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SafeSport Program FAQ’s

1. What is SafeSport?
Athletes will perform better, soar higher, and get more from sport if they feel safe. SafeSport seeks to create a healthy, supportive environment for all participants. Through education, resources, and training, we help members of the sport community recognize, reduce, and respond to misconduct in sport.
2. Why is USATF instituting a SafeSport Program?
For the safety of our athletes, particularly our youth athletes, USA Track & Field has committed to providing a safe environment in which our athletes compete and train. We believe this is paramount to the success of all our programs.
The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) has recommended USATF implement the program in 2014 and it will be required of all Olympic national governing bodies (NGB’s) by 2015. Coupled with our Coaches Registry, our goal is to gain awareness and protect the participants in our sport at all levels, but particularly those athletes who are 18-and-under.
3. What are other NGB’s instituting?
SafeSport Programs vary from NGB to NGB. This gives each organization the freedom to construct a program that fits their sport and their constituents. For a look at other NGB programs view the links below.


4. How do I report a complaint?
Section 6 (pg. 51) of the USATF SafeSport Handbook outlines the reporting process for:

  • Violations of the USATF SafeSport Handbook,
  • Misconduct as defined in USATF’s Anti-Harassment & Abuse Policy, and
  • Suspicions or allegations of child physical or sexual abuse

Reporters should respond to the questions listed in section 6.2 and email them to

SafeSport Course FAQ’s
5. What is the SafeSport Course?
The SafeSport course is an online training module put together by the USOC. The course covers fourteen lesson areas that include, but are not limited to, sexual, physical and emotional misconduct; local and overnight travel; bullying and harassment. The training videos in total are approximately 90 minutes long and include four quizzes and a final exam.
6. Who do I contact if I’m having technical trouble with the SafeSport Course?
The USOC has an FAQ page for the course, which answers many technical questions. Additional questions can be submitted via the SafeSport Training Contact page.
7. How do I access the course?
a.      Navigate to the following web page:
b.      Select the SIGN IN button located on the top right hand side of the screen.

c.      If this is your first time visiting the page, select Register, if you are returning you can select Sign in.

d.      Complete the fields in the form and select Next.

e.      On the next screen complete the fields in the form and at the bottom select the box titled Add Membership.

f.       A new screen will open allowing you to select USA Track & Field and enter your membership number.  If you are a member of other National Governing Bodies you can also enter that information here at this time.  You may add as many memberships as you have. Once complete select the Save button at the bottom.

g.      A new window will open with verification of your membership, select the Save button.

h.      You will then hit the Save button on your profile one final time and an email will be sent to the email address you entered in your profile.

i.       Click on the link in the email you receive to verify your account and you will then have access to the program.

j.       Once you login you will see a screen with your course status.  To begin the course, select the Incomplete button in yellow.

k.      You will be taken to a screen detailing your activities and you will be able to select one of three portions of the course.

l.       Select the portion of the course you need to complete and a new window will open to begin the course either at the beginning or where you last left off.

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