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Updated: 2/12/19
Schedule is subject to change.
Times are posted in Eastern Standard Time.

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Finals - track and multi events

Finals - throws or jumps

Exhibition events

2019 Toyota USATF Indoor Championships - Day 1: Friday, 2/22
start gender event round
12:00 p.m. M 35# wt. throw final
12:30 p.m. W 60mH pentathlon
12:50 p.m. M 60m  heptathlon
1:40 p.m. M long jump heptathlon
1:45 p.m. W high jump pentathlon
2:45 p.m. M shot put heptathlon
3:00 p.m. W 20# wt. throw final
4:00 p.m. W shot put pentathlon
4:15 p.m. M high jump heptathlon
5:10 p.m. W long jump pentathlon
6:20 p.m. W 800m pent final
6:25 p.m.
Day 1 Session Ends

2019 Toyota USATF Indoor Championships - Day 2: Saturday, 2/23
NBCSN 6:30pm - 8:00pm
start gender event round
12:30 p.m. M 60mH heptathlon
1:45 p.m. M pole vault heptathlon
1:15 p.m. W 60mH 1st round
1:35 p.m. M 60mH 1st round
1:55 p.m. W 60m 1st round
2:15 p.m. M 60m 1st round
3:30 p.m. W high jump final
3:45 p.m. M long jump final
4:10 p.m. M 1000m hep final
4:40 p.m. M   3000m race walk final
5:00 p.m. C Opening Ceremonies
5:12 p.m. M 300m 1st round
5:15 p.m. M pole vault final
5:31 p.m. W 300m 1st round
5:50 p.m. W   1000m 1st round
5:50 p.m. W long jump final
5:55 p.m. M high jump final
6:05 p.m. M shot put final
6:12 p.m. M 1000m 1st round 
6:33 p.m. W 600m 1st round
6:52 p.m. M 600m 1st round
7:11 p.m. W Chocolate Milk 300m final-b
7:18 p.m. W Chocolate Milk 300m final-a
7:25 p.m. W Toyota 1 mile final
7:34 p.m. M 300m final-b
7:41 p.m. M 300m final -a
7:48 p.m. M Nike 2 mile final
8:00 p.m. Day 2 Session Ends

2019 Toyota USATF Indoor Championships - Day 3: Sunday, 2/24
NBCSN 4:00pm - 6:00pm
start gender event round
1:45 p.m. W triple jump final
1:45 p.m. mstM 60m exhibition 
1:52 p.m. mstW 60m exhibition
2:10 p.m. W 60mH semi finals
2:27 p.m. M 60mH semi finals
2:43 p.m. W 60m semi finals
2:59 p.m. M 60m semi finals
3:10 p.m. W pole vault final
3:22 p.m. W 3000m race walk final
3:55 p.m. W shot put final
4:05 p.m. M triple jump final
4:04 p.m. M Toyota 1 mile  final
4:29 p.m. W Michelob Ultra 600m final
4:38 p.m. M Chocolate Milk 600m final
4:47 p.m. W 1000m final
4:57 p.m. M Garden of Life 1000m final
5:07 p.m. W 2 mile final
5:24 p.m. W 60mH final
5:34 p.m. M 60mH final
5:44 p.m. W Nike 60m final
5:54 p.m. M 60m final
6:04 p.m. Day 3 Session & Championship Ends

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