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February 2004
George Mathews

Now that the annual meetings are over, people are starting to think and talk about the important election of our officers that will take place at our next Annual Meeting, which will be in Portland, Oregon.

At this year's meeting, Phil Byrne agreed to head up a committee to accept nominations for this election. Even though it is called a nominating committee, they will not be putting out a slate or recommendation. They will pass on names for different offices to the Masters T&F Committee at the meeting. Nominations are also permitted from the floor.

It is not too early for people to start this consideration. The elected officers are serious positions and in most cases require a significant amount of work. I encourage potential candidates to make contact with the present officers and find out what they do and how they enjoy their position or not. Most of these positions are not what they seem to be from the outside. In most cases, there are tons of work being done.

I know that our present treasurer, Frank Lulich, will not be able to run again because of business commitments he has. Frank has been a great treasurer and will be hard to replace. His background as a CPA really helped a lot. I would encourage people with that type of background to run.

I am not sure if our present secretary, Bob Cahners wants to continue in that position; although I think he has gotten it down to science with the use of transcription equipment and services. I hope Bob will run again.

I don't think a person can understand the requirements of the position until he or she works closely with the person in that position. I thought I understood it before I ran because of the close relationship I had with Ken Weinbel. It wasn't close enough for me to really understand the demands of the position. In the business world you would have to pay a person at least $100,000 to do the job. I am not suggesting we should pay the Chair.

But this is not a business. I ran on a ticket based on my business experience. This not a business! It's really very much like the United Nations. Everybody wants to vote on everything, it seems. I really didn't figure this out until our last annual meeting. I guess I am a slow learner. I would also recommend that a candidate for the Chair be someone who has attended and participated in more than a couple of annual meetings. This is where we conduct most of our year's business. Did I say business again?

I will run again if the Committee wants me too. I also would be very happy to defer to an outstanding candidate who might want the job.

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