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USA Championship Quotes (Day Two)

USA Track and Field Championships - Day Two
June 24, 2011
Hayward Field

Parker Stinson, First Place, Men’s 10,000 Meter Run (Junior)

On the race strategy:
“The strategy evolved throughout the race. I went to it without a real strategy, obviously I didn’t want to do anything the first mile or two. I just kept communication with my coach, that was they key. Every lap I would look over at him and do what he says.”

On the race’s slow start:
“I really wanted to be under nine minutes for the last two (miles), but it is hard when you are out there, especially when you are leading.”

On the race:
“The weather was great and the guys were right there on me the whole way. I’m glad I kept running as fast as I could the whole way.”

On running for Oregon:
“It’s hard to feel like you’re making a difference when the team is so good. I just focus every day on doing my best and do what I can control. It’s been a really great experience.”

Kayla Beattie, First place, Women’s 5000 Meter Run (Junior)

On being a national champion:
“It’s a good feeling, any time you are a national champion it’s pretty cool.”

On the race:
“It was a good start, but I was on my own the entire race so that was tough.”

“The race was a really good learning experience. I hope to come back in a few years and run the Senior race.”

Kelsey Card, First Place, Women’s Shot Put (Junior)

Feelings after the win:
“I am still very jittery. It’s really exciting.”

Goals going into the event:
“I hoped to get a new PR and throw over 50 (feet). Two times this year I have thrown 49 and 11.5 so I was really chasing that 50 foot mark and I got it today.

Future goals:
“I’m going to compete at the University of Wisconsin Madison and I’m so excited. The girls there are great. My goal is just to keep improving, even if it’s by half of an inch each time.”

Morgann LeLeux, First Place, Pole Vault (Junior)

On the initial height of the jump:
“It was a 12 foot, 11 and a half inch jump today. It was a decent day, not my best, but it was enough to get through.”

On winning two national championships in two weekends:
“I’m very happy. It’s been really good but I still have three more meets after this.”

On the event:
“It took me awhile to get warmed up but the wind didn’t affect me too much, it was a nice tail wind actually.”

Alec Faldermeyer, First Place, Men’s Hammer Throw (Junior)

On performance:
“I was hoping to throw a little bit further to be honest but overall I am happy with the series and the throws. It was a good meet.”

On the change in ball weight:
“It is just a difference in timing and I will have to adapt. I will get there before Pan Ams in a month.”

“I am just focusing on the light ball and trying to get big throws with that before the next meet.”

On competing at Hayward Field:
“I love competing here, especially when it’s sunny. There are tons of people which is nice because not everyone comes to watch the hammer throw a lot. It was a great atmosphere and environment and I had a ton of fun.”

English Gardner, Second Place, Women’s 100 Meter Dash (Junior)

On her season:
“My goal was to get my name out there my freshman year. This was a tough race and I was happy to bounce back here after nationals.”

On backing out of 200:
“I would’ve run the 200, like at nationals, but coach is trying to get me to back off and I trust him, he’s gotten me this far. It’s always something to hear my name announced as a junior record holder, but I just try to have fun out there.”

Allison Reaser, First Place, Heptathalon (Junior)

On the meet:
“Overall it was a really fun experience. I have competed against a lot of the girls before so it was very comfortable.”

Upcoming events:
“Next for me are the Pan Am Games in Florida in July. I’m just going to keep training until then. I am very excited to represent the USA.”

Feelings going into the meet today:
“I was confident in knowing what I can do. The other girls who were strong competitors unfortunately dropped out due to injuries, but I just focused on what I could do.”

On what she hopes to improve:
“I want to focus on my high jump. I have been struggling with that this year a little.”

Marvin Bracy, First Place, Men’s 100 Meter Dash (Junior)

On excitement of winning:
“I’m very excited to be going to the Pan-Am Games.

On what he’s trying to improve:
“I felt everything was smooth except my transition, that’s what I’ll be working on. Trying to get my time under 10 (seconds).”

Deanna Latham, Second place, Heptathalon (Junior)

On expectations before the event:
“I was not sure what to expect, but I was just hoping to put up good marks. I knew the competition was going to be tough, and Allison Reaser had an amazing meet.”

On her best events:
“I was confident in the hurdles because I had been doing a lot of work on those in practice. The long jump is always a solid, steady event for me. I am pretty solid in all the events.”

