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Sprints and hurdles shine on the final day of the USATF Youth Outdoor Championship


DURHAM, North Carolina -- The final day of the USATF National Youth Outdoor Championships was highlighted by sprints, hurdles and athletes securing multiple championship titles.  


To re-watch any day of the USATF National Youth Outdoor Championships, races are available on-demand via USATF.TV.


Alysia Johnson (Bull City Express) led from start to finish in the women’s 17-18 division 400m. Johnson ran 53.39 to win her second title at the National Youth Outdoor Championships. She also won rhw 200m on day five in 24.36.


In the 11-12 boy’s division 400m, Avery Atexide (Jaguar Track) came from behind to beat Brandon Leacock (Rolesville Lightning) for the win. Atexide’s winning time was 55.12 and Leacock’s second place was 55.13. 


Raul Chavez (Pacific Coast Shockwaves) completed a triple crown effort with his men’s 17-18 division 1500m win. Chavez edged out his teammate, Christian Rodriguez in a time of 4:07.37. On the first day of competition Chavez won the 2000m steeplechase in 6:21.66 and helped the Shockwaves 4x800m secure victory on day two.


In the men’s 17-18 division 100m, Cameron Council (Bull City Express) ran away from the field in 10.43. His teammate, Jaidin Thomas took second in 10.95 and Porter Ellis (Utah TC) was third with 11.25. 


Jemari Thomas (Miami Northwest Express), Blake Johnson (Run U Xpress) and Cameron Joseph (Velocity Track) went wire to wire again, but this time in the girl’s 7-8 division 200m. Thomas was able to achieve the double by beating Johnson and Joseph, running 15.56. Johnson took second with 15.71 and Joseph was third in 15.82. 


After the 100m, Johnson and Thomas came back to the track to run the girl’s 400m. This time it was Johnson who was able to prevail, separating from the field to run 1:15.23. Thomas was second with 1:18.32.


In the boy’s 11-12 division 80m hurdles, it was a photo finish between Nathaniel Johnson (Notre Dame Track) and Daryn Nelson (Police Athletic League of Hallandale). Both boys crossed the finish line in 13.05, but the win was given to Johnson with Nelson in second. 


Lilly McKee (Cape Fear) won the girl’s 9-10 division javelin throw with the top four attempts of the competition. On her final throw McKee got out to 18.71m/61-4, which was the farthest throw by over 13 feet. 


In the boy’s 13-14 division long jump, Brandon Gorski (South Orange County TC) won his second event of the championships. It had been a close series between Gorski and Reese Grosserode (Lincoln Community TC), who took the lead on the first jump of the finals with 5.49m/18-0.25. On the last jump, Grosserode jumped 5.51m/18-1 to hopefully hold the lead with Gorski still on the runway. In the end, the high jump champion jumped 5.53m/18-1.75 to win by less than an inch. 


