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61 Champions Crowned at Day Two of USATF Hershey Youth Indoor Championships


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Youth show off their talents on day two of the 2019 USATF Hershey National Youth Indoor Championships at the Ocean Breeze Athletic Complex on Saturday. Day two came to a close with 61 finals contested.

Complete results can be found here.

Once again Da'mira Allen (Chester Cheetahs) stole the show at Ocean Breeze. Allen won 9-10 age group titles in the 400, 800m and 1500m and is on track to accomplish the feat again this year in the 11-12 age group. Saturday she won the 800m in 2:22.42 and the 1500m 4:52.93.

In a dramatic 8 & Under boys division 800m, Markell Houston (Unattached) outleaned Alexander Riley (Vo2Max Track Club) at the line to win the title. Houston clocked 2:46.32 with Riley crossing the line in 2:46.86. Julian Johnson (Flying Dragons) finished third with a time of 2:53.76.

Infinity Track Club swept the 800m Boys 9-10 division with Kaleb Young taking the title in 2:28.65. Shymir Bevins and Isaiah Bland battled down the homestretch and crossed the line in 2:35.02 and 2:35.77, respectively.

In another exciting photo finish, Run U Xpress’ s Cassidee Fraser, Shari Jackson, Olivia Dubose-Odell and Taylor Mcleod clocked 2:04.39 to win the 4x200 Meter Relay 9-10 girls division.

Tri-State Elite Track Club comprised of Maya Bolden, Ave’onnah Mendez, Erin Scott and Yasmin Willie finished in 2:04.40 with Velocity Track’s Shyenne Blake, Hannah Deflorimonte, Ryan Joseph, Laylin Strachn finishing third in 2:04.74

The third and final day of competition gets underway Sunday at 9:00 a.m. ET and will be broadcast live on USATF.TV +PLUS. Fans can follow along at #USATFutureStars on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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Sunday 9:00 a.m. ET

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2019 USATF Hershey Youth Indoor Championships - Day 2

(Top 3 finishers; Age-group champion in bold)

