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Officiating Applications

Liability Clauses

In an effort to help you evaluate the liability clause on an officiating application to make sure that you are not waiving too many of your rights, Shelby Sharpe has prepared some information on liability clauses including an example of an acceptable liability clause.

2014 NCAA Conference Championships

Bob Tice (North Carolina) has put together a comprehensive list of NCAA conference championships for 2014 and the contact info for their officials coordinators. If you have any corrections to what's listed in the files below, please email Bob at

To add your meet's application to our list please email the application along with ALL information listed in the columns below to Rob Buzaitis

Dates Meet/Event Name Location Housing/Compensation Application Link
December 14, 2014 2014 USATF Club XC Champs Bethlehem, PA Travel Stipend, Shirt, Food Application

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