Girl’s 100m, 7-8, Jermari Thomas (Miami Northwest Express), 15.56 

Boy’s 100m, 7-8, Clinton Jean-Pierre (Miami Northwest Express), 14.47

Girl’s 100m, 9-10, Rhia Randolph (Jaguar Track), 13.56

Boy’s 100m, 9-10, Demarcus Robinson (Police Athletic League), 13.58

Girl’s 100m, 11-12, Anaya Fraser (Peak Performance South), 12.39

Boy’s 100m, 11-12, Keshawn Watkins (Peak Performance South), 11.97

Girl’s 100m, 13-14, Mirai Bernard (Unattached), 12.28

Boy’s 100m, 13-14, Reginald Love II (Carolina Elite Track & Field), 11.25

Girl’s 100m, 15-16, Camille Peisner (Valor Track Academy), 12.42

Boy’s 100m, 15-16, Alexander Nunley (Run U Xpress), 10.86

Women’s 100m, 17-18, Synclair Savage (Exchange Zone Athletics), 12.35

Men’s 100m, 17-18, Cameron Council (Bull City Express), 10.43



Girl’s 400mH, 15-16, Jasmine Gryne (D.C. Express Track), 1:02.34

Boy’s 400mH, 15-16, Phillip Jefferson (Pacific Coast Shock Waves), 56.72

Women’s 400mH, 17-18, Emmaya Waters (Bull City Express), 1:04.77

Men’s 400mH, 17-18, Tyler Waters (Unattached), 55.71



Girl’s 200mH, 13-14, Kate Campos (Lincoln Community Track Club), 28.70

Boy’s 200mH, 13-14, Byron Holt (Miami Northwest Express Track), 25.56



Girl’s 1500m, 7-8, Kunusasha Medas-king (Unattached), 6:12.80

Boy’s 1500m, 7-8, Zion Kerr (Miami Northwest Express Track), 6:00.14

Girl’s 1500m, 9-10, Malina Rodriguez-King (Ocean Breeze Wave Runners), 5:36.94

Boy’s 1500m, 9-10, Wilem Wikstrom (Chelsea Greyhounds), 5:09.55

Girl’s 1500m, 11-12, Taylin Bowen (Unattached), 5:02.81

Boy’s 1500m, 11-12, Adam Divinity (Unattached), 4:51.42 

Girl’s 1500m, 13-14, Lynlee Johnson (Unattached), 4:45.74

Boy’s 1500m, 13-14, Juan Montes (So Cal Roadrunners), 4:21.71

Girl’s 1500m, 15-16, Deborah Mazzei (Jenks America Track), 4:46.97

Boy’s 1500m, 15-16, Brian Marquis Jr. (Fayetteville-Cumberland Park), 4:11.48

Women’s 1500m, 17-18, Zoie Kiddy (Jenks America Track), 4:55.85

Men’s 1500m, 17-18, Raul Chavez (Pacific Coast Shockwaves), 4:07.37



Girl’s 400m, 7-8, Blake Johnson (Run U Xpress), 1:15.23

Boy’s 400m, 7-8, Delano Rodgers Jr. (Cobb PAL), 1:08.19 

Girl’s 400m, 9-10, Rhia Randolph (Jaguar Track), 1:03.11

Boy’s 400m, 9-10, Brian Leacock (Rolesville Lightning), 1:03.11 

Girl’s 400m, 11-12, Anaya Fraser (Peak Performance TC), 57.85

Boy’s 400m, 11-12, Avery Atexide (Jaguar Track), 55.12 

Girl’s 400m, 13-14, Anissa Moore (Moore Acceleration), 57.31

Boy’s 400m, 13-14, Adrian Alvin (Miami Police Athletic League), 51.22

Girl’s 400m, 15-16, Camille Peisner (Valor Track Academy), 55.59

Boy’s 400m, 15-16, Phillip Jefferson (Pacific Coast Shockwaves), 49.94

Women’s 400m, 17-18, Alysia Johnson (Bull City Express), 53.39

Men’s 400m, 17-18, Jordan Weimer (Pacific Coast Shockwaves), 49.59.



Boy’s 110mH, 15-16, Alexander Nunley (Run U Xpress), 14.38

Men’s 110mH, 17-18, Steven Harris Jr. (Dashers Track), 14.39 



Girl’s 100mH, 13-14, Kate Campos (Lincoln Community Track), 14.74

Boy’s 100mH, 13-14, Byron Holt (Miami Northwest Express), 14.51

Girl’s 100mH, 15-16, Macee Rivers (Dashers Track), 14.42

Women’s 100mH, 17-18, Krystalynn Johnson (Bull City Express), 15.55



Girl’s 80mH, 11-12, Zoe Eastman-Grossel (Connecticut Hawks Track), 14.46

Boy’s 80mH, 11-12, Nathaniel Johnson (Notre Dame Track), 13.05 


4X400m Relay

Boy’s 4x400m, 7-8, Bull City Express, 5:14.56

Girl’s 4x400m, 11-12, Pacific Coast Shockwaves, 4:12.12

Boy’s 4x400m, 11-12, Peak Performance South, 4:01.20

Girl’s 4x400m, 13-14, Hershey Blaze, 4:23.74

Boy’s 4x400m, 13-14, Miami Police Athletic League, 3:42.48

Girl’s 4x400m, 15-16, Utah TC, 4:01.04

Boy’s 4x400m, 15-16, Miami Police Athletic League, 3:49.20

Women’s 4x400m, 17-18, D.C. Express Track, 3:56.11

Men’s 4x400m, 17-18, Pacific Coast Shockwaves, 3:28.08


Long Jump

Girl’s Long Jump, 13-14, Annika Stark (Sandhills Track), 4.57m/15-7

Boy’s Long Jump, 13-14, Brandon Gorski (South Orange County TC), 5.53m/18-01.75



Girl’s Javelin Throw, 9-10, Lilly McKee (Cape Fear), 18.71m/61-04

Girl’s Javelin Throw, 11-12, Coco Velasquez (Arizona Flame TC), 28.49m/93-5

Boy’s Javelin Throw, 11-12, Kaleb Burroughs (Unattached), 40.70m/133-6


Discus Throw

Girl’s Discus Throw, 13-14, Sydney Brewster (Unattached), 38.84m/127-5

Boy’s Discus Throw, 15-16, Seth Allen (Peach Throwers), 45.96m/150-9 

Women’s Discus Throw, 17-18, Teteateh Snoh (Triangle Champions Track), 42.41m/139-1


Shot Put

Girl’s Shot Put, 7-8, Paradise Watkins (So Cal Roadrunners), 4.19m/13-9

Boy’s Shot Put, 7-8, Christopher Howell (Bull City Express), 7.26m/23-10

Boy’s Shot Put, 9-10, JaDon Lillie (Bull City Express), 8.33m/27-4


High Jump

Girl’s High Jump, 11-12, Jordan Henderson (Rolesville Lightning), 1.35m/4-5

Girl’s High Jump, 15-16, Adison Smith (Indiana Blast TC), 1.55m/5-1


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