800 Meter Run 8 & Under Division Girls

Brisce McAuliffe (Westchester), 3:00.22

Abigail Wagner (Southern Tier Soar), 3:03.20

Laila Goodman (Litchfield Track), 3:08.93

800 Meter Run 8 & Under Division Boys

Markell Houston (Unattached), 2:46.32

Alexander Riley (Vo2Max Track Club), 2:46.86

Julian Johnson (Flying Dragons), 2:53.76


800 Meter Run 9-10 Division Girls

Paige Sheppard (Speed Skills), 2:31.35

Kylie Comas (New York Novas), 2:36.97

Nariah Harley (Camden Track Club), 2:39.12

800 Meter Run 9-10 Division Boys

Kaleb Young (Infinity Track Club), 2:28.65

Shymir Bevins (Infinity Track Club), 2:35.02

Isaiah Bland (Infinity Track Club), 2:35.77

800 Meter Run 11-12 Division Girls

Da'mira Allen (Chester Cheetah), 2:22.42

Brianna Lindo (New York Novas TC), 2:26.68

Payton Drumwright (Unattached), 2:27.28

800 Meter Run 11-12 Division Boys

Ethan Long (i5 Elite), 2:22.45

Dhakir Brinkley (Unattached), 2:23.85

D’Angelo Brown (Prospect Park), 2:25.55

800 Meter Run 13-14 Division Girls

Sophia Gorriaran (Providence Cobras), 2:12.17

Anissa Moore (Moore Accele), 2:21.83

Samantha Kavanagh (Run U Xpress), 2:21.99

800 Meter Run 13-14 Division Boys

Nathan Cumberbatch (Unattached), 2:04.38

Reese Vannerson (Unattached), 2:06.41

Jelani Johnson (Metro Eagles), 2:08.60

800 Meter Run 15-16 Division Girls

Miracle Price (Infinity Track Club), 2:16.58

Amirah Sharpe (Sharpe Athletics), 2:21.76

Maisha Atkinson (Fast Lane TC), 2:23.69

800 Meter Run 15-16 Division Boys

Adonis Garcia (Unattached), 2:01.19

Shoeb Emon (HS of Teleco), 2:01.29

Colman Shaver (Chelsea Greyhounds), 2:03.14

800 Meter Run 17-18 Division Girls

Liah Collins (Texas Runners Elite), 2:14.91

Kailee Perry (Team Kentucky Elite), 2:15.23

Lailah White (New Horizon Track), 2:17.97

800 Meter Run 17-18 Division Boys

Ethan Carney (Unattached), 1:57.78

Roniel Mata (Providence Cobras), 1:58.12

Ianique Imboque (Providence Cobras), 1:58.60

1500 Meter Race Walk 9-10 Division Boys

Nathaniel Samson (Vo2max Track Club), 10:47.15

1500 Meter Race Walk 11-12 Division Girls

Aoi Barnes (Fairfax Poli), 9:27.06

Jaycie Flood (Aoc Ambler TC), 9:33.10

Kolby Moody (Delta Speed), 10:13.30

1500 Meter Race Walk 11-12 Division Boys

Kyle Velasco (Peninsula Flyers) 10:22.82

4x200 Meter Relay 8 & Under Division Girls

Panthers Track Club: Kiersten Haggins, Isabella Haggins, ZaVera Greenidge-Evelyn, Dannielle Barnes - 2:34.13

Speed Skills: Allaura Wilson, Kelly McCabe, Amani Onque-Shabazz, Lianna Benoit - 2:37.23

Ocean Breeze Wave Runners: Riley Sterling-Duncan, Genevieve Panteleo, Zaria Lapointe, Alyssa Howley - 2:41.43

4x200 Meter Relay 8 & Under Division Boys

Run U Xpress: Vernon Fraser Jr, Bershawn Jackson Jr, Jayden Del-Rosario, Ashton Yelverton - 2:11.63

Ocean Breeze Wave Runners: Peter Trapani Jr., Brody Lucci, Borntrue Boatwright, Stephen Baron-Williams - 2:21.77

Jersey City Rec. Panthers: Michael-elias Allen, Lucas Altino, Tien Barzey, Jayden Johnson

4x200 Meter Relay 9-10 Division Girls

Run U Xpress: Cassidee Fraser, Shari Jackson, Olivia Dubose-Odell, Taylor Mcleod - 2:04.39

Tri-State Elite TC: Maya Bolden, Ave’onnah Mendez, Erin Scott, Yasmin Willie - 2:04.40

Velocity Track: Shyenne Blake, Hannah Deflorimonte, Ryann Joseph, Laylin Strachn - 2:04.74

4x200 Meter Relay 9-10 Division Boys

Metropolis: Faris Dawes, Jayden Taylor, Jamir Crichlow, Jayden Crichlow - 1:58.55

Central CT Jaguars: Ethan Cephas, Breydon Evans, Justin Marshall Jr. Jayden Duffus

Delaware Elite TC: Donald Carter, Xavier Twyman, Kingston Sampson, Chase Davis - 2:05.49

4x200 Meter Relay 11-12 Division Girls

Flying Dragons: Synarea Reece, Trinitee Williams, Madison Evans, Kyaliah Davis - 1:47.48

V-Tesse Track Club: Sariah Doresca, Jahzara Emeli, Breanne Barnett, Jillian Rickford - 1:50.41

New York Nova TC: Leniua Ruff, Kaela Swift, Brianna Lindo, Kamilah Alabi - 1:51.85

4x200 Meter Relay 11-12 Division Boys

Imani Speedcity Compton: Julius Johnson, Darieon Shufford, Brenton Smith, Landon White - 1:53.58

Capital City TC: Amir Walker, Lathan Ajegba, Christopher Byrce, Chidi Moemeka - 1:54.51

Prospect Park: Zion James, Caylan George, Cameron Scott, Dante Ballou - 1:58.48

4x200 Meter Relay 13-14 Division Girls

Down South Xtreme: Courtney Green, Somiyah Braggs, Damaria Green, Cynteria James - 1:42.66

Runn U Xpress: Oteria Dubose, Samatha Kavanagh, Ar Briel Scott, Shawnti Jackson

The Sprint Club: Jalaia Creary, Myla Greene, Alyssa Harrod, Angel Imani-Wilson

4x200 Meter Relay 13-14 Division Boys

Metro Eagles: Ayron Thomas, Aaron Brown, Brandon Simpson, Wesley Noble Jr. - 1:35.90

Camden TC: Kahlil Ali, Premier Wynn, Lathan Brown III, Bryce Tucker - 1:36.19

Greater Houston Track: Zion Brown, Eric Nelson, Michael Patterson, Camraun Ratliff - 1:37.93

