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Over 50 athletes crowned on day 5 of the USATF National Youth Outdoor Championship


DURHAM, North Carolina -- Day five of the USATF National Youth Outdoor Championships finished off the remaining running event prelims and crowned more than 50 champions. 

The final day of competition at the USATF National Youth Outdoor Championships will be broadcast live on Sunday, June 30 via USATF.TV.

The 200m was full of close finishes. In the girl’s 7-8 division, three girls were within reach of the championship. Jermari Thomas (Miami Northwest Express TC), Blake Johnson (Run U Xpress) and Cameron Joseph (Velocity Track) all came down to the finish line together in hopes of winning first place. Thomas was able to hold off her competitors to win in 32.24, Johnson took second in 32.46 and Joseph was third with 32.62. 

In the women’s 17-18 division, it was a battle between Alysia Johnson (Bull City Express) and Synclair Savage (Exchange Zone Athletics). Johnson is currently ranked US No. 11 in the high school 400m, while Savage ranks US No. 17 in the long jump. Both women came off the turn together, but it was the Bull City native who held on for the win with a 24.36. Savage placed second, running 24.67.

Zyon Knox (Peak Performance) and Kai’leel Jefferson (Shore Athletic) had a photo finish. Knox had the slight lead, winning the event in 22.09 and Jefferson took runner-up with a close 22.11. 


In the girl’s 13-14 division 3000m, Allura Markow (So Cal Roadrunners) took home the national title running the fastest time out of all the girl’s divisions with 10:32.16. That time just edged out the Avery Mazzei’s (Jenks America TC) winning time of 10:33.15 in the girl’s 15-16 division. 


Cheyla Scott (Unattached) won the girl’s 13-14 division high jump by a single attempt. Scott began jumping after the rest of competition fouled out at 1.50m/4-11. She successfully cleared the following height of 1.55m/5-1 for the title. Jasmine Hampton (Sequoyah Youth Track) and Karis Reese (Unattached) tied for second both clearing 1.45m/4-9. 


In the boy’s 11-12 division shot put, Arin Warner Jr. (Police Athletic League of Hallandale) won the youth national title on his first throw. Warner Jr. had the top six throws of the competition, winning with a mark of 9.94m/32-7.50. 


Daniyah Peterson (Miami Northwest Express Track) and Paetyn Price (Washington Wings of Eagles) battled all the way to the finish line of the girl’s 9-10 division 800m. Peterson was able to win by just over a tenth of a second with a time of 2:45.00 to Price’s 2:45.14.

Results can be found here.

2019 USATF Youth Outdoor Champions - Day 5

3000m Final

Girl’s 3000m, 11-12, Taylin Bowen (Unattached), 10:53.04

Boy’s 3000m, 11-12, Adam Divinity (Unattached), 10:20.22

Girl’s 3000m, 13-14, Allura Markow (So Cal Roadrunners), 10:32.16

Boy’s 3000m, 13-14, Edgar Haro (So Cal Roadrunners), 9:25.95

Girl’s 3000m, 15-16, Avery Mazzei (Jenks America TC), 10:33.15

Women’s 3000m, 17-18, Zoie Kiddy (Jenks America TC), 10:57.54



Girl’s 200m, 7-8, Jermari Thomas (Miami Northwest Express), 32.24 

Boy’s 200m, 7-8, Alpha Harrison (Unattached), 29.69

Girl’s 200m, 9-10, Rhia Randolph (Jaguar Track), 26.86 

Boy’s 200m, 9-10, Demarcus Robinson (Police Athletic League of Hallandale), 26.86