On preparing for the Pan Ams:
“My coach is giving me a little bit of a break. I have been competing since the fall and my body is hurting and I need to recover. I am going to take a week off, do some running the next two weeks and just recover my body. I want to be really fresh for the Pan Ams.”

On competing at Hayward Field:
“This was my first time at Hayward Field, and it was really cool. There are so many people and the fans are so great, they were cheering for me and I’m not even from Oregon. I can’t wait to come back!”

Edward Dudley, First Place, Men’s High Jump (Junior)

On Pan Am Games:
“I’m very excited to qualify (for the games), it’s a great accomplishment to get there.”

On how he performed:
“I felt comfortable. I didn’t practice much since the end of the outdoor season, but I got a couple good practices in the last few days and it paid off.”

On what he’s trying to improve before Pan Am Games:
“Just trying to keep my speed at the last few steps and jump up and not at the bar.”

Jenna Prandini, First Place, Women’s Long Jump (Junior)

Goals for the event:
“I came in wanting to get a big mark and I am very happy with what I did. It was a big mark and I’m really happy about it.”

On coming to Oregon next year:
“I am really looking forward to next year. The team is amazing, the coaches are awesome, and the facilities are great.”

Bryan Clay, Decathlon (Senior)

On the hurdles:
“I sprained my calf a little bit on the hurdles. Tough setback, but going to get back to training and step it up in the next few meets.

On Ashton Eaton’s early success:
“He’s doing what is expected of him, which is great.”

On the future:
“The other athletes in the Decathlon just told me after the hurdles that they’ve all been there. It’s one of those things and I will just move on to what’s next. It’s important to keep perspective, it’s not the end of my career.”

Kyle McKelvey, First Place, Men’s Shot Put (Junior)

On sequence of throws:
“I started off slow with the first three throws, and I went in to the fourth throw at I think fourth place. On the fourth throw everything clicked and I had a bomb. Then I just kept myself in first place after that.”

On the competition:
“There was great competition. It always pushes you more when there is good competition. It’s really exciting to be out here.”

On training leading up to the meet:
“I have been training a little, throwing the ball around a few times a week and weight training. I changed up my technique a little bit too.”

Trinity Wilson, First Place, Women’s 100 Meter Hurdles (Junior)

On her race:
“I’m really excited, I crossed the finish lane and saw I won, I was so happy. My start could have been better and at the third and fourth hurdles I saw people in front of me so I had to turn it up.”

On what’s next:
“I’m excited to run well the rest of the season. I want to get good times and end with a good medal at the end of the season.”

Eddie Lovett, First Place, Men’s 110 Meter Hurdles (Junior)

On strategy:
“I knew I could do it, it was just a matter of coming out here and executing it.”

On race:
“I felt really good out there. I could have done better, but I am still happy with the overall outcome.”

Devin Field, First Place, Men’s Long Jump (Junior)

On performance:
“In my mind this was the most important track event of the year and I am glad that I was able to do my best.”

Kevin Lazas, First Place, Decathlon (Junior)

On events:
“I came out here strong and felt better than I did at NCAA’s (Outdoor Championship).”

On competing in Oregon:
“The weather played a big part in the way I attacked certain events, but overall nothing that I am not used to.”

David Oliver, First Place (Heat 2), Men’s 110 Meter Hurdles (Senior)

On his race:
“I tried to stay on technique today and win my heat. I was happy with my performance.”

On what to do for tomorrow:
“I can do the same thing over and over and make the team. I don’t have to reinvent my will or anything for tomorrow.”

Aries Merritt, First Place (Heat 4), Men’s 110 Meter Hurdles (Senior)

On his race:
“I tried to conserve my energy a little today because it’s three rounds. I’m just looking forward to tomorrow.”

On his training:
“My training has been going really well and I’m just ready to compete tomorrow.”

Lashinda Demus, First Place, Women’s 400 Meter Hurdles (Senior)

On strategy for the race:
“I thought the wind would take more out of me, but I was able to run like I wanted to.”

On getting ready for the Olympics:
“This year I am working on the way that I want to run, perfecting my technique and everything, and next year is time for me to go out and demonstrate all of my hard work.”

Alysia Montano, First Place (Heat 1), Women’s 800 Meter Run (Senior)

On race:
“I just like to go out there and have fun running. If I go out there and have fun, the rest figures itself out.”