4x200 Meter Relay 15-18 Girls

Metropolis: Mia Dansby, Samirah Moody, Jayda Dillon, Peyton Rollins - 1:41.51

Harlem Children’s Zone: Kaitlyn Cepeda, Nefertiti Underwood, Kadija Soumaoro, Khadijah Lynch - 1:42.96

DC United Youth: Essosolim Bislao, Melady Brown, Janee Burley, Ahmya Mckeithan

4x200 Meter Relay 15-18 Boys

Greater Houston Track: Micah Bell, Khalil Hager, Alvin Martin, Garfield Stanley - 1:29.84

Delaware Elite TC: Zion Glover, Keshawn Dennis, Jayvion Landry, Raymond Nyameke - 1:31.37

Aoc Ambler TC: Caleb Bunch, Jadenn Price, Ty-rese Reid, Vance Thorpe - 1:34.31

4x200 Meter Relay High School Girls

Classical: Chelsea Garcia Baez, Baby Girl Tarley, Jacqueline Edoro, Deijah Prak-preaster - 1:53.35


1500 Meter Run 8 & Under Division Girls

Brisce McAuliffe (Westchester), 6:08.07

Laila Goodman (Litchfield Track), 6:12.38

Sakinnah Wajid (Vo2max Track Club), 6:14.07

1500 Meter Run 8 & Under Division Boys

Alexander Riley (Vo2max Track Club), 5:38.15

Markell Houston (Unattached), 5:40.05

Braeden Hall (Explosion Track), 5:55.82

1500 Meter Run 9-10 Division Girls

Paige Sheppard (Speed Skills), 5:06.08

Ava Johnson (Unattached), 5:15.11

Neenah Trusty (Infinity Track), 5:17.67

1500 Meter Run 9-10 Division Boys

Kaleb Young (Infinity Track), 5:01.73

Wilem Wikstrom (Chelsea Greyhounds), 5:05.46

Marshall Brown (Tailwind), 5:05.97

1500 Meter Run 11-12 Division Girls

Da'mira Allen (Chester Cheetahs), 4:52.93

Sahar Victoria (The Camp), 4:56.97

Payton Drumwright (Unattached), 4:58.98

1500 Meter Run 11-12 Division Boys

Tamrat Gavenas (Chelsea Greyhounds), 4:48.57

Dhakir Brinkley (Unattached), 4:56.19

Jaxyn Mahoney (Southern Tier Soar), 4:56.79

1500 Meter Run 13-14 Division Girls

Sophia Gorriaran (Providence Cobras), 4:42.57

Clara James-Heer (Ann Arbor Track), 4:47.64

Sophia Holgado (Delaware Eli), 4:53.64

1500 Meter Run 13-14 Division Boys

Reese Vannerson (Unattached), 4:20.66

Tyler Dailey (Unattached), 4:23.54

Nathan Lopez (Haverhill El), 4:27.79

1500 Meter Run 15-16 Division Girls

Lauryn Heskin (Tsc Track Club), 4:44.92

Miracle Price (Infinity Track), 4:59.70

Simone Isip (Prospect Par), 5:02.54

1500 Meter Run 15-16 Division Boys

Getachew Hayes (Unattached), 4:19.29

Dawson Welch (Triple Threat), 4:19.76

Noah Mcmurtrey (Triple Threat),4:20.16

1500 Meter Run 17-18 Division Girls

Kailee Perry (Team Kentucky Elite), 4:49.72

Lily Janjigian (White Plains), 4:51.84

Alyssa Walker (Unattached), 4:52.51

1500 Meter Run 17-18 Division Boys

Be Bekele-Arcuri (Unattached), 4:07.15

Zachary Gauronski (Maximum Velocity), 4:09.75

Bryce Thalheimer (Manhasset TC), 4:14.51

Long Jump 8 & Under Division Girls

Alaiyah Choice (Legions of Zoon TC), 3.50m/11-05.75

Jenna Swick (Maximum Velo), 3.15m/10-04.00

Nyema Harvey (Unattached), 3.13m/10-03.25

Long Jump 8 & Under Division Boys

Julian Smith Jr (Unattached), 3.73m/12-03.00

DeAndre James (Flying Dragons), 3.67m/12-00.50

Jadon Ashmeade (Lightning St), 3.62m/11-10.50

Pole Vault 13-14 Division Girls

Megan Kelleghan (Above The Bar Track), 2.95m/9-08.00

Kourtney Rathke (Above The Bar Track), 2.95m/9-08.00

Melia Couchman (Unattached), 2.80m/9-02.25

