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Masters Track & Field
Chair Report - July 2006

George Mathews

Dr. Sagers Fields of Dreams

Some of you may know that this years USA Masters Weight Pentathlon is being held in Wilsall, Montana.  Many people have never heard of Wilsall, Montana. I know people in Montana who havent heard of Wilsall, Montana.  Bob Cahners and I now know Wilsall very well, thank you.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, while many of you were barbecuing or dashing between raindrops, we were doing a site visit. What a site it was. 

Cahners and I met in Bozeman, Montana, the nearest city to Wilsall. I got in from Hayden Lake, Idaho, at 2:30 a.m., and he flew all day from Naples, Florida.


We were greeted Saturday morning with cold rain. Bob immediately went to Wal-Mart and purchased rain gear and boots. He had come with a sweat shirt to keep him warm. It hardly ever did. I had accidentally thrown some winter clothing in my car before I left.  I must have had some subconscious premonition.

We heard there was snow in the pass we had to go over to get to Wilsall, so we werent in a big hurry to get started. We surveyed the motels and hotels in Bozeman, since that is where most athletes will be staying.

Dr. Bob Sager, who is staging the meet, has the three motels rooms in Wilsall blocked if anyone is interested.  I found a motor home rental place and booked a 29-foot motor home for the five-day minimum.

If it is hot, which could happen, I will be prepared. I am selling three other beds for $55 a night. One is already spoken for.
This gives me the perfect opportunity to take my wife to Yellowstone Park and Jackson Hole, places we always wanted to go to.

This will be the second camping expedition we have been on, other than all the Holiday Inns we have stayed in, since 1972 when we took our daughters on a tour of upstate New York and Southern Canada with a popup trailer behind our car.

Never Say Never

We said never again. Never say never.

Cahners and I finally ran out of excuses and had to begin the most beautiful 40-mile drive on earth. That even includes the snow we ran into going over the pass. I thank God that I still had my winter ice tires on, waiting for Costcos $60-off sale on a set of new Michelins. 

When we got to Wilsall, we passed Sagers Veterinary Clinic twice at 80 miles an hour. Finally a woman sitting at a window in a rocking chair at the local Starbucks knockoff told us where to slow down and find Dr. Bob.  He was doing what veterinarians do, working on a sick dog. After he finished working on the dog, we were off to the Fields of Dreams.

A Big Dream

What a big dream it is. Plenty of room for all events. We spent the day walking all over most of Sagers 100 acres, finding the best possible location for each of the events. I think its time to call Dr. Bob by his Montana name, Beef. He practices mostly on beef cattle, you know.

Beef already has the final event weight throw circle and sector in place right next to his home, so as people finish they can sit and drink beer and barbecue, while watching the people behind them finish.

Chilly Conditions

Over the next two days, the Bobs and I spent all our time working, putting in slabs and preparing the site. I dont think I was prepared for the sleet which came each day. I felt like I was getting hit in the head with shot from a BB gun many times over. Beef promises good weather on Aug. 19. There is only a 10% chance of rain.

He also promises to have the road graded flat and ready to go. He has plenty of work ahead of him, but I think he will get it done. The championships should be a unique experience for all who attend.

I recommend that you all make your reservations early, so you can be sure to make the dance. If we can be of assistance in any way please let us know.

I think we all want to be part of making Dr. Sagers (Bob/Beef) Fields of Dreams come true. If we are lucky he might even let us see his pigs race. 

(George Mathews can be contacted by e-mail here.)
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