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Masters Track and Field Annual Report from the Chair, 2008

2008 was a year of essentially status quo. It was the second year of my election term and I spent a considerable amount of time understanding the various aspects of presiding over such a diverse group. I have been attempting to work within the goals identified in the MTF Strategic Plan and I now realize that certain elements of the plan, although well intended, are too costly to implement. The plan is also too extensive. I will begin work on a revised plan early in 2009.

I continued to email a monthly update which is well received.

We will finish the year within budget and in general our finances are in order.

USA Masters Championships were conducted for:

  1. Indoor Championships were again held in Boston, MA in March 28-30 with 925 competitors.
  2. June 21-22 the Combined Events Championships were conducted.
  3. In August 7-10, I traveled to Spokane WA for our Outdoor Championships where approximately 1000 athletes competed.
  4. September 5-6 the Weight Pentathlon and Weight and Superweight Championships were contested on consecutive days in Seattle, WA.

In March I attended the World Masters Athletics Championships in France where the USA team of over 100 athletes competed.

Gary Snyder

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