Weight Throw 15-16 Division Girls

Alladio Zacpal (Unattached), 11.39m/37-04.50

Serena Lalli (Unattached), 11.19m/36-08.50

Gabrielle Riley (Vo2max Track Club), 9.50m/31-02.00

Shot Put 9-10 Division Girls

Kyana Thompson (Team Blackout), 6.50m/21-04.00

Emilis Flores (Notre Dame Track), 5.92m/19-05.25

Maliya Gomez (Full Speed), 5.90m/19-04.25

Shot Put 9-10 Division Boys

Donjero McKoy Jr (Lion Power), 7.66m/25-01.75

Joseph Calabrese (Ocean Breeze), 6.87m/22-06.50

Arthur Jones (Ebenezer A.M), 6.82m/22-04.50

Weight Throw 17-18 Division Girls

Cheyenn Figueroa (Unattached), 17.38m/57-00.25

Sarah Ortes (Unattached), 15.05m/49-04.50

Amba Nunez Gomez (Unattached), 14.82m/48-07.50

Pole Vault 15-16 Division Girls

Allison Neiders (Northwest), 3.40m/11-01.75

Anjali Mead (Unattached), J3.40m/11-01.75

Tiana Snyder (Patriot Pole Vault), 2.80m/9-02.25

Long Jump 11-12 Division Girls

Rhianna Scott (Jaguar Track), 4.72m/15-06.00

Kiara Davis (Delaware Elite), 4.71m/15-05.50

Taylor Aska (Jaguar Track), 4.61m/15-01.50

Long Jump 11-12 Division Boys

Carson Edwards (Full Speed), 5.17m/16-11.50

Rhoan Kaulder II (Maximum Velocity), 5.13m/16-10.00

Noah Cooper (Pure Accelerator), 4.83m/15-10.25

Pole Vault 17-18 Division Girls

Leah Pasqualetti (Unattached), 4.00m/13-01.50

Allison Riches (Unattached), 3.25m/10-08.00

Quartnei Brown (Team VA), 3.25m/10-08.00

Shot Put 11-12 Division Girls

Saige Nicholson (Hackensack J), 9.92m/32-06.50

Cyan Scott (Haverhill El), 8.99m/29-06.00

Ava Sarver (Haverhill El), 8.18m/26-10.00

Long Jump 15-16 Division Girls

Tierra Hooker (Camden Track Club), 5.48m/17-11.75

Jada Smith (Fast Lane TC), 5.20m/17-00.75

Kaya Freeman (Elite Performance), 5.15m/16-10.75

Long Jump 15-16 Division Boys

Jaden Price (Aoc Ambler Track), 7.02m/23-00.50

Jordin Jones (Infinity Track), 6.53m/21-05.25

Tyler Rossi (Hershey Blaze), 6.22m/20-05.00

Weight Throw 15-16 Division Boys

Tarik O'Hagan (Ocean State), 17.42m/57-02.00

Michael Pinckney (Eclipse Track), 17.37m/57-00.00

Andrew Paolozzi (Throw 1 Deep), 17.28m/56-08.50


High Jump 11-12 Division Girls

Ma'syiah Brawner (Millville Track), 1.40m/4-07.00

Kiara Davis (Delaware Elite), 1.40m/4-07.00

Ariana Hernandez (Delaware Elite), 1.40m/4-07.00

Long Jump 13-14 Division Boys

Dustin Fillmore (Unattached), 5.94m/19-06.00

Amari Burke (Delaware Elite), 5.86m/19-02.75

Reece Grosserode (Lincoln Comm), 5.61m/18-05.00

High Jump 11-12 Division Boys

Nathanie Johnson (Notre Dame Track), 1.53m/5-00.25

Josiah Teasley (Full Speed), 1.45m/4-09.00

Kyle Velasco (Peninsula Flyers), 1.40m/4-07.00

Shot Put 13-14 Division Girls

Sytieia Brown (Baltimore), 12.57m/41-03.00

Mickenzie Coles (Ocean State), 12.06m/39-07.00

Shalis Robertson (Connecticut), 11.89m/39-00.25

Shot Put 11-12 Division Boys

Jalynn Fillmore (Unattached), 9.77m/32-00.75

Vince Rapacciuolo (Ocean Breeze), 9.28m/30-05.50

Ethan Graham (Unattached), 9.20m/30-02.25

Weight Throw 17-18 Division Boys

Jacob Furland, (Unattached), 22.04m/72-03.75

Kyle Moison (Unattached), 21.80m/71-06.25

Justyn Loper (Peach State) 21.64m/71-00.00

2019 USATF Hershey Youth Indoor Championships - Day 1

(Top 3 finishers; Age-group champion in bold)

