Laurie Wharton], averaging 21:17, over the Atlanta Track Club ‘B’ with a 26:04 average; 60+ to the Atlanta Track Club Patrice Combs, Ena Weinstein, Mireille Silva], averaging 22:29, unopposed; and the Atlanta Track Club [Aderhold, Catherine Radle, Carol Rhodes], averaging 35:11, also took their division unopposed.


The 2019 USATF Masters Grand Prix series heads to the streets of Flint, Michigan this week, for the USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships on August 23rd. The shortest race on the circuit, this is a chance for Masters LDR athletes to show their speed and enjoy the excitement of the Crim Festival of Races weekend!


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Paul Carlin

USATF Masters LDR/Media Coordinator

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