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Minutes - 12/3-4/2010
Masters Track and Field Committee (MTF)

General Session - Virginia Beach, VA - Gary started the meeting at 8:07

Roll Call       -       Active Athletes

At-Large Appointments:
Sandy Pashkin, Jerry Bookin-Weiner & Max Hamlyn.

Gary welcomed Phil Godfrey from the National Senior Games (NSG). Our Games Committee will conduct the T&F portion of the NSG. Cross-marketing will help both organizations. All of this is designed to help the athletes. Steve Cohen asked about drug testing at NSG. NSG will recognize the testing and outcomes from USATF, but they will not be testing in 2011.

Rex Harvey is a candidate for the IAAF Masters candidate

Willie Banks is on the current Board and up for re-appointment.

Motion to support Willie Banks and request re-appointment on the Board. 2nd. Accepted.

2013 Indoor Nationals - Site Bids

Mike Travers led this discussion. A presentation was made for Landover, Maryland. Jerry Bookin-Weiner and representatives from the Potomoc Valley Association spoke. The LOC is: George Harris (ex officio as Pres of Association), Jim Pierce, Jennifer Stephens & Tom Jones. Many questions were answered. In the Pentathlon, Sandi Paskin said athletes would get results after each individual event. They are considering March 23-24 of 2013. The LOC left the room.

Comments: The 2009 Indoor National meet got behind, and the automatic timing was messed up substantially, causing many events to finish without results, and some records were not recognized. The entire system itself must have a contingency plan in place to be ready to handle any problems that come up.

Motion to accept this bid. 2nd, Accepted.

National Meet Reviews

2010 Indoor Meet at Boston – Mike Travers – Best attendance at Boston ever (866 entries), few injuries. They plan on bidding for the 2014 meet. The association made a profit from the meet. They are looking at better housing solutions.

2011 Indoor Meet in Albuquerque – Rick from New Mexico spoke. Online and offline application are ready, and National Masters News will have an application in its publication. This will be on the first weekend of March, 2011. The altitude is about 5000 feet. Several other questions were answered.

Gary said the bid process for meets is much simpler now.

Other Business

2009 Annual Meeting Minutes – Motion to approve. 2nd. Accepted.

Treasurer's Report – Carroll DeWeese
Presented and reviewed the 2011 proposed budget. USATF has 3 accounts for Masters that provide around $60,000. Additional income comes from surcharges, grants and other sources. The budgeted expenses proposed for 2011 total $121,000. Many items in the current budget have an excess, i.e., people did not spend the money allocated to them. Carroll had received requests for more funds in some areas, and adjusted the budget to fill many of these needs. We don't have to submit this detailed budget to USATF for approval. We only have to submit a budget regarding the 3 accounts USATF manages for Masters, as mentioned above.

Motion to approve this proposed budget. 2nd. Accepted.

Carroll will check to see if any money is available for Masters from the USATF Foundation.

Meeting recessed from 10:00 AM to 10:20 AM.

Sandy distributed a report. She will speak again later regarding this report.

Rules (Proposed Amendments)

66-73 - Graeme Shirley reviewed these. Motion to approve all with one language modification. 2nd. Accepted.
82-83 – Motion to approve subject to editorial change for Masters. 2nd, Accepted. Sandi will work with Graeme on this.
103 – Motion to reject. 2nd, Accepted.
104 – Motion to reject. 2nd. Accepted.
105 – Motion to approve. 2nd. Championship Site Bid Winners for 2011 & 2012 are not obligated to make this change. Accepted.
109 - Shuttle Hurdle Definition – Motion to accept. 2nd. Accepted
106 – Motion to reject. 2nd. Motion to table was rejected. Discussion will continue after we return.

Meeting recessed from 11:05 AM to 1:05 PM.

Rules review continued. Graeme brought up one of the changes to the throws, and confirmed that this rule change would leave us out of compliance with WMA.

Regarding Motion to reject 106, that was rejected.
Motion to accept 106 was made and 2nd. Accepted.
107 – Motion to accept. 2nd. Accepted
108 – Motion to accept. 2nd. Fastest NQ will be advanced if they . . . Accepted as amended.
110 – Motion to reject. 2nd. Accepted
111 – Motion to reject. 2nd. Accepted.
112 – Motion to accept. 2nd. Accepted.
Rules take affect on 1/1/2011.

Other Business

2010 Media Footage
Bob appreciated Stephanie Higtower's mention of Masters at the Opening Ceremonies, and proceeded with his powerpoint presentation.

Mike McNeese spoke to the group and said the MTF Committee is doing amazing things, and expressed appreciation for Gary. Steve asked about getting support for future drug testing, and Mike said that while a chance for support existed, it was a slim chance.

Marketing – Forever Fast Presentation - John Oleski
The twelve minute video was presented, and all applauded. John said the video is about inspiration and invitation, and he will speak later about the necessary steps for implementation.

NSG – Handout distributed. Phil Godfrey (President & CEO) spoke. Introduced Laurence Bishop who will work with USATF MTF and NSG in their future partnership. The plan is to create consistent opportunities for athletes. They're introducing power-walking in the Senior Games. Discussed T&F at the 2011 Summer NSG in Houston. The University of Houston did not repair their track, so another facility had to be located. (Turner Stadium in Humble, TX - looks fantastic!)

July 21st, 2013, is when the 2013 NSG will begin. The dates for the T&F portion of these games is not set, so attempts will be made to avoid conflicts with other major National Master meets.

