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Sport Performance Workshops - basic info

Sports Performance Workshops

USATF’s Sports Performance Workshops are designed to utilize sports science resources in an applied manner to help coaches and athletes enhance performance and optimize training.  Sports Performance Workshops feature individualized, on-track interactive experiences for athletes and coaches, with USATF’s and USOC’s network of sports science and medicine professionals.  Workshops will be held at multiple times and locations throughout the year, dependent on the event area.


  • Athletes who qualify for USATF Tier 1, 2 or 3 designation are eligible to participate in the Sports Performance Workshops.  For information on the Tier 1, 2 & 3 designation, click HERE.
  • Coaches of Tier 1, 2 or 3 athletes may attend the workshop with their athlete, provided they are a member in good standing with the USATF Coaches Registry.  For information on the USATF Coaches Registry, click HERE.

Sports Performance Workshop Components

  • Functional Movement Screening - The Functional Movement Screen, or FMS, is a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns that are keys to normal athletic function.  FMS includes a simple set of seven movements and measures which have been validated in a laboratory and clinical setting to correspond with injury incidence, imbalances, asymmetries, and physical limitations.  The Functional Movement Screen generates a standardized score for each movement, which is used to target problems, track progress over time, and link to specific sets of corrective exercises to restore mechanically sound movement patterns, correct imbalances, and build strength in each individual.  Athletes and coaches will leave the Functional Movement Screen with a specific set of corrective exercises, which will be demonstrated by a physical therapist.
    Movements evaluated in the FMS include:  1) deep squat, 2) hurdle step, 3) in-line lunge, 4) shoulder mobility, 5) active straight leg raise, 6) trunk stability push up, 7) rotational stability
  • Biomechanical Analysis - Leading sports biomechanists will work directly with coaches and athletes to give immediate biomechanical feedback using trackside video analysis.
  • Sports Psychology - Athletes and coaches will be afforded time for individual sessions with USATF’s psychological services group.  Athletes will be given a validated survey instrument to complete on-line in advance of the Workshop.  The responses can help the sports psychologists determine appropriate starting points for conversation and discussion, and a theme for the workshops will be developing the skill of “focus” during competition.
  • Nutritional Counseling - Athletes will be asked to complete survey of nutritional practices in advance of the workshop and can participate in individual counseling sessions with a sports nutritionist.  Pre- and post-workout and competition nutritional best practices will be a focus of the nutritional counseling sessions.

Additional workshops will include event specific components, such as core temperature measurements and heat acclimatization strategies for endurance athletes.

Workshop Logistics

Sports Performance Workshops are designed to take place in a “stations” format, where athlete and coach will rotate between Workshops components.  This format should allow athletes and coaches to complete all the components with a single day.  For athletes and coaches travelling in to a Workshop from out of town, we will work to design your appointments so you are in and out with only an overnight stay.  Coaches should attend the Workshop with their athlete, and USATF will fund travel.

Workshops in the sprints and hurdles are held at regional locations around the country (California, Texas, Florida, southeast) on multiple occasions.  Slots at each Workshop are limited, and will be prioritized to athletes who live in the region of each particular workshop. 

To attend a Sports Performance Workshops please contact

Bejan Abtahi
USATF Manager of Sports Science and Medicine
Phone: 317.713.4669

Have a question related to Sport Performance? Contact USATF’s Dr. Robert Chapman:

photo of Robert Chapman  Robert Chapman, Ph.D. FACSM
Associate Director for Sports Science & Medicine

Phone: 317-713-4669

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