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Minutes - 1/14/2010 8:05 PM CST - Masters Track and Field Executive Committee

Phone Conference Call

Chair Gary Snyder
Vice Chair Robert Thomas
Secretary Jeff Brower
Treasurer Carroll DeWeese

Becky Sisley, Bob Weiner, Christel Donley, Jerry Bookin-Weiner, Jerry Donley, Jim Flanik, John Oleski, Lester Mount, Mark Cleary (had to leave mtg early), Mary Trotto, Max Hamlyn, Rose Schlewitz & Stephen Cohen

Absent - Rex Harvey

8:06 PM CST - Gary started the meeting. An agenda and draft NSG proposal had been emailed to the group previously.

Chair Report

Gary is working on the following items:
501C3 Filing (Need a host)
Permanent WMA Delegates (Process detail)
Strategic Plan Review (On hold)
Records Process Review (Select Committee)
Admission Charges for USA Championships (Wording to Martin)
MTF/MLDR Athlete of the Year Selection Process (Letter to Hightower)

National Senior Games (NSG) Proposal

Gary has been working on an agreement with Ray Hoyt, and asked for feedback. Everyone is interested in coordinating the NSG schedule. Max asked that the agreement refrain from using specific names and instead use positions. Gary said this would be done. Max also mentioned that, previously, the NSG had 2 five-day sessions, separating some divisions. Several said the current schedule could be condensed into 3-4 days. Mark felt the agreement was a tremendous step for all, and great for the athletes.

Christel said the rules on the age divisions must be clarified. Discussion followed (This is not a USATF Championship meet.) This will be worked on and hammered out. Max asked if the meet will get sanctioned? Yes. Carroll said to make sure the USATF Games Committee has adequate representation at the meet in all pertinent areas. They had over 1400 competitors at the most recent NSG event. Christel said they had fewer events. Qualifying was discussed, since some local senior games don't offer all the events.

Stephen encouraged the local meets to be run in the same manner as the national meets regarding rules, etc.. He also expressed concern about the statement that the agreement is governed by Louisiana. Gary discussed the NSG's need to use implements that USATF has, and that we could charge them for this use. Scheduling conflicts need to be resolved so implements are available, and so athletes can attend the meets. NSG is concerned about a conflict of interest regarding payments. All want Gary to move forward to iron out the remaining issues.

Diversity Chair

James Smith has been appointed. Thank you James!


About 250 USA athletes have registered at this time, and the number is growing.

Old Business

Physiotherapy for WMA Teams

The targeted person was just a chiropractor, not a physical/massage therapist. Gary asked Mary to contact the Active Athletes and see if a chiropractor was satisfactory? Other candidates are available and being considered. Concern for liability in another country was discussed.

USATF Limit for Annual Meeting expenditures

Gary has convinced USATF Mgmt to disregard this limit for 2009. This limit will be enforced at the 2010 Annual Meeting.


Gary believes Dave Clingan has stepped away for good from this effort, but Jeff will take it over. Gary said to go ahead and launch what Clingan had done. Christel asked about the vacant Awards Chair. Mary is helping in the interim until Gary selects a chair.

$20,000 Allocation for USATF Masters

USATF Mgmt is formalizing the process regarding many things, including the allocation of some available funds. Gary & John Oleski are staying heavily involved in this. Bill Roe is involved as well, and though it was clear that the original foundation was intended to assist Youth and Open athletes, he wants feedback from the Masters. Currently, Masters is not on the donation form. Gary asked the group to send ideas for the use of these funds.

New Business

Robert Thomas expressed appreciation to those that clarified the WMA Uniform requirements and available discounts to athletes. He also asked about the 4x200 Relay in the 2010 Indoor Championship Meet. Boston is considering it.

Adjourned at 9:17 PM CST
Minutes by Jeff Brower

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