Bids for 2013 Outdoor Championships

After presentations, the voting will take place, and if no bid gets a majority, the bid receiving the lowest number of votes will be dropped from the ballot, and then a vote will be taken again between the remaining two.

Presentations were made by:
Orono, Maine
Jacksonville, Florida
Oletha, Kansas

Vote outcome – Kansas received a majority of the votes, but it will be contigent on a “passing” site inspection by a Games Committee rep.

Other Business

Combined Events – Jeff Watry gave a report. Upcoming meets:
January 15-16 – Indoor Heptathlon, Carthage College, Kenosha, WI
March 4 – Indoor Pentathlon, Albuquerque, NM
June 11-12 – Decathlon, St. Marks, Dallas, TX
July 6-7 – WMA Decathlon, Sacramento, CA
July 28 – Outdoor Pentathlon, Berea, Ohio

Indoor Heptathlon – Possibly in Alabama
Indoor Pentathlon – Bloomington, IN
Decathlon – Probably in the Atlanta area
Outdoor Pentathlon – Lisle, IL

Meeting recessed at 4:10 PM, to resume tomorrow at 12 noon.

12/4/10 12:00 PM

Awards – Mary Trotto
A handout was distributed. 2010 Award Winners – 16 women set 23 World Records & 38 American Records. 17 men set 13 World Records and 21 American Records. Onethia Lewis is the 2010 Masters AOY and will be recognized at the Jesse Owens Awards Banquet tonight.

Records – Sandy Pashkin
Distributed report. Some old performances were recognized as records because it took a long time to verify parts of the record submission.

Motion to accept the records report as corrected. 2nd. Accepted

Forever Fast – John Oleski
Will be distributing DVD's soon and get it online at multiple sites. He had distributed an implementation plan prior to the Annual Meeting. The film is great, and ready, but now what? Distribute/play the video at pertinent events – all T&F meets (i.e., youth meets where parents and others can see the available opportunities), races, health clubs, gyms, etc. We are not just recruiting competitors! The fun and social side of the sport must be emphasized. This effort received a financial grant to help with this implementation process. A meeting will be held in Indianapolis in later January or early February to train the “trainers” that will be pushing this, and the Regional Coordinators or a designee will be attending this.

NSG Agreement
The marketing of this coalition is being hammered out.

Records – Sandy clarified the rule change that referred to “USATF meets”. She said it was only National meets.

WMA Delegate Selection Process
A proposal by Jeff Brower was ironed out detailing the election, duties and terms of these delegates. Motion made to accept this proposal, 2nd. Accepted

WMA Delegate Election
1st election for 6 year term: Rex Harvey was elected.
2nd election for 4 year term and alternates: Carroll DeWeese

Alternates in order by highest vote count:
Jim Flanik
Robert Thomas
Marilyn Mitchell
Mark Cleary
Mary Trotto
John Oleski
Jerry Donley

Upcoming National Championships Meet Review

2011 National Masters Outdoor Championships
Jeff Gershon spoke. This meet will be held on 7/28-31/2011 at Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea, Ohio. Said the meet planning is going well. Tollroads: Highways 80 & 90. The skeleton schedule will be up in January. One can expect the schedule to be very similar to previous years.

2012 National Masters Indoor Championships
Robert Thomas spoke. This meet will be held on 3/16-18/2012. at Bloomington, Indiana. He said that they are working with hotels on rates. Shuttle services from the airport are being nailed down. About a 45 minute drive from the airport to most of the hotels. Independent shot and weight throw rings exist.

Other Business

Vice-President Interim
Motion for Robert Thomas to formally become the Masters Vice Chair. 2nd. Accepted

WMA 2011 Sacramento Meet – Masseuse will be provided. Several may be needed, and the location for them at the meet needs to be determined.

Many attended the USADA Drug Testing seminar. This will be self-funded. Steve Cohen is chairing this committee for Masters T&F.

Records for Racewalking (RW)
Sandy said another group is reviewing the RW records carefully, and requested approval from this body for the RW records to be accepted pending acceptance by the RW review group. Motion to accept this, 2nd. Accepted. Website Review

Jeff Brower spoke about our main website, For a complete report, click here.

Other Business

Rule 108 Revised - When an individual or relay team voluntarily withdrawals, the next ranked individual or relay team will be advanced to the final. Motion to accept, 2nd. Accepted, dependent on acceptance by the originating party.

Throwing National Championships
2011 New London, Conn – 2 weeks after Nationals, 8/13-14, 2011
2012 Seattle, WA, 2 weeks after Nationals

How should our National Meet Results be ordered when a foreign athlete is present in the results?
Examples of formatting were distributed. All foreign ahtletes will be listed after ALL US athletes with no place. Motion made, 2nd. Accepted.

Example of accepted results order:
1  USAthlete1, John  14.61
2  USAthlete2, John  14.62
3  USAthlete3, John  14.63
4  USAthlete4, John  14.74
5  USAthlete5, John  14.75
6  USAthlete6, John  14.76
7  USAthlete7, John  14.77
-- *Foreignath1, Jose  13.83
-- *Foreignath2, Jose  14.65
-- *Foreignath3, Jose  15.83

Jerry Donley – Asked people to attend the joint Masters LDR/TF meeting.

Steve – A mentoring program for younger and elite athletes is growing. He encouraged all to support this if possible.

1:50 PM - Motion to adjourn, 2nd, accepted.
Minutes by Jeff Brower

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