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January 27, 2004

100K Team Leader Positions Available

Definition of Role

The USA Track & Field (USATF) 100K Team leader coordinates the United States 100K Team's travel to and competition at the annual International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) 100K World Cup Under the Patronage of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). Typically there is one team leader for the men's 100K team and one for the women's team. The team leader is typically selected from applicants for the position by the Mountain, Ultra, Trail (MUT) Running Council. Application deadline varies depending on the date of 100K World Cup. Every effort will be made to appoint the Team Leaders at least one month prior to the close of the athlete's qualifying period for the upcoming 100K World Cup. Team Leaders may be asked to participate in the team selection and notification process.


Specific duties of the team leader include the following.

    1. Work with USATF national office staff to insure that all entry forms and other race related communication is completed on time.

    2. Handle any necessary administrative duties prior to, during, and after the World 100K Cup, which may include such activities as financial handling of team expenses, coordinating of payments, and securing team uniforms.

    3. Communicate the race details to the team members, with regards, to site location, travel itinerary, and accommodations of the IAU 100K World Cup Under the Patronage of the IAAF.

    4. Act as a liaison between the race host and the team members prior to and during the week of the race.

    5. Be the primary attendee at any technical or other pre-race meeting hosted by the IAU or host federation.

    6. Act as liaison between team members, the USATF national office, and the MUT Running Council.

    7. Organize race day support for all team members.

    8. Assist the team members with general questions regarding the World Cup 100K.

    9. Be present at any official host event ceremony or function.

    10. Maintain communication with team alternates regarding their status as possible team members, if called on.

    11. Serve as USATF representative at the IAU board meeting which takes place each year at the World Cup venue.

    12. Issue a post-race report to the MUT Council.

    13. Team Leaders may be asked to disburse IAAF funds or other contributions to the team members.

    14. Team Leaders may be asked to participate in selecting and notifying team members.

    15. Team Leaders may be assigned additional duties as requested by the MUT Council.


The USA 100K Team Leader should meet the following criteria:

1. Be experienced in the sport of ultrarunning.

2. Be experienced in the field of competitive road ultrarunning. Experience at World Cup 100K in the form of support personnel, runner, or a team management position is highly desirable.

3. Have experience with travel to foreign countries. Foreign language skills are a plus, but not required. Possess some familiarity with and study of applicable currency exchange rates.

4. Possess effective and efficient verbal and written communication skills. Have daily access to a fax line (minimum); to a day and evening phone with voice-mail/answer machine; preferably daily email access.

5. Have experience in leadership roles, particularly in the sport of long distance running or track and field.

To Apply

Interested individuals can get a copy of the application form at:

Or request a copy from:

Roy Pirrung

1720 South 22nd Street, Sheboygan, WI 53081-5502


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