Elizabeth Patterson, Second Place, Women’s High Jump (Senior)

On what she’s trying to improve:
“My approach is a little inconsistent right now. The way I jump is I go higher with the bar.”

Brigetta Barrett, First Place, Women’s High Jump (Senior)

On winning:
“This is my time, I have worked so hard for this goal and it is nice to accomplish it.”

On this year:
“This year has been good for me. I have broken a lot of old, bad habits and started focusing on perfecting my technique.”

Khadevis Robinson, First Place (Heat 2), Men’s 800 Meter Run (Senior)

On the race:
“First time I competed at USA Championships in 1999, I kicked at the end. Now to be competitive I need to keep up with the pack at the start. I have to change it up sometimes.”

On his performance:
“I can kick it at the end, I have the speed, but this time I felt I had to lead from the start to make sure I’m ready for future races.”

On the meet:
“This is the best of the best, at the USA Championships. Everyone is good here so you can’t take anyone for granted. My part is to just do my best each race.”

Amanda Smock, First Place, Women’s Triple Jump (Senior)

On her performance:
“I felt great, hit my personal best jump on the second attempt. After that, there were a few things I couldn’t quite put together after the PR.”

On qualifying for Worlds:
“It’s a great feeling. The bigger goal is to reach that next mark at that meet, which is huge.”

Tony McQuay, First Place (Heat 1), Men’s 400 Meter Dash (Senior)

On his race:
“It was hard because it’s my first time being here and it was hard going against some big time athletes. I just wanted to come out and show everyone what I can do.”

Jeremy Warriner, Third Place (Heat 3), Men’s 400 Meter Dash (Senior)

On his performance:
“I got out fine and did well coming to the back stretch, but I had to do too much on the home stretch. I wasn’t happy with that.”

Francena McCorory, First Place (Heat 1), Women’s 400 Meter Dash (Senior)

On race:
“I was just focused on myself and running my best race.”

On what she wants to change:
“My starts need to be better, with that I think my race would have been perfect. Starting out a little sluggish hurt, but I will work on it and be ready for Worlds.”

Greg Nixon, First Place (Heat 2), Men’s 400 Meter Dash (Senior)

On experience:
“Last year gave me a lot of confidence for this event, I truly think that is what helped me today. The experience has helped me mentally get prepared for these races.”

Michael Berry, Third Place (Heat 2), Men’s 400 Meter Dash (Senior)

On how he’s feeling:
“I’m very excited right now. It’s a dream come true to come out here and race against all these pros. Last year I was in high school. I just wanted to come out here and show what I have, I’m just very blessed to have my talent.”

On what to do for the final:
“I’m just going to come out hard and maintain my speed. My goal is to make the team.”

Ashton Eaton, First Place, Decathlon (Senior)

On the win:
“I didn’t expect to score that high. I didn’t get any big marks. It was constant. My goal in Korea is to win. There’s no timetable when to set the American record.”

Jon Harlan, Second Place, Decathlon (Senior)

On making US Team for World Championships:
“I’m a little surprised to make the team, but everything fell in place. I was prepared for the Pan Am Games. It’s hard to expect everything to fall like it did.”

On his performance:
“It’s hard to keep going sometimes at 30 years old, but I didn’t have too many events go downhill for me. I even had my second best throw in the shot put too.”

On final event:
“I knew I had to go under 4:58 in the final event, and the crowd and competitors were helping out and giving me support. It was a great crowd in Eugene, felt great.”

Carmelita Jeter, First Place, Women’s 100 Meter Dash (Senior)

On racing in Eugene:
“I love it here in Eugene. The fans truly appreciate what we do out there and that is what this is all about.”

On race strategy:
“I only need to go out there and focus on myself and my race. I just need to go out and race my best to win.”

Marshevet Meyers, Second Place, Women’s 100 Meter Dash (Senior)

On the entire meet:
“It was tough going through rounds, I had some tough competitors. But I’m glad I was healthy and I ran well.

On making the team:
I’m finally on the team, I’m so happy! Any loss of focus during the race and you won’t make the team.”

On her race:
“It was all a blur, I tried to make a jump on Carmelita (Jeter), but I was already at the finish line. I was glad to come across second.”