Girl’s 200m, 11-12, Anaya Fraser (Peak Performance TC), 24.54

Boy’s 200m, 11-12, Keshawn Watkins (Peak Performance TC), 24.22

Girl’s 200m, 13-14, Mirai Bernard (Unattached), 24.89

Boy’s 200m, 13-14, Andrew Johnson (Miami Police Athletic League), 23.55

Girl’s 200m, 15-16, Camille Peisner (Valor Track Academy), 24.44

Boy’s 200m, 15-16, Zyon Knox (Peak Performance TC), 22.09 

Women’s 200m, 17-18, Alysia Johnson (Bull City Express), 24.36 

Men’s 200m, 17-18, Porter Ellis (Utah TC), 22.20


Girl’s 800m, 7-8, Kunusasha Medas-King (Unattached), 3:02.22

Boy’s 800m, 7-8, Delano Rodgers Jr. (Cobb PAL), 2:34.85

Girl’s 800m, 9-10, Daniyah Peterson, Miami Northwestern Express), 2:45.00

Boy’s 800m, 9-10, Wilem Wikstrom (Chelsea Greyhounds), 2:31.81

Girl’s 800m, 11-12, Mahlia Jules (Pacific Coast Shockwaves), 2:20.29

Boy’s 800m, 11-12, Brandon Leacock (Rolesville Lightning), 2:12.63 

Girl’s 800m, 13-14, Lynlee Johnson (Unattached), 2:19.40

Boy’s 800m, 13-14, Austin Foster (Alpha Omega Elite), 2:04.50

Girl’s 800m, 15-16, Deborah Mazzei (Jenks America TC), 2:17.82

Boy’s 800m, 15-16, Phillip Jefferson (Pacific Coast Shockwaves), 1:58.07

Women’s 800m, 17-18, Zoie Kiddy (Jenks America TC), 2:20.66

Men’s 800m, 17-18, Christian Rodriguez (Pacific Coast Shockwaves), 1:56.21


4x100m relay

Girl’s 4x100m, 7-8, Peak Performance TC, 1:11.92

Boy’s 4x100m, 7-8, Bull City Express, 1:03.61

Girl’s 4x100m, 9-10, Peak Performance South, 57.53

Boy’s 4x100m, 9-10, Police Athletic League of Hallandale, 55.15

Girl’s 4x100m, 13-14, Police Athletic League of Hallandale, 50.59

Boy’s 4x100m, 13-14, Miami Police Athletic League, 45.69

Girl’s 4x100m, 15-16, Exchange Zone Athletics, 47.52

Boy’s 4x100m, 15-16, Miami Police Athletic League, 46.40

Women’s 4x100m, 17-18, D.C. Express, 47.63

Men’s 4x100m, 17-18, EYT Spartans, 55.80

Long Jump

Girl’s Long Jump, 11-12, Taylor Aska (Jaguar Track), 4.80m/15-9

Girl’s Long Jump, 15-16, Jayla Brown (Exchange Zone Athletics), 5.39m/17-8.25

Women’s Long Jump, 17-18, Jordan Lafave (Unattached), 5.04m/16-6.5

Men’s Long Jump, 17-18, Samuel Sommers (Unattached), 7.03m/23-0.75

Discus Throw

Girl’s Discus Throw, 11-12, Coco Velasquez (Arizona Flame TC), 24.30m/79-8

Boy’s Discus Throw, 11-12, Arin Warner Jr. (Police Athletic League of Hallandale), 24.61m/80-9 

Boy’s Discus Throw, 13-14, Fabian Gonzalez (Unattached), 41.90m/137-5 

Javelin Throw

Girl’s Javelin Throw, 7-8, Ariadne Irish-bramble (Notre Dame Track), 10.60m/34-9

Boy’s Javelin Throw, 7-8, Marshall Miller (Notre Dame Track), 17.63m/57-10

Boy’s Javelin Throw, 9-10, Leighton Little (Carolina Eagles TC), 35.46m/116-4


Shot Put

Girl’s Shot Put, 9-10, Breanna Kitiona (Mercury Track), 7.23m/23-8.75

Boy’s Shot Put, 11-12, Arin Warner Jr. (Police Athletic League of Hallandale), 9.94m/32-7.5

Girl’s Shot Put, 13-14, Sydney Brewster (Unattached), 12.83m/42-1.25

High Jump

Girl’s High Jump, 13-14, Cheyla Scott (Unattached), 1.55m/5-1

Boy’s High Jump, 15-16, Anthony Whitfield (Triangle Champions), 1.70m/5-7

Pole Vault

Women’s Pole Vault, 17-18, Liliana Cohen (Team VA), 3.85m/12-7.5

Men’s Pole Vault, 17-18, Isaac Chandler (Unattached), 4.42m/14-6


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