3000 Meter Run 11-12 Division Girls:

Sahar Victoria (The Camp), 10:30.76

Taylin Bowen (Unattached), 10:43.26

Jessica Abbott (Shore Athletic), 10:44.11

3000 Meter Run 11-12 Division Boys

Tamrat Gavenas (Chelsea Greyhounds), 10:17.31

Amos Pres (Chelsea Greyhounds), 10:23.40

Nathan Lee (Tailwind), 10:28.89

3000 Meter Run 13-14 Division Girls

Clara James-Heer (Ann Arbor Track Club), 10:07.03

Juliette Salazar (New York State), 10:41.39

Amelia Wikstrom (Chelsea Greyhounds), 10:50.38

3000 Meter Run 13-14 Division Boys

Reese Vannnerson (Unattached), 9:26.73

Nathan Lopez (Haverhill Elite), 9:29.76

Samuel Burgess (Flyers Track Club), 9:51.87

4x55 Meter Shuttle Hurdle 15-18 Boys

Flyers Track & Field: Sed Lomami, Ryan Malieswski, Miles Bishop, Samuel Westervelt

Long Jump 9-10 Division Girls

Zion Bullard (Lane 4 Track Club), 4.21m/13-9.75

Zenobia Witt (MackTrack), 4.12m/13-8.25

Lauren Rodriguez (Ocean Breeze), 3.89m/12-9.25

Long Jump 9-10 Division Boys

Julian Loggins (Full Speed), 4.24m/13-11.00

Isaiah Bland (Infinity Track), 4.20m/13-9.50

Marquis Rose Jr. (New Haven Age Group), 3.72m/12-2.50

Shot Put 8 & Under Division Girls

Ayrian Walters (Metro Eagles), 3.87m/12-8.50

Alyriq Owens (Gadsden Burners), 3.42m/11-2.75

Avery Pacheco (Speed Skills), 3.28m/10-9.25

Shot Put 17-18 Division Girls

Victoria McEachern (Ruff Kutz), 11.03m/36-02.25

Jaelyn Chevannes (Ruff Kutz), 10.60m/34-9.50

Lorin Palmore (Elite Performance), 9.95m/32-7.75

High Jump 13-14 Division Girls

Alanna Woolfolk (Camden Track), 1.55m/5-1

Elsa Spoor (Wolfpack Track Club), 1.50m/4-11

Jada Clarke (Velocity Track Club), 1.50m/4-11

High Jump 13-14 Division Boys

Byrce Tucker (Camden Track Club), 1.75m/5-8.75

Brandon Gorski (South Orange), 1.70m/5-7.00

Drew Dillard (Unattached), 1.70m/5-7.00

Long Jump 17-18 Division Girls

Taliyah Futick (Infinity Track Club), 5.33m/17-6

Faith Edwards (Ruff Kutz), 5.23m/17-2

Phoebe Myers (Ruff Kutz), 5.08m/16-8

Long Jump 17-18 Division Boys

Ty’rese Reid (Aoc Ambler Track Club), 6.83m/22-5

Nana Agyemang (Pure Acceler), 6.71m/22-0.25

Zachary Lee (Bronx Tigers), 6.70m/21-11.75

Shot Put 8 & Under Division Boys

Darren Sutton (Chester Cheetahs), 6.00m/19-8.25

Marshall Miller (Notre Dame Track Club), 5.72m/18-9.25

Brody Lucci (Ocean Breeze), 5.47m/17-11.50


High Jump 9-10 Division Girls

Renna Rubenstein (Benswic), 1.15m/3-9.25

Aniyah Stewart (Central CT), 1.10m/3-7.25

Ciana Brown (Aoc Ambler Track Club), 1.05m/3-5.25

High Jump 9-10 Division Boys

Jamir Crichlow (Metropolis), 1.25m/4-1.25

Mekhi Guischard-Yearwood (Texas Storm), 1.25m/4-1.25

Arthur Jones (Ebenezer A.M.), 1.25m/4-1.25

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