Walter Dix, First Place, Men’s 100 Meter Dash (Senior)

On his race:
“I was able to get through my cramp and I just let it rip. I had to adjust because I’m from Florida, but my body adjusted well.”

On Justin Gatlin placing second:
“It was only right for Justin to run times like that. I don’t have any concerns racing against him.”

On running in the World Championships:
“I want to win gold and get out of the bocks faster. I’m just going out there to run fast.”

On Tyson Gay not running:
“It was a big blow. He’s the best running in the world. We’re going to have to step up and make the team without him.”

Justin Gatlin, Second Place, Men’s 100 Meter Dash (Senior)

On the past four years:
“I had a lot of pent up frustration, sadness and anger at the end of the race today I just let out a roar.”

On placing second:
“I just let it all out, I cried at the end, I was so happy.”

On his training:
“The last two years have been difficult mentally and physically coming back, but I just put faith in my Coach’s plan and now I’m on the World team. I always want to prepare and train like I’m going to win a gold medal.”

On how he’s feeling:
“My confidence is better than my physical talent. I just want to win and compete against the best. Every race gives me more confidence.”

On when he knew it was possible to make the team:
“Mike (Rodgers) has given me lots of inspiration. We both wanted to get on the team together, we made a promise to each other. I knew before the race that I could do this and make the team.”

On his inspiration:
“I have lots of support from my fans. They gave me so many well wishes on the internet and there wasn’t a lot of hatred.”

Bridget Franek, First Place (Heat 1), Women’s 3,000M Steeplechase (Senior)

On experience:
“Experience of running this makes it easier for me every year. Progression and experience has gotten me to where I am today.”

On winning the race:
“It is different for me to finally be the contender rather than the underdog, like I have been the past couple of years.”

Nicole Bush, First Place (Heat 2), Women’s 3,000M Steeplechase (Senior)

On race:
“It went really good. I went out attacked it like I wanted to and finished in first. This was exactly how I had the preliminary planned and I am happy that it turned out this way.”

Molly Huddle, First Place, Women’s 5,000 Meter Run (Senior)

On race:
“I wanted to run my best regardless of who was or wasn’t going to be in the race.”

On winning:
“It was a long time coming. I knew that I had a really good chance to win, the final mile is the most important to my race.”

Amy Hastings, Second place, Women’s 5,000 Meter Run (Senior)

On the meet:
“It was really exciting and fun to come to Eugene. All the support you get from this town is great.”

On how she feels:
“It was really fun for me. I’m excited to be going to Korea. Anytime you line up with your teammates it feels like you’re at home.”

On the crowd:
“The crowd kept me going, they were a lot of fun.”

Mike Hazle, First Place, Men’s Javelin Throw (Senior)

On his performance:
“I felt great out there, though I still have a few kinks to work out.”

On the field:
“There’s a lot of depth in the javelin, it’s a spot we’re strong in. Feels good to get away from the youngsters with my throws today.”

Cyrus Hostetler, Third place, Men’s Javelin Throw (Senior)

On how he feels:
“I feel great. God has blessed me. It was a fantastic day, I had a great series. Couldn’t have been a better day.”

On today’s meet:
“There were great competitors and it was a great day. All the throwers pushed each other and it came down to the end today. I felt rhythm today and I just pushed myself. I had a lot of support from my friends.”

Galen Rupp, Third Place, 5,000 Meter Run (Senior)

On how he feels:
“Not too bad, I’m just tired after last night.”

On how he ran:
“I couldn’t have been in a better position out there. I hoped to finish better today, but I’m not disappointed and I’m happy to make the team.”

On the meet:
“I just had to keep moving and keep competing and I did that.”

Chris Solinsky, Second Place, Men’s 5,000 Meter Run (Senior)

On race:
“I thought I had another gear, but decided to save myself more for the bell lap.”

On racing with Matt Tegenkamp:
“It was a good race and Matt helped me keep my pace. Matt kept it honest and that is what helped push me on the final lap.”

Bernard Lagat, First Place, Men’s 5,000 Meter Run (Senior)

On the race:
“Galen really took control of the race early, it wasn’t easy. I followed him really close and I was working hard.”

On the 1,500 tomorrow:
“I feel awesome. I have nothing to lose now, I made the team and that is the most important thing. I’m really excited that I won the race today. Tomorrow, I’m going to be in there to run serious again and look for another win.”

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