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Minutes - 12/2/2010
Masters Track and Field Executive Committee

12/2/10 12 PM - Virginia Beach, Virginia

Chair Gary Snyder
Treasurer Carroll DeWeese
Secretary Jeff Brower

Executive Committee present: Bob Weiner, Christel Donley, Harry Brooks, Jerry Donley, Jerry Bookin-Weiner, John Oleski, Lester Mount, Max Hamlyn, Mark Cleary, Mary Trotto, Rex Harvey, Rose Schlewitz, Sandy Pashkin, Steve Cohen

Others – Andy Martin from the USATF National office was present for part of the meeting, Jeff Schaller, John Head, Gavi Swerling, Marilyn Mitchell, Tim Edwards.

Officers Absent – Robert Thomas

12:03 PM - Gary started the meeting, welcomed everyone and distributed an agenda.

Annual Meeting Expense
There is a limit regarding how much our committee can spend for Annual Meeting expenses. Carroll said administrative and officer expenses will be covered. Leftover funds will be divided among those that submit receipts to Carroll by 12/15/10 to help with the costs of this meeting. Receipts can be mailed or emailed.

Treasurer Report - Budget
Carroll – 2010 Approved Budget: $90,900. Proposed 2011 Budget: $119,800 – We have spent about $68,000 to date. An additional $5000 will be coming from the NSGA, and $12,000 has been received from a grant that will be used for the Forever Fast implementation. He encouraged the Regional Coordinators to utilize the money that is available for clinics.

Gary asked the Regional Coordinators if they had other funds available to help them put on their meets, and several raised their hands.

The budget does not include funds from other sources (special grants, etc.)

Funds to cover drug testing will come from the meet surcharge.

Marketing - Forever Fast Film Implementation
The film is ready – John Oleski had distributed a document prior to the meeting regarding implementation. Now we need to train the “trainers”.

Andy discussed preparing a brochure that would work hand in hand with this film. When the film is viewed, we want USATF representatives present to be prepared for any question. John wants regional coordinators (or a substitute) to attend a meeting soon to get training. John will poll the coordinators and plan a meeting in late January or early February.

Steve and Bob are currently on this committee Tests costs approximately $800-$1000, and the USADA rep's expenses must be covered (to travel to the site where the testing will take place.)

Steve asked this round table question: Should there be an age-limit cap regarding who should be drug-tested? Most said no.

Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE) were discussed. We can recommend how some parts of this process should be handled, but Steve and his committee will have to follow USADA requirments. Rex recommended that Steve's committee have no more than 5 members.

Permanent WMA Delegates
Jeff reviewed his proposal. Bob asked about term limits.

Nominations for this position (not closed because nominations will be taken from the floor):
Jerry Donley, Carroll DeWeese, Marilyn Mitchell, John Oleski, Mary Trotto, Jim Flanik, Rex Harvey & Mark Cleary

AOY Process
The National Office wants to limit Masters to one AOY. T&F and LDR both want to have their own respective AOY. Gary wanted suggestions to resolve this:

Special recognition for the AOY in the Fast Forward magazine;
The USATF Board should hear this issue;
The open USATF membership body at this Annual Meeting should be given the issue to vote on;

Youth apparently has 2 AOY (male & female), so why can't there be one AOY from T&F & one from LDR?

Mary Trotto will help make a formal motion on this issue.

Invitational Program Review
Mark put together a binder (several were distributed) that covers the history of this program. Mark started with this program in 2001 (It was previously called the Legends program). He has been given some guidelines (such as no field events). The program had a sponsor one year, but typically athletes must cover their own expenses. Guidelines are available online. USATF leadership (outside the Master Committee) has hurt this program in multiple ways over the years (making late decisions, forcing their own chosen people into the events, etc.) Rex asked about last year, and Mark said many women had scheduling conflicts, while some men registered but didn't show up. Eventually only 3 men ran, and the women's event was cancelled. Mark has provided material for announcers at these meets, and it hasn't been used many times. For 2011, Mark is looking at the 60 Meters for women and the 60 Meter Hurdles for Men. Many records have been set at these events.

Clinic Model
Robert will discuss this at the General meeting.

IAAF Masters Candidate
Rex Harvey is the candidate we support for this postion.

Team USA Hotel at WMA Meets
Gary discussed this issue. Many informed Gary that they had less expensive accommodations in Sacramento already. The hotel Gary had been working with has offered a mediocre deal, but Gary will try to get more perks. Marilyn spoke and suggested the USA have a “headquarters”, a place where athletes can socialize with other athletes. (VERY important when you're thousands of miles away from home.)

USA Championship Results
Sandy distributed examples regarding how foreigners can be reported in the results. There will be a vote on this issue during the General meeting.

NSG Agreement
Jim has been working to hammer out an agreement with the National Senior Games (NSG). The agreement includes beneficial marketing for both groups. The President of NSG will be attending our general discussion. In 2013, there is currently an overlap between the National Senior Games and the WMA meet that year. The T&F portion of the 2013 NSG meet may be shuffled to allow people to do both of these meets. Avoiding scheduling conflicts is a big reason why we're working on this agreement.

Masters Website
Gary discussed the website. Jeff reviewed aspects of the site, such as news items, a one-stop online place to ask questions, and more. How do we make it better and more useful? Bob spoke regarding the need for this website, and supported paying Mr. Clingan for services provided in the past. Carroll believes we should pay Mr. Clingan as well.

Motion by Bob Weiner – The Masters Executive Committee directs the Treasurer to submit the bill for David Clingan to be paid for website services per our agreement from early 2009. - 2nd by Rex Harvey. Vote: Eleven For, none opposed, 3 abstentions.

Discussed accepting records from certain meets (without having to go through the the typical record submission process.) If we allow a “blanket” approval for a meet, then how do we address officiating or other problems at these meets? If an authorized rep from USATF MTF is present at the meet, we may accept the results for records.

Motion to adjourn at 2:40 PM, 2nd, accepted.
Minutes by Jeff Brower

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